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Concrete Jungle
Characters: Kol, Rebekah, Elena, some Elijah
Summary: While Elijah is in NYC on a business trip, Rebekah and Kol drag Elena out to see the sites. (Some Original fluff)

"All right you two," Rebekah laughed, eyeing her eldest brother down graciously, "Try not to worry brother. We won't let anything happen to her."
The blonde Original grabbed Elena's hand, pulling her away from Elijah's side as the brunette looked back, her eyes widened in concern.

"Right Rebekah, I nearly forgot how well you two get along." He accused, "Just try not to get into trouble." Elijah was in New York on business, so Rebekah, who loved the beautiful city, and Kol, who just loved to get out and have fun decided to tag along and drag Elena along with them. However, by the time they arrived late the night before, Elena had fallen asleep in Elijah's arms, so she missed the chance to see the bright and colorful lights that emanated from Times Square.

"It's still early sister." Kol groaned opening the shades of the hotel penthouse suite to view the gorgeous city, the streets already bustling with people, always in a rush. The sun was just beginning to creep over the buildings high peaks.

"I know but there is so much to do during the day as well!"
Elena stepped back, closer to Elijah again, nervous about his pending adventure that she seemed to have no say in what so ever. While over time she had grown closer to the Mikaelson family since turning (even Klaus was beginning to become tolerable but she wouldn't hide her pleasure that he was unable to join them on this venture) and being with Elijah, that didn't mean she felt comfortable being around his two volatile siblings.

"Maybe I'll just stay here…" Elena offered, looking to the oldest Original for support, but frowned when she realized he wasn't giving it.

"I think you should go." He smiled, "Besides, you said you wanted to see the world now that you have eternity Elena."
The young vampire shrugged, she knew he was right. Having never left Mystic Falls just for a fun adventure as there had always been some vampire drama involved messing up her plans, this was a first for her. After all, the only good thing that came out of Klaus coming to "fetch his doppelganger" was Elijah, and on occasion Kol while Rebekah was still undecided, Klaus was also very low on her "favorite Original" scale but for Elijah's sake she found herself ignoring his existence.

"Fine." She sighed, feeling defeated, "I guess it could be fun?" Elijah and Rebekah beamed while Kol seemed distracted in the mirror as always, fussing with his hair seeming uninterested and from the corner of her eye she caught Elijah smiling to her clear lack of motivation.

"I'll meet you for lunch later on, but I won't be able to stay long." He spoke regretfully, grabbing his coat and briefcase before returning to Elena's side, and wrap his arm around her waist. "I'm sorry," he said softly as he placed a light kiss on her forehead and traced her jawline with the back of his hand and smiled. "It's ten now, so I will see you at four?"
He wasn't actually asking his siblings what was best for them, and Elena knew that was the only time he had free during his day. She wasn't upset that she couldn't spend more time with him, this was his business trip and she had been dragged along for the ride by his siblings who insisted on following (but it was Elijah saying it could be a good idea rather than stay at home in Mystic Falls) but that didn't mean she wouldn't take any opportunity to see him.

"Don't worry brother! We will keep her in tip top shape!" Kol jumped in front of Elijah and slapped Elena on the shoulder and she could hear him sigh in frustration. With one last look for a goodbye, (or a "see you later" as goodbye sounded so much more permanent) he slid out the door leaving Elena Gilbert to the mercy of the youngest Mikaelson siblings.

"So…what are we doing?" she turned back to them awkwardly scanning their devious expressions.
There was going to be trouble.

Elena got dressed into the comfiest clothes she could find, unsure of what the big city was like, but by the looks of the people down on the street, she knew there would be a lot of walking involved. It seemed that was all anyone ever did here.
"Perfect!" Kol clapped as she exited her room, which was (thankfully) separated from Kol and Rebekah's.
Elijah's sister rolled her eyes as she came out of her own room, dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a long pink sweater.

