He Asked Us to Do One Thing
Characters: Kol Rebekah Elena
Summary: A prompt from a while back Elena gets herself into trouble, Kol and Rebekah are the only ones who can help. For the sake of this story, Elena is human and goes briefly into Rebekah's perspective, which is something new for me so bare with me haha. This story is minus Elijah, besides a phone call and the "looming threat" of him.

"Come on now sunshine, wake up!" Elena's body shook to the false ringtone voice of Kol Mikaelson. "Feliz Navidad, or whatever."

Her throat still dry from the night before, "It's not the holiday Kol." She grumbled, parting her eyelids reluctantly to the glaring Mexican morning sun. "And I'm pretty sure you mean Buenos Dias." Surrounded by the mass amount of blankets in the heavily air conditioned room, Elena rolled away from him. "Now if you don't mind, I am on vacation, so I would like to sleep in."

With a toss of his hand, Kol threw the blankets off the bed, exposing Elena's pink shorts and tank top, "Come on love, it is the afternoon and Bekah wants to go to the beach." And when Rebekah wanted something, she would tear down mountains to get it.

"I'm not stopping her from going." She groaned, moving to grab the blanket from the floor, but the snap of Kol's icy skin against her wrist as he grabbed at her made her gasp.

"Unfortunately…you are. You see, Elijah and Nic have managed to put the fear of God into my dearest little sister." He shrugged, pulling her up into a sitting position.

Snapping her hand away, the human girl stared at the Original vampire with a tired, glowering eye. "So in other words, Rebekah doesn't want you out of our site." He continued after taking a moment.

"I'll be fine by myself. I'm sure Elijah would agree that I am not a prisoner."

Elijah would. Klaus? The only reason he was leaving her alone was because with his brother she was safe. ("Just in case of an emergency, we need you alive and those Salvatores will do nothing but get you killed." Had been his reasoning-as discomforting as it was- but it kept the hybrid at bay.)

"No, you are not a prisoner, which is why you aren't chained to the bed or being forced to play Bingo or some other mundane game; I am inviting you to the beach, so stop being a snob."

Over time, though it may not seem like it now, Kol had warmed up to the human doppelganger. His sister? Not so much, but she knew better than to push anything.

"Okay," she agreed, "You have a point." She threw her feet over the bed, her attitude mostly being based on her hatred of being woken up after a long night of partying with the two vampire siblings in a club. She vowed to enjoy her vacation sans Elijah, so she needed to cut the crap and do something. "Just…" she waved him back, "Let me get ready and have some coffee."

Kol chuckled at her tone and backed away from her towards the door with a fake, short bow. "As you wish your highness."

The sand sunk in between Rebekah's toes as she stomped through the beach, the sun blinding-even with her ginormous sunglasses. Even her skin tingled under the light, only to be intensified by the bright blue ocean.
She loved the beach, the way the waves crashed against the short; the seagulls squawking overhead…it reminded her of home. Not Mystic Falls-that wasn't her home, it never was and never would be she just had to make due- but the waters of what was now known as the Baltic Sea, the region in which she grew up until her family fled to the New World.

Even with the irritating humans running about (couldn't Elijah get them a place with a private beach?) she could find some level of peace here.

"I don't understand your fascination with the beach sister." Kol teased, standing before her in his dark green swim shorts, and reading her mind he continued with "I know it reminds you of home…but I don't have exactly the best memories from so long ago…" Even Kol's raven shaded hair shined bright in the sun's glaring rays, until the indefinite shadow joined his side.

"Ah, Elena, glad we didn't lose you." The blonde sneered. She hated the most recent Petrova doppelganger, the affections her brothers (and even Kol, it seemed) gave her made the youngest Mikaelson petty and irritable towards any who wore that face.

"Yup, right here." Elena was always so casual. She rarely fought back to each of Rebekah's harsh advances, only making her want to strike back harder, with the intent to do damage.

Throwing down her blanket, Rebekah threw herself over it as Kol joined her, a newspaper in hand.

"Since when do you read the paper Kol?" Elena joked from the other side, Rebekah could smell the coconut sunscreen as she applied it to her skin.

