Woohoo it's Outtake time! Hopefully this will keep me from springing right onto the 44th Games because I still need to focus on my studies. Also FYI this is rated comedy so don't take anything in this seriously, except perhaps this first chapter. Finally, we get to see Hip's Reaping! Only I changed his outfit. Either way, this is totally canon.

If you're here by chance, Hip is my character in the 42nd Hunger Games I wrote. I never gave him a full blown Reaping because Channa's was so long. Enjoy!

"—so I walked out, like I was leaving, right, but then I went back in and they were standing there talking about me! And my own sister was like, 'Lillie has issues,' and I was like, 'O-M-G, no you didn't, gurl!' And I was totes ready for a catfight, but then the teacher came back in and he assigned us the most boring homework ever." Lillie groaned, rolling her eyes dramatically.

"Fascinating." Hip replied, staring intently at his chocolate milkshake as he stirred it with a straw.

"I know, right?" Lillie sighed, snatching up her milkshake and taking a sip. "Hey! This is vanilla. I asked for chocolate!" She slammed the glass down and looked around furiously, as if she were going to make a scene.

"Lillie…" Hip said, putting on his most innocent expression and taking her hands in his own. She immediately softened up and turned to look at him. Hip widened his amber eyes ever so slightly, using his God-given power to melt girls' hearts with them. "Lillie, I've been wanting to talk to you about something…"

"What is it?" She asked softly, her face full of curiosity.

"It's about the Reaping." Hip said, "I'm going to volunteer this year."

Lillie wrenched her hands away, looking shocked. "Wh-what?!" She stammered, "No! You can't! You're only 15…besides, one of the older boys is going to volunteer!"

"Doesn't matter," Hip smirked, nonchalantly sipping from his straw, "This is my year."

"But what about me?" Lillie wailed.

Hip arched an eyebrow. "What about you?"

The poor girl just stared at him, at a loss for words. "I…I'm your girlfriend!"

"I don't have a girlfriend." Hip stated, looking at Lillie's untouched milkshake, "Are you gonna drink that?"

Lillie just gaped at him. Then her features screwed up with rage as she realized what was happening. "Is this supposed to be some sort of breakup?!"

"Maybe," Hip shrugged, reaching over and taking her milkshake anyways.

"How could you! You jerk!" Lillie was so angry that her face was beginning to turn red.

Hip pretended to look hurt. "If you're gonna insult me, then I'm outta here." He said, rising to his feet and starting towards the door.

"Wait, no!" His now ex girlfriend shrieked, knocking over her chair in her haste to grab his arm. "Please don't do this, Hip. I love you!" She confessed, tears gathering in her eyes. "I...I've always loved you!"

"Hey, I don't blame you." Hip said, gently wriggling out of her grasp and giving her a pat on the head, "But you've known me about a week. Give or take a few days—I don't really know, I haven't been counting."

Lillie had started sobbing so loud that his words could barely be heard. Everyone in the shop was looking at them. Time to go, Hip thought, looking around awkwardly. He gave Lillie a lopsided smirk, then made his escape as fast as possible. (cue Runaway Baby)

He hurried to the town square, where a few people were already hanging about, preparing for the Reaping. His eyes scanned the crowd, looking for his best friend. He wanted to relay what had just happened to him. Breakups always warranted a dramatic retelling and a good laugh.

"Hip!" A banshee-like scream filled the air.

"Shoot." Hip mumbled, glancing over his shoulder. Lillie had come barreling out of the shop and was coming straight for him. She was barefoot, having kicked off her high heels and left them lying in the road. Uh-oh. She was out for blood. "Help, help, my crazy ex girlfriend's trying to murder me!" Hip shouted, turning and sprinting in the opposite direction.

He heard a sarcastic voice say, "Again? That kid is always being chased by…"

The voice faded away as Hip ran straight for a narrow alley. He zipped around corners, agile and light on his feet. Confidence welled up from within him. There was no way Lillie could catch him. He was a victor of the Hunger Games! Well, not really, but he'd get there eventually.

Hip made it home in one piece, panting as he came through the door to his house. Rhutter was already inside with his parents (aka, Hip's aunt and uncle), the three of them dressed up and ready to head to the Reaping.

"Dude…what happened?" Rhutter asked, wide-eyed.

"Same old, same old…" Hip said, headed for his room, "I'm going to take a shower."

