Anna POV

I am super happy that Perri and Matt were back together. Just looking at them now with Matt sitting on the couch with Perri's head in her lap. They were looking at each other and smiling while Matt ran his hands through her hair.

"Oh get a room you too," Heath said as he walked in and noticed the know happy couple.

"Why mate? You jealous?" Matt asked innocently.

"Jealous of what?" Heath asked.

"Jealous that I got my girl back and you still don't have yours," Matt said.

"You think i still have feelings for Fly? Oh come on I am so over-" Heath suddenly stopped when he saw Zane and Fly walk into the nearby kitchen with Zane's arm around her. After a few minutes of them searching for something to drink and giggling they went back upstairs.

"Ok so I'm not over her. How did you know Matt?" Heath admitted.

"You are my best friend mate, you can't hide things from me," Matt said while smiling.

"what am I supposed to do? She's moved on," Heath said sadly.

"Heath you need to her how you feel, maybe she still feels the same way if you don't tell her you will regret it for the rest of your life," I finally found a place where i could talk.

"How would you know Anna?" Heath asked.

"Because about three or so months after i broke up with Joe and went back to Germany, he called me begging for me to take him back. He even offered to come to Germany, but i told him i was over him and not to call me again, and i regret it to this day because i lied i'm not over him," Anna finished just as the doorbell rang, " I'll get it," i stood up and opened the door, "Hi Joe," i said.

"Anna?!" Joe said with an obvious amount of shock, "what are you doing here?"

"We are having a little solar blue reunion," Anna replied.

"Look Anna, i know what you said but can we go for a walk and talk about things?''

''Yeah sure,'' i followed him out of the house.

''I still love you, you know," Joe said quietly.

"i lied," i said. I thought he couldn't here me, but he looked at me.

"About what?" Joe asked.

"About being over you i never stopped loving you," i explained.

"Why did you lie?"

"I lied because if i didn't let you go i couldn't have left," i explained. suddenly Joe grabbed my face and kissed me. Suddenly all was right in the world again because i had him again.