"Right, and don't forget we are going to a club tonight, so make sure you have something less…frumpy available?" Rebekah smiled deviously as she examined Elena's sweatshirt which hung loose on her body. "Let's get out of here!"

Elena had assumed that they would be taking a cab to whatever destination they had planned (not realizing that first decision was up to her) but Kol insisted on walking the entire trip, which was all right since it was such a nice fall day, but the fact that he claimed he did not want to miss anything was something she found laughable as Kol had never shown consideration for human life…or really much of anything besides himself and once in a while his family. Rebekah, knowing her brother much better than Elena, swore it was because he just wanted to be difficult after realizing she was wearing a pair of heels.
After some hard thinking, and pushing from the two Mikaelson siblings (who were much too exuberant for her comfort, happy Mikaelsons equaled bad news almost always) she remembered that since she had always wanted to visit the Museum of Natural History and since she was sure Elijah wouldn't have the time to she would have to make due. It seemed to be the best choice, and one way to keep both siblings in check as best she could (had she already taken over their oldest brother's position in attempting to keep them in line?)

"Oh, you are so Elijah's girl." Kol joked as they followed Rebekah towards Central Park. The blonde of course claimed they didn't need a map, and she preferred to take the long way.
"And besides…we don't need to look like a bunch of tourists," she defended herself with a scrunched nose, and pointed to a couple that sounded like they were speaking in Russian (yet one more language on the long list that Elena did not understand).
As they cut through Central Park, Elena enjoyed the rush of sights and smells, she began to realize what a sheltered life she had lived back in Mystic Falls. She had never seen s many different kinds of cultures around her and it was almost overwhelming to her newer, much sharper senses.

Elena laughed as she watched Kol climb the rock formation just off the path and it wasn't until he reached the top that the park police came running over yelling at him that it was too dangerous. In return, the snarky youngest Mikaelson brother yelled to his sister, ignoring their authority, in another language to pretend he didn't understand and with a thick gruff accent stuttered out an apology in English as if it was abnormal for him.
Kol always loved to play games, anything to push someone's buttons. He bounded off of the rocks effortlessly and actually received applause from the curious bystanders, which he returned with a low bow.

As the trio carried on, they passed a hot dog vendor, something the young girl had only seen at the school carnivals and even they weren't as enticing as this one was. Elena took in the powerful scent of the cart's contents while the Originals both grimaced, their tongues clearly used to food of a "higher class".

"All right come on! We need to head west!" Rebekah directed, taking charge as she tied her platinum hair into a ponytail. She began to jog in the direction of the museum which snapped Elena back to attention since after being caught up in all of the sights and smells, she had nearly forgotten about their destination. She was in awe of this beautiful city and it's people.

Kol and Elena followed Rebekah's lead by picking up a swift jog next to her, which was easy to do with their vampire abilities.
"She doesn't want you to be late for our lunch with Elijah." The dark brother told her, "Pretty sure he will think she killed you and I believe that terrifies her!"

Elena rolled her eyes as she kept her pace, enjoying the look of fall in the city. She remembered that before she had turned, Elena had struggled to keep up at times which is what brought her to start running in the morning each day, but now those efforts seemed fruitless. Now she had to struggle to keep at a human pace, and not go too fast, yet even through her concentration she still managed to notice the changing colors of the leaves on the soft green grass off to the side.

When they finally arrived at the museum, Rebekah, who had gotten there long before Elena and Kol, was complaining to the young man at admissions. The youngest vampire's hearing easily picked up her now exaggerated accent whining about how "everything in this bloody city is so damn expensive" which irritated those in line behind them to go to the next counter. Kol approached his sister and imitated her accent as he compelled the man to let them through.

"Come now Miss Gilbert!" the Original brother called, leading her through the gate.