"Just don't be late for the Reaping!" His aunt chided.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!" He called back, grinning. He couldn't wait to see the look on their faces when he volunteered. Hip stripped off his clothes and took a quick shower. When he was done, he wrapped a towel around his waist and admired his six-pack in the mirror for a few minutes. Aw yeah...molded to perfection. He thought, patting it. He curled his arms and struck a pose, admiring the toned body he would be taking with him to the Games. Strength, speed, and good looks. He had it all. Then he remembered he was running late and threw on black, long-sleeved shirt. He was tempted to leave it open, but he forced himself to button it up.

Still, something was missing…ah! He popped the collar for extra swag. Then he ran a hand through his messy, dark hair and winked at his handsome reflection. Now he was ready to go. His white, fluffy cat came prancing up to him just as he was headed out the door. He couldn't help but spend five more minutes fussing over his precious kitty.

"Oh, Puff, you're such a handsome boy! Yes you are!" He cooed, snatching up the huge cat and kissing him on his little pink nose. "I'm gonna miss you so much. Hold down the fort while I'm gone, okay buddy?"

"Mew." Came Puff's reassuring response.

Hip rushed out the door and ran to the Reaping, making it just in time to sign in. The woman taking blood samples glared at him. "You're the last one." She growled, pricking his finger.

"No kidding!" Hip said breathlessly, "Couldn't have figured that one out myself." Then he went to take his place among the 15-year olds. He found a spot in front of Rhutter, who was almost a year older than him. Rhutter had been checking out the girls across from him, but he perked up when he saw Hip.

They exchanged a silent high-five, then turned their attention to the stage, waiting for the magical moment in which the escort would draw names.

Finally, it came. Of course she headed for the girls' bowl first. Hip watched, mildly amused, as some airheaded floozy went and volunteered for herself. She ran to the stage in high heels and started making some stupid speech about how she was the one who would make District 1 proud. Yeah, right.

Hip gritted his teeth in frustration, just wanting to get this over with.

He praised the lord when the escort took the microphone away from her. Finally, it was time.

"Lee Poplar!" The escort announced.

"I volunteer!" Hip shouted in a confident voice. He shoved his way through the other 15-year olds, trying to get clear of the crowd.

"Watch it, mongrel!" One snarled as Hip excitedly pushed him aside. He paid him no mind.

Hip stepped out of the crowd, smirking, as the Peacekeepers came to retrieve him. He could see Rhutter giving him thumbs up. Then—

"Wait! He can't volunteer! I've been training for this my whole life and this is my last year to compete!"

Hip rolled his eyes as some ugly freak that was nowhere near as hot as him came jogging up. But the escort said something about Hip having to relinquish the position to him, and a triumphant smile stretched across his face.

The older boy was extremely tall and muscular, but Hip wasn't intimidated. He was probably an idiot. "You're only 15. You can enter the Games another year. Let me do it." The boy growled in a deep voice, "Besides, you know very well that I called dibs on it at the academy."

Just what the hell is a dib? Hip snorted inwardly, is it the most powerful force in the universe? Do I have to bend to your will, just because you called it? Well I don't think so, buddy…

"Oh, I didn't realize that you had called dibs on it. Well, excuse me for trampling all over your sacred dibs, but I'm going to be District 1's male tribute this year. Not you. Maybe if you'd been quicker to actually volunteer instead of being so concerned with your precious—"

Hip had been so preoccupied with zinging this guy that he didn't see him wind up for a punch until the fist came smashing into his mouth. He stumbled backwards, his hands flying to his aching jaw. His eyes widened with shock as he felt blood on his lip.

But the Peacekeepers were already dragging the older boy away. Hip turned and went to the stage by himself. His lip was throbbing, but the excitement that pulsed in his heart quickly made him forget about it.

"What's your name?" The escort asked, holding the microphone out to him.

"Hip Hoprock," He declared, puffing out his chest.

"Wonderful! Shake hands, you two."

Hip turned to the girl they called Channa. She was looking at his bloodstained hand with revulsion. He flashed her a lopsided grin, just daring her to take it.

To his surprise, she did. She gripped his hand firmly and shook it.

Feeling mischievous, Hip brushed a finger on her wrist, performing what was known as an awkward handshake. Channa flinched and wrenched her hand away. Hip just smirked, loving the fact that he had just made her lose her cool on TV. She was pretty hot—but she was still his competitor.

A shame that she would be dead by the time his birthday came around.

God, this makes me miss Hip. He was so fun to write. ILY Hip. Rest in peace, buddy.

Holding off putting up the 44th Hunger Games is slowly killing me...so I've decided I'm gonna put up the first chapter when this semester is over and Christmas vacation begins. During the spring I can devote most of my time to planning and slowly put up the Reapings...then when summer begins, I can hit it hard. Yeah. So to those of you that were like "oh no, we have to wait till next summer?!" the time has just been spliced in half. :P