The piece that makes you whole

Kung fu panda fan fiction

By Zero2o1o

Your going to love this fan fiction I mean it's going to be great cause not only will there be fighting but drama as well as Tigress has to do something she's never done before. I don't own Kung fu panda, it belongs to DreamWorks and I'm just using it in my fan fiction.

Chapter 1: the baby from the storm

It was late at night and it was raining heavily in the valley of peace, no one was out but those who were running to find cover from the storm. But there was one animal not running for cover but to the huge mountain where the legendary Jade palace was. The figure was a tiger her fur was soaked a long with her black cloak, in her arms was blanket wrapped around a small creature that was fast asleep, the female tiger passed several homes and shops as she made her way to the Jade palace " miss what are you doing out in this storm?, are you ok? " a pig asked from under his umbrella on the main road of the town but the tigress just kept walking not paying attention. The pig just watched the tiger walk down the road till he saw a trail of blood following her " what in the world? " the pig asked himself before running off to find someone to help him find the injured tigress. The mother tiger made it to the step which wasn't going to be easy for her specially with her injury but she had to get to the Jade palace. Each step was wet making it harder for the mother but she kept going making sure she didn't lose her footing. She slipped once or twice but was able to stop herself from hitting the ground with one of her paws, she looked down at her cub who was still sleeping " don't worry Lee your going to be safe " the mother told her baby before using her blood to write her cub's name on the blanket then started walking again. She was nearly there just a few more steps and her baby would be safe with the Furious Five and the Dragon warrior. As she got to the last steps her body started to give out on her making her fall to her knees " I'm so close I have to make it " the tigress said in a weak voice as she got back on her feet and hit the door three times as hard as she could before falling over on her back.

10 minutes earlier inside the Jade palace

Everyone was asleep in the Jade palace all but one animal, she was sitting in the training room deep in thought. This wasn't the first time Master Tigress was up this late at night, she hadn't been able to sleep for the last few weeks. She had been depressed ever since Zin went home with his mother, it was hard for Tigress cause for the first time in her life she felt like a mother and now that Zin was gone there was nothing to fill the empty hole in her heart " inner peace...inner peace...Inner peace " Tigress said over and over again trying to get the thought of Zin out of her mind but it wasn't working the little duckling's face kept popping into her head like a bad song " ahhhhhh damn it " she yelled now getting up from the floor and walked around for a couple of minutes. There was always one thing that helped Tigress when she had something on her mind that was practicing her kung fu moves, she started with a few fast punches making sure she kept her elbows in like master Shifu had told her to do so many times when she was a child. As Tigress did some round house kicks a thought came into her head " what if I have a cub of my own? " she then realize that there were no male tigers for 100s of miles so finding a suitable male would be impossible. She could always adopt a cub but that too was thrown away cause finding a cub in any of the orphanages would be just as hard as finding a male. With both dreams smashed Tigress stopped in mid kick tears now formed in the corners of her eyes. Was this how she would live the rest of her life wanting a family like she had never had, it looked that way and she couldn't go to master Shifu even if he was her step father he wouldn't understand the way Tigress felt. She lowered her leg unsure what to do this was something Tigress had never really thought of and no one in the Valley of peace could help her. Just then she heard three loud knocks at the front door of the palace " damn it Po I thought you were staying at your dad's tonight " Tigress said aloud before opening the doors to the training room and headed outside. If it was Po, Tigress was going to punch him in the gut tomorrow during practice cause the female tiger didn't really enjoy the rain " I swear Po if you came back just for your dolls I'm going to..." Tigress groaned angrily as she opened the door and saw that it wasn't Po but another tigress bleeding heavily from her side " oh no it's ok I'm going to call for some help just stay with me. MASTER SHIFU, MONKEY, VIPER, ANYONE I NEED SOME HELP WE HAVE AN INJURED TRAVELER " Tigress called hoping someone would come soon " " the injured tigress said now holding out her baby but let go cause she had taken her last breath. Tigress was able to grab the cub before he hit the ground, she looked at the cub, he was now waking up his red and orange eyes looked up at her thinking that she was his mother. Just then Tigress heard foot steps coming from the palace and into the courtyard " Tigress we came as fast as we could what has happen...oh no we're to late " master Shifu said now eyeing the dead tigress lying at the front door " it looks like she was ambushed by wolves " Crane commented as he took a better look at the cut in the tigress's side " hey Tigress what's that your holding? " Monkey asked now noticing that the other master was holding something in her arms " it's her cub...she asked me to take care of him right before she died " Tigress answered before showing the cub to the other masters " he's pretty cute " Viper told Tigress now using the end of her tail to pet the cub's chin " so what do we do with him master? " Tigress asked unsure what to do with this tiny cub " you will honor her last request Tigress and care for her cub like it was your own, now Monkey, Crane take this poor girl inside we're bury her first thing in the morning " Shifu told his students then went back inside. Tigress was lost for words she would. normally do as she was told but this was something she didn't know what to do " what's his name? " Viper asked now standing next to Tigress, who looked down at the cub and saw the name his mother had wrote " Lee" was the only thing she said before going inside with the cub still unsure if she was ready to be a mother.