The three vampires explored the Museum from top to bottom, Elena making it a point to examine each and every exhibit while Rebekah complained the entire time. She didn't care however, Elena loved looked at the ancient artifacts and exploring the ancient cultures. Out of curiosity, she would ask which the siblings had experienced, all questions she longed to ask of Elijah, in their long lifetimes but they would only laugh. Kol after all, spent most of his thousand years daggered while Rebekah, meanwhile , spent most of her time following Klaus where ever he went until he too daggered her. She only got to enjoy her short time with Stefan, and the thought didn't bother Elena anymore.
Who knew what any of them were up to anyway.

Elena left in high spirits, her mind buzzing with all of the things she got to take it. She was even excited to go shopping in Times Square as Rebekah demanded before meeting with Elijah.
The girls ventured into H&M, and Elena hadn't seen one so big since the one in the nearby mall was only half the size, and Elena found herself dragging Kol along with them, dreading the thought of being stuck with his sister alone.

The young vampire admired the clothes on the racks and cringed at each price tag while admiring Rebekah's armful of garments and she looked on longingly to an outfit she had in her hand.
"Just buy them." Kol pushed Elena as he came up behind her, and she turned back to him in surprise.

"What? I can't do that! It's all so expensive!" she sighed as she tossed the black sweater back among the sea of other clothing out of her price range.

"Something tells me my brother will get over it. He wants you to enjoy yourself Elena!"

Elena pursed her lips indecisively as she picked the sweater up again, knowing very well money was no issue, not just for the Mikaelson family, but for vampires as a whole. She could just compel the cashier to give her the sweater, but it was just so wrong, and she knew Elijah would have none of it.

"I couldn't…" of course, she had her own money, but she needed it to pay for her car insurance this month. Not everything went forgotten as a vampire it seemed.

"Will you stop it already?!" Rebekah had joined into the conversation, "He happened to give me this little black credit card for us to use .please." She emphasized the ending of her words with fierce pride as if her brother was supporting her darkest needs to spend money. It all seemed incredible pointless to Elena, but she digressed.

She snatched the sweater from Elena's hands and looked it over, "You will need a new pair of jeans…and shoes to go with it of course, I found a cute pair of heels that I guess you could make work over there." She sighed as if Elena's fashion sense was nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen and she needed to be saved.
This was not the way Elena intended on making friends with the Original sister. "Come on Elena. You need some serious help and we just don't have much time!"

The brunette looked to Kol for help, but he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say "not this time" and pushed her towards his sister.

Elena could practically feel Rebekah's happiness as she rushed down Broadway to meet Elijah at a nearby diner. The blonde was practically running down the street, and Elena realized that Kol had been right. Rebekah did not want to see her oldest brother angry with her.
By the time they arrived at the diner, which was a very small and cramped building, it was one minute past four and Elijah was already sitting in a booth, sipping lightly on a cup of tea while reading a newspaper. As the three approached, he stood to greet her, and a waitress was following close behind, ready to take their orders for drinks. The brunette declined, not wanting to spend any more money even though Elijah insisted; while Kol ordered tea and Rebekah just got a soda.
The younger vampire, unlike the others, needed to feed more often and all of the excitement from their morning had exhausted her , causing her to become antsy.
"When was the last time you fed?" Elijah questioned softly into her ear as she sat down.

"When I woke up." She responded with shame, but the Original only smiled proudly as he motioned for the waitress to get her a soda as well.

Once the woman returned with their drinks, Elena watched from the corner of her eye as Elijah reached into his briefcase and pull out a small vile, quickly slipping it's contents into her drink.
"Just drink it quickly." He directed, facing her towards him so nobody else could see if her eyes blackened, which they had, but only for a moment. Over the past two years since she has been with Elijah and the other two Mikaelsons, he has been helping her work on controlling herself. According to him she was doing very well besides her eyes becoming black at times.

