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The News

Drake and Josh's room

Josh burst into room scream Drake Drake Drake.

Drake: What is up, don't tell me your rash is back

Josh checks

Josh: No, but I have some good news.

Drake: Well, can it wait I am rehearsing for my gig tonight.

Josh: But I am sure you would want to hear this before your gig.

Drake: Fine hurry up and tell me.

Josh: We are going to New York.

Drake: and your point it is just a vacation so I missed where we were going on vacation and you told me what's the big deal.

Josh: No, that is not what the meeting was about. But I received a call in the middle of the meeting and well it was a record company. I guess they liked how you did in Hollywood that they want to sign you a deal with me as your manager.

Drake: Cool, how much am I getting paid.

Josh: you mean how much are we getting paid.

Drake (uninterested in what josh just said): Yeah, Yeah whatever how much are we getting paid.

Josh: I don't know yet they have set us up with First Class tickets to go and see them next weekend.

Drake: Okay, cool. Can I get back to practice now?

Josh: Sure but first. Hug me Brotha!

Drake and Josh hug

Megan enters

Megan: Eww.

Drake and Josh (In Unison): you should be nice to us from now on little girl.

Megan: and why should I do that.

Josh: Well we are about to become millionaires.

Megan: You guys aren't selling things again are you, didn't you learn from last time?

Drake: No!

Megan: No, you didn't learn from last time. I sure hope you do this time.

Josh: No, he meant that we aren't selling anything. We actually are going down to New York to negotiate a contract with him and Atlantic Records of New York.

Megan: Really. I how much will I get for being nice?

Drake and Josh (In Unison): Get out and keep your creepy friend with a crush on Drake away and we will see.

Megan: Fine.

Megan Exits

Drake: Do we really have to give her money.

Josh: you will have enough for the whole family.

Drake: Fine.

Josh's phone rings.

Josh: Can I take this or do you want to talk.

Drake: Do whatever you want brotha.

Josh Exits

Hallway outside room

Picks up phone it is Mindy

Josh: Hey Mindy how are you.

Mindy: I'm fine just wondering how college and stuff is going for you. I'm surprised you went in for marketing.

Josh: well I wanted to manage my brothers band and well he got a offer from Atlantic Records.

Mindy: Yeah, I know I'm kind of interning there in the legal and well they needed to find someone and I suggested your brother. They really needed someone fast I over heard them talking that if they didn't find someone they would have to close as they couldn't make a case with one of the artist who stole from the company and paid him to leave and not return.

Josh: Why would you suggest Drake you hate him remember.

Mindy: Yeah, well I need this internship so I had to make a sacrifice tell him not to screw things up. But also I wanted to see you, we have not seen each other since graduation.

Josh: Well it is kind of hard seeing as you live on the other side of the Country.

Mindy: I love you Josh but I have to get back to working on some homework see you soon.

Josh: Love you to Mindy.

Josh hung the phone up.

Drake and Josh's Room

Drake: Who was it.

Josh: Mindy.

Drake: Eww, what did she want.

Josh: well she wanted to say she is behind the deal.

Drake: What she better not of tricked me.

Josh: Don't worry she is an intern there I totally forgot till she mentioned it to me over the phone.

Drake: Oh well I guess I owe her a thanks.

Josh: you think now get ready for you gig we have less than an hour before we have to be at the premiere for the gig.

At the Premiere

Helen (to josh): There is a disturbance in theater 3 that I want you to go take care of.

Josh: But I don't….

Helen: 3, 2,…

Josh: Theater 3 here I come.

Drake (to Helen): Why did you make him go and do that.

Helen: I'm bored and wanted to see if he noticed we were closed.

Drake (laughing): Good one Helen.

Helen: Yeah I'm learning a lot of there at Hollywood Arts.

Josh come back over mad

Josh: The theater is closed!

Helen: Yeah I know but I didn't have to pay for you to make sure everyone was out of the theaters.

Josh: Fine, I should of known since drake is preforming live here that you would be closed.

Helen: Yeah, but at least your not drinking coconut milk.

Josh: Who drink Coconut milk?

Helen: Sickowitz, a crazy teacher at Hollywood arts I used to know, well I guess I know him again but yeah.

Drake: Is that kid who's bike you ran over still there.

Helen: Yup.

Drake: Okay well me and josh are going to get ready for the performance. Go ahead and let people in.

Theater 7

Josh: Okay band members we have some important news to tell you.

Drake: Yeah and it is some good news too!

Band Members: Yeah what is it?

Josh: Me and Drake are heading to New York to sign a deal with Atlantic Record of New York.

Band Members: Why is this good news?

Drake: Because we will make sure we get you in with our contract, and we will all get paid and become super famous.

Lobby of Premiere

Helen: Okay Ladies and Gentlemen settle down I will now like to introduce to you Drake Parker and His band.

Drake: Hello guys! We have some awesome stuff in store for you tonight but I will like to introduce my Manager and Brother, Josh to you guys for some amazing news. Josh! Get out here.

Josh surprised walks out on stage.

Drake: Go ahead and tell the crowed the news you found out today.

Josh: Well we have no been issued a Record deal nothing is set and stone yet but we will be going down to New York to sign the papers to get this finalized.

Band Members start playing.

Josh exits

Drake: This next song is dedicated to my manager and all of the people that made this possible.

Drake (Singing): "hello let's go

everybody must know

love's in my heart like a bomb

It's blowing a song inside I'm singing

sunshine that your bringing now and it makes me happy

Listen to the radio playin back in stero

Sounds like my favorite song

I'm humming along my head is ringing

And I just can't stop singing now cause it makes me happy

it makes me happy…"

To Be Continued

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