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Summary: Kingsley Shacklebolt finds himself confronted by the Harris twins. Apparently they're very concerned with his lesson on vampires.

The Children are our Future

November 9, 2017

"Minister Shacklebolt?"

Kingsley, over the years, had managed to stop flinching every time he was thus addressed, but considering he was now teaching children who had never known of his term in office, he decided that, at least on some occasions, it could be corrected.

"You may call me Professor, Joy," he said, turning slightly.

He didn't need to see who was standing behind him—there were only two small bodies in the entire school who spoke with an American accent, and this voice had the distinction of being female. But, when he looked, he was somewhat surprised to see that both Joy and her twin brother were standing behind him.

"We need to talk to you," Jesse announced, trying to stand tall and still looking decidedly short in his black robes, "about what you're teaching the fourth year students this week."

Sitting down the horned skull he'd been studying, Kingsley gave them his full attention. Though he'd never admit it, he was feeling somewhat anxious in their presence. The last time the Harris twins had come to his Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom outside of their scheduled class time…well, it had been a disaster that young Mr. Zabini had yet to recover from—the third year Slytherin student still left behind the faint smell of bananas whenever he passed by the door.

Kingsley reminded himself that he'd spent decades fighting wars, catching dark wizards, and putting up with bureaucratic nonsense. He'd been the bloody figurehead of the Wizarding World for years. Two trouble-making eleven-year-olds were nothing, even if that blasted ghost who taught history had said the Harris twins might not approve of the subject matter—how in Merlin's name had he known they'd complain about a chapter they weren't even studying yet?

Perhaps Professor Wyndam-Pryce had been a psychic before his death…Amongst other things.

"Go on," Kingsley urged, his deep, rich voice not betraying his hesitation.

Joy and Jesse shared a glance. The usual goofy grin was gone from Jesse's face, but Joy's practiced dramatics were showing more than ever. The children appeared to be very serious at the moment.

"We hear you're about to start a lesson on vampires," Joy said.

Kingsley nodded. "Yes. For the older students."

Jesse, as if on cue, reached into his bag and tossed down the heavy Year 4 textbook for DADA, not bothering to explain who he'd borrowed it from. "This," he said, with a huff, "is absolutely useless. At least the part about vampires. 'Little is known'…" he quoted, then stopped, as if outraged. "That's complete horse—"

Joy elbowed him. "We understand, from talking to some of the other students from wizarding families, that vampires aren't considered threats to wizards, what with wands to use against them and all, but that's no excuse for ignorance."

Kingsley blinked. "Pardon?"

"Rose Weasley told us about the Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part-Humans, and I told her that—"

Kingsley raised a hand to cut Jesse off, and was suddenly not surprised at all—of course Rose Weasley would have quoted the Guidelines. He sighed heavily, suddenly realizing the problem. "Children, did Rose also tell you the guidelines were somewhat amended recently?" By me, he wanted to add. At their stares, he bit his jaw, holding down his grin. He tapped the text book with one hand. "And, this…is a very good book, Mr. Harris. However, I will not be teaching from the text for my lesson on vampires. You see, we have an expert on the matter already here at Hogwarts. He corrected my notes to insure accuracy."

Joy's brow furrowed. "Really? But all the wizards we've met seem to not understand that—"

Kingsley waved a hand to stop her. "Which is exactly why my fourth year students are spending a week on the subject." Then he leaned down, as if he didn't wish to be overheard. "Our expert also warned me that the two of you might want to approve my lessons first, as he guessed you'd both been properly home-schooled."

Kingsley winked. The twins' eyes widened in surprised.

Joy slowly smiled. "Sir, you know our Aunt Buffy?"

"I know of her," he corrected. He gave the pile of books on the edge of his desk a rueful glance before looking back at the two. "How would the two of you like to help me go over my lesson? I'm sure any input from the oldest living Vampire Slayer's family would be of great use."

Jesse grinned, mimicking his sister's expression. Their mouths opened in unison. "Do we get house points for this?"