Master Shifu was about to climb back into his bed till there was a knock on his door " enter " he said before turning and seeing Tigress standing at his door " what is it Tigress? " Shifu asked as his step daughter kneeled " master I don't think I can care for this cub, I have no idea how to be a mother " Tigress told Shifu who just smiled at her " Tigress no one is ever ready to be a parent and you are no different then the poor girl you found at the front gate, I have faith in you my daughter not just as your master but as your father now what did you name my grandson? " Shifu said making Tigress blush madly " that's not funny father and his real mother named him Lee " the tiger replied now looking down at the cub still in her arms " Lee that's a fine name, Tigress till Lee is old enough to care for himself you are forbidden to go out and fight with the five or the dragon warrior, you have a child to care for now and you need to stay alive as long as possible do you understand? " Shifu told his step daughter who was going to argue with him but stopped cause she knew he was right, she was now a mother and she would have to love and care for Lee as long as she could " yes father " Tigress replied before saying good night and went to her room. Once she had gotten back to her room Tigress put Lee on her bed and sat across from him " so now what? " she asked the cub who just smiled at her but then begun to cry. The adult tiger picked the cub up and started to rock him but it didn't stop the crying " oh come on everyone is trying to sleep " she told Lee who just kept on crying " you must be hungry, we don't have any milk...oh crap that means I have to...breast feed " Tigress said her face going even redder then it was in master Shifu's room. She put Lee back on the bed and started to undo the buttons of her shirt " I can't believe I have to do this " she said as she took off her shirt then the wrap covering her chest " uhhh here we go " Tigress said to herself as she picked Lee up and put him near her breast. When he started to suck on her a feeling if joy washed over Tigress, so this was what it was like to be a mother maybe this little cub was what she was looking for, maybe he would fill the hole that was in her heart. Once Lee was full Tigress made a little bed next to hers and put the cub in it then watch as he fell asleep, for once in Tigress's life she was scared what if she wasn't good enough to be a mother, what if she hurt Lee how would she live with herself. After a while of watching little Lee sleeping Tigress went to sleep herself not knowing what the future held for her and Lee.

It was early in the morning and master Monkey, Crane, Viper, and Mantis were all sitting at the breakfast table waiting for Po to come home so he could cook breakfast " so you think Tigress killed the kid yet? " Monkey asked as he played with his chop sticks " of course she hasn't, she's not the kind of animal that would hurt a baby " Viper snapped at Monkey making the prime ape jump a couple feet in the air " well you keep it down I don't want you to wake Lee up " Tigress told the other masters as she and Lee entered the kitchen " sorry Tigress but Monkey was being an idiot " Viper apologize as she watch Tigress take a seat next to her " I can't believe I slept through all that " Mantis said now looking at Lee who was sleeping in Tigress's arm " he wouldn't try to eat me will he? " the little bug asked backing up a little " he doesn't have teeth " Tigress answered laughing a little " wait if he doesn't have any teeth how did you feed him last night? " Monkey asked making Tigress's face turn ruby red and look away " what did I say? " Monkey asked again hoping someone would answer him. But before anyone could answer the kitchen door opened and entered master Shifu " morning everyone, Tigress how was your first night with Lee? " the old master said as he took a seat at the head of the table " he kept waking up every few hours so I didn't really get any sleep sir " Tigress answered rubbing some of the sleep out of her eyes " well today you won't be doing any training or fighting till Lee is old enough to take care of himself " Shifu told his step daughter who was now rocking Lee making sure he stayed asleep. A second later everyone could hear running from down the hall telling them Po was back " sorry I'm late dad needed my help getting the shop...hey guys why is Tigress holding that baby? " the panda asked now eyeing the cub in Tigress's arm " last night Tigress found a poor girl badly hurt at the front gate with that baby, but the mother died last night at the door but not before asking Tigress to take care of her son " Shifu told the dragon warrior who's face turned to sadness " oh that's horrible, so what's going to happen to the cub? " Po asked now taking a seat at the table " Tigress will raise Lee here in the Jade palace and I have forbidden her from doing anything dangerous " Shifu said before asking Po if he would cook breakfast for the other masters which he did.

