My Dear Harry,

Since you are reading this than that means that your father and I are dead, and that you were most likely placed under the protection of my sister and her husband (even though in my will it said NOT to be placed there). I am very sorry if that is so and I hope that by the time you are reading this letter it is not too late. My warning for you my son is that Dumbledore is not who he claims he is, he is not that kind, loving, old man who is doing everything for the 'greater good'. It was too late by the time we figured out the truth but before we died I saw who your soul mate was to be, Lucius Malfoy. .He will take care of you and protect you but you must be patient with him for it might be a little strange for him. Dumbledore's plan is that you will kill Voldemort so that in the end he will have to just kill you or that Voldemort will kill you and he will kill Voldemort. I know that since Lucius is Voldemorts second hand man he will not harm the ones Lucius loves so I know that you will be safe. I wish you all my love and good luck with your future and don't forget to at least give Lucius a chance before judging him.

All my love,

Lily Potter