"Usually I don't, but apparently young girls have been going missing. Could be…you know…vampires." He laughed, pulling his sunglasses over his eyes. "We've been here for a day, so it obviously wasn't us." Rolling to his side, Kol faced his sister, "Maybe we will run into them." It was more of a challenge then a hopeful thought.

Pushing her brother to his back again, Rebekah closed her eyes with the only intention of seeking the bliss of vacation, but the sounds of Elena's ipod playing in her ears became distracting. She wouldn't let the doppelganger ruin her day, nothing would ruin her day.

Vampires could withstand the sun (with their daylight rings of course) much longer than humans, they didn't have to worry about sunburn, skin cancer, or headaches from too much, so after two hours Rebekah was pleased to see Elena grow tired, even if she wasn't ready to leave.

"I think I'm going to go grab a pretzel from the vendor." Rebekah barely paid Elena any attention as she sat up, shaking the sand from her blue bikini and her hair (maybe she had been paying better attention than she cared to admit). "Do you guys want anything?"

Kol, who seemed to be living in his own world, shook his head and elbowed his sister for her attention.

"No, Elena. Just try not to get yourself lost." But please…please do.

She listened at the shuffling in the sand as she scurried away, kicking the sand back on the two Mikaelson siblings (which Rebekah refused to believe had been unintentional).

"Finally!" she sighed, rolling onto her stomach to comfortably read her magazine, "Some peace and quiet."

"Stop it Bekah." Kol hissed in response, pulling at his sister's blonde pile of hair on her head. "She could be worse. At least she's not using our brother."

Rebekah scoffed, shaking her head wildly. "Shut up Kol."

Kol and her may not have been the closest of friends, he was reckless, dangerous and had no respect for human life (though sometimes deep down she wondered if Elijah did either) but he did care for his brother, and Elijah cared for Elena and that was enough to have him be civil (at least enough to take her to Cancun when Elijah was away.)

Rebekah was different. She was petty, vindictive and childish. To add to the list, she hated Elena more than most of anyone…she wasn't any better at hiding that than Katherine. This break of the walk to the food vendor was most welcomed from the poisonous air that veiled the youngest Mikaelson.

The vendor was a bit further than she anticipated, and once her feet hit the burning sidewalk, Elena wished she had worn her sandals rather than running barefoot. Bravely, however, she stood on the short line, lifting each foot one by one while she waited until she got to the front and ordered her pretzel and soda.

"Are you a dancer?"

Whipping around, Elena found herself face to face with an unrecognizable blonde man with strangely kind blue eyes.

"Excuse me?"

"Your feet. Looks like you are dancing."

Looking down to her feet as if driven so by his suave voice, Elena laughed. "Yeah, I'll probably regret this in the morning."

The man chuckled lightly as Elena thanked the vendor and went to walk (hop) down the street back towards the beach alone, knowing Elijah would be calling her soon.

Anticipating its ring, Elena looked down to her phone, only to see she had no service which was strange, since at the vendor she had full bars.

"Yeah…service is a bit spotty here." The man's voice came again from behind her, causing her to jump. "You scared me!" she tried to sound polite.

While spending a significant time with Elijah (and vampires in general), Elena had learned how to spot the "shady characters"…and this man, as kind and gentle as he seemed, gave her a bad feeling. The fact that he was following her down the street (that was now dangerously empty) wasn't any consolation either.

"Sorry about that." He was edging closer to her now, his eyes scaling each inch of her body as if he were taking in measurements, making plans for the future. "Are you vacationing here? You don't look like a local."

She had been backing away from him subconsciously, and stopped dead in her tracks at his question.

Get a good look, tell Kol and Rebekah… she reasoned with herself, taking a deep breath before exhaling sharply. "Uh…yeah…" she took another step away from him, ready to run. "I need to-"

It hit her like a bolt of lightning, sudden snap forced against her as this stranger clapped his hand over her mouth, a strange feeling cloth held tight against her nose as she struggled against him. He was stronger, hushing her to be quiet and give in as she heard a car screech to a halt.
She could feel two strong arms grab her as she faded completely into darkness.