After breakfast the group of masters buried the mother tiger in the garden then Po and the other masters except Tigress went to the training room to practice their kung fu while Tigress went into town to buy something's for Lee. Tigress had made a baby carrier out of some cloths she had found in the laundry room before heading into the village. As Tigress entered the edge of the village several animals looked at her in shock, she could hear some whispering as she walked by " I had no idea master Tigress was pregnant " a sheep whispered to another sheep " I know she hid it so well " the other sheep replied as she watched Tigress walked by " I heard from Tin Leo that another tigress came into town and died at the Jade palace, that must be her cub it's amazing Tigress would take care of the cub so easily " a pig in a red coat whispered to a ram he was walking with " looks like your big news Lee " Tigress told the cub who had been chewing on his own foot for the last few minutes. Tigress walked into a shop " good morning Master Tigress, I see the rumor that you adopt an orphan cub are true. I'm guessing your going to need some diapers and toys for your step son " a old goat name Pun said as she got up from his chair and went to grab some diapers and some other things for Tigress " I'm scared, I'm not sure if I can be a good mother to this cub I have no idea how to be a mother " Tigress said now taking a seat where Pun had been sitting. The old goat grabbed some bottles from a shelf " don't worry Tigress I was just as scared as you were when I had my first child, I'm sure your be fine " Pun said now putting all the things Tigress would need in a bag " beside your be a great mother if you can master kung fu, you can master being a good parent. Now here you go I wish you the best of luck " Pun continue as she handed the bag to Tigress who got off the chair, then thank the goat and left to get a bed for Lee. After a hours of shopping Tigress stopped at mr. Ping's restaurant to have some lunch " oh master Tigress it's good to see you, oh look at that cute little cub, would you like some milk? " mr. Ping greeted as he walked over to Tigress and Lee " thanks mr. Ping I need to buy some milk later " Tigress replied as she followed mr. Ping to the kitchen where the goose got her some milk which she gave to Lee " I hope Po will find a nice girl soon and make me a grandfather " mr. Ping said before he started to chop up some carrots for a soup " you better hope Po doesn't hear you, he'll turn so red " Tigress laughed while she watched Lee feed on his bottle of milk " that's true that boy was never any good talking to girls " replied as he tossed the carrots into the soup. The Goose made a soup and some tofu for Tigress while Lee played with Po's action figures or chewed on them with his gums " you are so cute I just can't stand it " Tigress told the cub before slapping her paw over her mouth " what in the world did I just say? " she thought to herself stud she would say something like that " looks like your getting use to the idea of being a mother " mr. Ping joked now noticing how red the tiger's face was " but I've only been taking care of Lee for only 12 hours, how could I be getting use to the idea of being a mother? " Tigress asked putting her head in her paws trying to come to grips with what mr. Ping was saying " I was the same was when I found Po, I fell in love with him right away even if he did eat my chairs " mr. Ping replied laughing a little as he remember Po chewing up all his new chairs. Tigress raised her head up and look down at Lee who was sitting by her feet, a smile formed on her face and she felt the same joy she had felt last night when she was feeding Lee " thanks for lunch mr. Ping and for the kind words, I should go I need to take Lee to the doctor to see if his healthy " Tigress said before picking up Lee and putting him back in his carrier. After going to the doctor's who told her that Lee was a health cub. Tigress decided to go see her friend Mei Ling the owner the local sport massage to show her Lee. Mei Ling's place was half way across the village so it took her a little while mainly because animals would stop her to tell her how cute Lee was. Once she made it to the sport massage place she opened the front door " hey Mei Ling " Tigress greeted her friend who was sitting at the front desk " hello Tigress how have you been...oh my god is that a cub oh he so cute! " Mei Ling replied now getting up from her desk and ran up to the tiger and took the little cub from her " Tigress when in the world did you get pregnant? " Mei Ling asked a devilish smile on her face as she played with Lee " he's not mine Ling, his real mother came to the Jade palace last night and asked me to take care of her son before she died " Tigress told her friend while she watched Mei Ling pat Lee on his head making him laugh a little " really that so sad, so your adopting her cub just like that. Wow Tigress that's really sweet of you " Mei Ling told her friend now taking Lee to the back to show him to all her workers and guests who babied over him like they had never seen a baby before " look at you, how old is he? " one of the workers asked she held Lee in her arms " he looks about 3 or 4 months old " a guest said as she looked at Lee and checked if he had any teeth " so he still breast feeding?, that must of been a new feeling for you Tigress? " Mei Ling asked giggling at how red Tigress's cheeks were now " shut up Ling I had no choice, he would of cried till he woke the whole palace up " Tigress said almost yelling at her friend who just giggled even harder at how redder the proud tiger's face was now " oh lighted up Tigress I was only joking " Mei Ling told her friend while holding back her laughs " Tigress it's nothing to be embarrass about we all had to do it " a older panther named Pin told the embarrass tigress while she was getting a massage on a table a couple feet away from Tigress " it felt odd at first but then I felt happy like I had something to fill the hole i had in my heart " Tigress replied now picking up Lee so she take somewhere to put him down for a nap " you can use the back room if you want to, no one will bug you while you put your cub down for a nap " Mei Ling said before leading Tigress to the back room. After Tigress was done putting Lee to sleep she thank Mei Ling and headed back to the Jade palace unsure what the future held for her or the cub she was holding.

There you go guys the first chapter of the piece that makes you whole. This is my first story that isn't a romantic story. I don't know why my other entire story is romantic; I guess I'm just a soft guy at heart. I'll post another chapter of this story and a chapter of my little pony: friendship is unbreakable as soon as I can so enjoy the chapter.