The four vampires enjoyed their lunch while Kol made fun of the couple, calling them "carbon copies" of each other, and Rebekah complained about her trip to the museum. Elijah also made it a point to remind Elena to have fun, and not to worry about expenses. The thought of spending his money bothered her, Elena knew he was aware she preferred to take care of herself, but he was persistent to treat this as a vacation for her. He only wanted her to be happy and enjoy herself.
"Fine." She replied after some internal debate, crossing her arms stubbornly as they stood to leave, and exit the diner. "You are coming back tonight right?" They had made it to the street, where Elijah had a car waiting for him already and she pulled him close to her while his brother and sister waited on the other end of the corner.

"Of course I will be." He laughed while brushing a kiss against her lips. "You are the one braving a New York City club with my sister and brother tonight; I am much more concerned about you."
Elena laughed at him nervously while holding onto his hand, she had nearly forgotten about Rebekah's plans for their evening.

By the time Kol, Rebekah and Elena made it back to the suite (which she had just discovered Elijah owned) it was getting dark.
Rebekah quickly got dressed, continuing her squeals of excitement as she tossed a short black dress to the younger vampire.

"I'm sure you didn't come prepared for the occasion so here." She called as she tossed a pair of knee high boots in her direction as well. "Now go." The blonde pointed to Elena's bedroom, "We still have to do something with that…hair. Mystic Falls has clearly not done you well."
Scurrying into the room, Elena quickly got dressed, making a point to look at herself in the mirror and pull at her hair. It's not that bad she pouted, pulling at the strands that hung limp around her shoulders, Maybe it could use some life after all…
She ran to her bag to apply some makeup, but tried to keep it tasteful as she wasn't going to impress anybody. Before she even finished, she could practically hear Rebekah's snide remarks ringing in her mind.
Oh no that will not do…

Once she was finished, the brunette brushed herself off and walked into the living room, where Kol sat carelessly on the coffee table wearing a new pair of jeans and black dress shirt (the look making him look even more cunning than before) and Rebekah wore a navy blue strapless dress. The sister pulled Elena over to a chair and began to attack her head with a curling iron putting life to what seemed so dead today.

Calling for a limo to pick them up (since apparently you cannot go to this club in a cab or on foot.) they set out.

"She really takes liberties with Elijah's generosity doesn't she?" Elena whispered to Kol as they hopped in, Rebekah already getting a drink from the limousine bar, as she fussed with her curls. Luckily it was not humid or else they would have been stuck to her face.
Kol smiled with a nod and grabbed two glasses as he poured run into both, using his free hand to reign Elena into the vehicle.
"Cheers!" he raised a shot glass while handing her the other.
With a sigh, Elena gave in. She did promise Elijah she would have fun, and she didn't want to have to hear Kol or Rebekah chiding her for not having even one drink.

Here goes nothing.

Elena's brain was foggy from the alcohol as she found herself dancing on the club floor. She hardly remembered arriving at the club, Rebekah compelling the bouncer to let them in, and the three vampires heading straight to the bar.
Rebekah had instantly begun to down some strange mixed drink and calling for Elena to join her as Kol began to enjoy the company of two girls who pulled him onto the dance floor.
Everything was such a blur.

"So Elena," she called out over the pounding of the DJ's bass, and summoned for two more drinks from the bartender, "Let's have fun shall we?" When their drinks arrived hardly a moment later, Elena watched in awe as Rebekah began to slam it down, requesting another. "Don't worry, it takes a lot to get us drunk!" she had laughed, slamming her glass down on the counter.

Elena soon discovered how right the sister was-twenty shots and three full drinks later. She felt like she was in a pissing contest with the blonde and unknowingly they were both fighting for Elijah.
Now, however, she found herself dancing for hours-and completely drunk and each time she felt the buzz waning she would get another drink. As she spun around with random strangers, the dance floors lights and music began to screw with her senses as she wondered if this was what ecstasy felt like. This strange euphoric feeling was different from any other drunken night she had but she found herself drawn deeper into the dance like a man swayed by a siren. If even more a moment, she wouldn't have a care in the world.
She was having fun.