"Rebekah…" Kol broke his sister's peaceful zen place as he rolled to his side to face her again, "It's been a while and Elena isn't back yet. Should we go find her?"

Turning the page carelessly in her magazine, Rebekah shrugged one shoulder before looking up to survey the area. "I'm sure she's fine. Maybe she just went back to the hotel." She wasn't going to hide her irritation, but she couldn't help but be a little worried, looking up to see her shoes laid on the towel. "Why don't you call her?"

Kol nodded, and fished for his cell phone from Rebekah's pink beach bag and dialed.

"Nothing." He shook his head as he stood, blocking his sister's sunlight. "Her phone is off."

Pushing herself to sit on her knees, Rebekah looked up to her brother. It was unlike Elena to just disappear and have her phone off when Elijah would be calling soon. None of it made any sense.

"I'm sure she's fine." She brushed the sand off of her skin, "Besides, a little peace and quiet doesn't hurt us right?"

She forced her devil's grin to her brother, shadowing the concern she really felt. Elena Gilbert was an annoying, young, pretty girl and Elijah was in love with her, but in a way, Rebekah had also grown attached, almost like the little sister she never had.
But if Kol found out, she would never hear the end of it.

"Yeah, but we should go look for her, "Kol's priority wasn't necessarily the human doppelganger, more the repercussions of what Elijah would do to them if she were harmed.

Pulling her yellow cover-up over her body, Rebekah stood to join her brother as they walked in the direction of the food vendor.

The swirl-no, a rush- of her senses snapping back hit her hard, like a rubber band against the skin, and while her mind was quick to jump to attention, Elena's body did not cooperate. She tried to open her eyes, but she felt like she had been hit in the head with a brick, a searing pain right in the front of her eyes.

"Try not to struggle." A thick accented woman directed, touching her with a cool washcloth on her forehead, the chilling sensation was welcoming, but also startling in the unventilated room. "It will take a minute, but it is the drugs."

Elena was already coming under control over her body, she could feel each muscle begin to twitch , the pain in her neck was sharp, and most importantly, the wet mud that her body was soaking into. "Wha-What happened?" slowly, Elena raised to sit up, a cool, comforting hand assisting her the rest of the way, "Where am I?"

It was difficult to open her eyes, forced shutters in the light. When she was finally able to, she faced a beautiful woman, sickly from the lack of sun, but radiant still even with her dull red hair and light green eyes. It took her eyes adjusting for her heart to begin to race

"I believe we are in Mexico." She replied hoarsely, "But we won't be for long."

Elena looked around at her surroundings, steel bars surrounded the dirt floor, rusted with age and mistreatment, whatever this was, it wasn't a permanent facility but a temporary hold for…whatever she was going to be used for. If she were a vampire, breaking the bars wouldn't be a problem. If she were a vampire…or you know, had vampire friends.

"What do you mean?" Groggily, she was able to stand again, but at first only to her knees.

"They move them…at least that's what I think, there were…other girls." English, going by the way she paused between each phrase, was not the woman's first language as she seemed to have troubles choosing what she was trying to say. "What is your name?"

"E-Elena…" she replied, all too easily and shook her head, confused. "Do you know why we are here?"
Were they vampires? Witches? Or Werewolves?

"It is the cartel." She was whispering, edging closer. "I overheard them, they are going to sell us….but I don't know what that means."

Elena gasped, knowing exactly what it meant and pulled away from the helpful hand. "No." she shook her head in disbelief, "My friends will come for us."

Rebekah and Kol were hardly friends, but that didn't mean they wouldn't come.

"That is what they all say. Have seen enough pretty faces come through here. So many come from money, but it doesn't matter."

Elena's ears pricked to the sound of a metal door creaking open, and footsteps began to descend down the stairs.

"Go! Over there!" the woman without a name pushed Elena away from her to hide in the shadows as the blonde, shifty man, the one who took her against her will stood before her, gripping at the bars like a child at a zoo.

"Now, you are much lovelier in the dim light. Such a shame."

"Yes, have you seen a girl, young with brown hair Probably pining over her cell phone?" Rebekah held up the line at the food vendor, glaring at the greasy man behind the counter who stared longingly to his potential future customers.

