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In script form. (Sorry but I like this better than regular writing)

A/N: CBI is a Fictional/real law enforcement agency well I added some stuff for them like escorting so yeah enjoy. Oh and this is just a filler chapter as I didn't want the story to go to fast.

Getting to L.A.X

Parker/ Nichols Residence

Drake: Okay we have a few hours so we have a few hours where is everyone.

Josh: I don't know but we need to make sure everyone is here on time.

Drake: No kidding luckily we are on a private flight.

Josh: Yeah, I hope they will wait for us.

Drake: Yeah I think they should.

Josh: Oh yeah we need a Police Escort

Drake: is it paid for already.

Josh: Yeah we hired them but I don't think they were told about the move of the date.

There is a knock at the door.

Drake: Hello may I help you with something.

Stranger: I'm with the San Diego Police Department.

Drake: And your point

Officer: I am the head of them team Escorting you to the next town then the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) then they will escort you to L.A where the LAPD will be waiting from there on out The CBI and The LAPD will be escorting you to the airport.

Drake: Why doesn't the CBI just pick us up here and escort us.

Officer: I really don't know how many vehicles are you taking.

Josh: A bus and two Mini-Vans

Officer: Yup you guys will look real tough in your mini-vans

Josh: Don't judge we need to make sure everyone fits so that is what we are taking.

Officer: Fine be ready in 45 minutes we will be here then.

Josh: Okay will do.

Drake: Okay so we have to be ready in Half an hour how long till people start showing up.

Josh: they still have another 15 minutes, we will pack everything up when they get here.

Drake: Sounds good to me.

About 30 Minutes later

Josh: Okay everyone is here right.

Drake: Yeah it looks like it.

Josh: the bus is packed right.

Drake: Almost finished they are loading on the last few things right now.

Josh: Okay good.

There is a knock at the door

Officer: You ready?

Drake: Yeah we are about to all get in the vehicles right now.

Josh: So are we going to get there much faster seeing as we have a Police escort?

Officer: That's the plan. Hey don't I know you two?

Drake: No not at all never been in trouble.

Josh: yeah I think we do know you.

Drake: Shut up Josh.

Josh: Why just being honest.

Officer: Okay then lets get this show on the road then.

Josh: Attention all band members and band employees please go to your assigned vehicle. Me, Josh and Megan are in charge of your vehicle you are in we will give you information as we go and this might be important stuff to know.

Band members: Okay we got it.

Megan: Yes I'm in charge.

Somewhere in San Diego

Talking on two-way radios

Drake: wow they are going to play there sirens the whole way I feel so special.

Josh: See I told you I would make an excellent manager.

Drake: you did indeed tell me that.

Officer: we will be handing you off to CBI in about ten minutes.

Officer Switches channels.

Officer: SDPD to CBI we are about ten minutes from you location prepare to take the over. Assemble into open box formation.

CBI: Okay we are ready for the switch.

Officer: Please switch to channel 5 and announce sign on.

CBI and Officer switch to channel 5

Officer: this is SDPD 23424 waiting for switch off.

CBI: This is CBI signing on and ready for sign on once your insight, be ready for open box formation.

Officer: Ready for open box formation.

CBI: get to Open box formation and tell all other officers to hang back and you continue on.

Officer: Copy that.

Officer switches to channel 6

Officer: attention all officers switch to open box formation the hang back.

Other officers: okay open box formation and hanging back.

Officer: Okay we are ready for switch off.

Officer switches to channel 5

Officer: SDPD to CBI we are now ready for switch off prepare to close box once I pass.

CBI: this is officer Todd signing on.

Officer: SDPD 23424 signing off.

CBI: we are now in complete control please close formation and proceed to L.A

Drake: Wow I can't believe how much protection we are getting.

Josh: I know this is unbelievable

30 minutes later.

Somewhere in L.A

CBI: this is the final switch off.

Drake: Yes we are almost there.

Josh: good I was getting tired of this radio only contact.

LAPD: This is the LAPD we are ready for the drop.

CBI: okay please use open box conjoined open box formation we will ride with you folks.

LAPD: Okay we were planning on doing this our selves but note we will use conjoined two we will be on the outside and your in the inside.

CBI: fine with us but we have huge SUVs.

LAPD: the airport is about ten minutes away.

CBI: Fine, but we switch once we hit the runway.

LAPD: Fine with us.

Ten minutes later.

at gate to runway

Teller: Name, destination a passes please.

Drake gets our and hands to teller.

Teller: thanks have a safe trip.

CBI: Get a hold of Air traffic control and tell them hold traffic till CBI and LAPD leave

Teller: Will do, should your flight be priority also.

Drake: Yes please.

Teller: Okay cutie I will do it for you.

On runway

Drake: wow this plane looks very nice.

Josh: I know.

Drake: okay everyone unpack and put the stuff on the belt for it to be taken up into the plane.

Josh: and when we are done we will get in.

To be continued…

A/N: Sorry it was such a boring chapter I need some filler to space out events I don't want them to happen too fast. But next chapter will be longer and better I promise.