Searching for the club, she saw Kol leave with the two girls from before, and Rebekah in dangerously close contact with another man but when she remembered how much the Original girl had to drink, Elena was amazed that she was still standing-that they both were still standing. Traveling through the dance floor she felt a man's arms go close to her waist, careful not to touch (possibly too careful) and his waist push hard against hers from behind as she danced, this body was much closer than she allowed the others, so it brought her to turn around right into this bold stranger's arms.
"Hi there!" he yelled over the music while he wrapped her into his dance and Elena smiled at him , still completely drunk and her inhibitions down. He began to push his body against hers, but it didn't matter, she could hardly make out his face everything was swinging by so fast and she was too drunk to care.
She was just having fun.
Elena caught herself laughing as he pulled her close to him but the contact gave her the chance to catch his scent. Vampire.
She tried to pull away, but he held on forcefully and soon led her stumbling body off of the dance floor.

The cold air hit her…hard, which brought each drink she had to come back tenfold sending her through a world of hurt as she was obliterated drunk while a vampire held her against her will.

"You are young." He pointed to her nose, running his other hand along her jawline, it was the same spot that Elijah had his hand on only hours before.

"Stop." She slurred, attempted to push his hand away, but she was powerless against him in this condition.

"Not until you tell me why you are hunting on my land." He growled, lowering his hand to her leg, and pressing his thumb deep into the crease of her hip and thigh, bringing a yelp to her lips. She tried again to fight him off, but it was pointless, and this feeling was what frightened her the most.

"The lovely Elena does not hunt." Elena heard a voice behind him, it was Kol, wiping the slightest amount of blood from his lips. "But even if she did, she will hunt where she pleases."

"Who are you?" the strange vampire snarled, moving his hand from Elena to release her, but she was too dizzy from the shock and alcohol, and slumped to the ground.

"Kol Mikaelson." The Original said proudly, and Elena could see the vampire cringe back, turning his attention back to the girl he was holding captive. Everyone knows of the Mikaelsons after all, they were feared.

"Good, you have heard of me. Now the lady you have just threatened to defile by touching her inappropriately happens to be tied to my oldest brother, Elijah."

The vampire turned to stare at Elena, a look of anger, fear and resentment crossing his face as Elena began to focus again. "You?" he questioned in shock, and she nodded her eyes piercing into his.

"I-I am so sorry." He stammered, nodding to Kol, who was glaring daggers into his opponent, and simply disappeared into the night.

"Come on love," The youngest Mikaelson brother approached her to offer his hand, "Let's get Rebekah and get you home, it is getting late."

Kol had to help Elena balance herself while the alcohol purged her system, and by the time they arrived back at the suite it was five am.

"Are you all right?" Elijah asked, taking Elena from his brother the instant the door opened and Kol quickly explained the incident outside of the club.
"Oh stop it, she is just fine," Rebekah sneered pushing past. "Elena just doesn't know when enough is enough."

Kol rolled his eyes to his sister and walked past his brother to place himself onto the couch. "Beckah is just angry because Elena out drank her."

Elena, who was still being held up partially by Elijah, giggled quietly to herself and nodded.
"I did!"

"You should get her to bed brother, she should be sober in an hour." Kol pointed out, his words were solid and true while his dark eyes remained bright with amusement. "And yes…THAT is how much she had to drink."

Elijah shook his head with a smile and led the young vampire to their room and gently placed her onto the bed.

"Are you leaving again?" she asked quietly, her eyes closed while she grabbed his hand to keep him there.
"No, Elena, I am right here." He laid down next to her and pulled her close to him so she could bury her head into his chest.

"Remind me never to drink with your sister ever again." She groaned and Elijah smiled kissing her on the forehead as she drifted to sleep.

"Whatever you would like lovely Elena"

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