A year after they had all left Blue Water High

Bec's POV

Why am I crying? Because Dean Edgely has left again for the pro circuit, but this time he broke up with me. He said that the long distance thing was pointless. When I had asked him what he had meant he said that there was no point in having a relationship if we never saw each other. He went on to say that we had been growing apart for a long time. I started to cry, but he didn't care he just stood up and left.

Anna's POV

Well, I'm back home in Germany. I'm happy to be here with my family even if i had to leave Joe behind. Sure i miss my friends and Australia, but my life is here now. I'm working on my kite boarding and I have won several comps this year. I'm just happy to be living life.

Perri's POV

I got an amazing job offer. It's to be a fashion model, for an amazing magazine. The only problem is that the job is in Sydney. I'd have to leave Matt and Melbourne. When I told him i had excepted the job he had gotten really angry. He started to yell at me asking me why i hadn't told him about the job before I had excepted it and he asked why i hadn't talked to him about it. I told him i didn't know, that it was such a good opportunity and i couldn't pass it up. He lowered his voice and said what about us? What about the opportunity for a future together? I told him I didn't know and he said if I didn't know then I had already picked the job over him and that there was no more us. I tried to stop him from leaving, but i couldn't and now he's gone.

Fly's POV

I had to. I really had to. I had no choice he was going to give up his dreams to come with me on the circuit to give up his dreams of photography just to be with me. I couldn't let him do that. I couldn't let him give up on his dream so I ended it. I broke up with him and left to go on the circuit. He was confused of course because things between us were great. I didn't explain I just left, because if I did explain he wouldn't have let me break up with him.