"Uh…I don't know Miss." The man frowned, trying to push her aside, but Rebekah was running out of patience.

Grabbing him by the collar and yanking him closer so he was half hanging out of his window, the blonde vampire bared her fangs and looked him straight in the eyes. "Have you seen the girl I just described?"

She could hear his heart pound like music to her ears in his chest as she let out a powerful, yet low growl. "Speak!" she commanded.

"Yes. She went that way." In a monotone voice, he pointed towards the street, "That's where all of the pretty girls disappear."

Shifting back to her more "acceptable" appearance, Rebekah nodded to her brother, who was already heading in the direction of the road. "Very good." She smiled, her eyes widening for a moment in pride. "Now, Forget what just happened."

Turning sharply, Rebekah ran towards her brother, passing a delightful wave to the other people in line, and followed him to the long way down, and was kneeling into the road.

"What's wrong Kol?" she didn't mean to sound concerned, careless had been more her intention, but the second she reached her brother she knew the problem. "Is that…."

Kol nodded, sticking his finger to the ground and bringing it to his nose. "Blood…and here." The darker sibling handed a shattered piece of phone to his sister, a glum expression covering his face.

"This is Elena's?" she turned it over with a frown as Kol nodded, "Elijah will be…" As if on cue, Rebekah's cell phone rang.

"Don't tell Elijah." Kol said through his teeth, "He will kill us!"

Nodding frivolously, Rebekah stepped back from her brother's "crime scene" while he continued to examine the street.

"Elijah!" Rebekah tried not to allow her voice to jump, but she failed, "How is your business trip?"

Already, her eldest brother seemed hesitant, as if noting the pop in her voice. He knows, she worried, and ran her fingers through her hair in concern.

"Business as usual Rebekah." He replied seeming out of touch. "I can't seem to get a hold of Elena. Her phone is off, could I speak with her please?"

Rebekah looked up to see her other brother waving his arms in a panic to her keep her mouth shut, and quickly replied (skilled in the art of lying), "Oh yeah…she wasn't feeling well. Too much sun at the beach so Kol…" she raised her voice at his name to get his attention, "brought her back to the hotel. Maybe she turned her phone off?"

Elijah made an enunciated humming sound on the other end, not quite believing the story, "Is she all right?"

"Brother, your concern is offensive, as if Kol and I would ever let something happen to your precious doppelganger!"

She could hear her oldest brother chuckle slightly, "Whatever you say sister. If you hear from her before I do, please tell her I called. Also, I am coming back a little earlier than originally planned. I should be landing in Mexico by early tomorrow morning."

The blonde choked at the new news, her mind racing in panic but she was quick to recover. "Of course Elijah. That will be the first thing I do, and I am glad you are coming here early!" quickly, she hung up the phone and ran back to Kol who seemed lost in confusion.

"Please tell me you know where we can find her!"

"You are making a really big mistake." Elena kept her nearly naked back against the cold and damn wall. She was still in her bathing suit, now covered in mud, and suddenly feeling entirely naked as the stranger before her undressed her with his eyes. "My friends will come for me."

She wasn't about to depend on Kol and Rebekah to come to her rescue, but she needed her own personal moral boost in the state that she was in.

"Do you have any idea how many times I have heard that?"

Elena could hear the keys jingling in the lock of her "cell" and she eyes her companion with worry as he stepped inside.

"You don't know my friends." She growled, shifting her feet to make herself seem taller, it was all she had, standing before a man who she heard may "sell" her like a piece of meat.

"You're right, but unless…" he stood before her, his hand tracing her jawline, "they are blood hounds, I highly doubt they can find you."

Elena's body froze against the wall as he ran his fingers through her ponytail, a place that Elijah had brushed through only days before when she left him at the airport. Looking away, she found a focal point on the opposite walls and focused her attention elsewhere. Time spent with vampires had taught her to hide her fears well, even keep a steady heartbeat when necessary.

"Stop trying to act so brave." He laughed, placing his other hand on her waist while the other woman hid in the corner, she wouldn't protest, it wasn't her that was being focused on, "It's not appealing."

Elena could feel his fingers inch up her side, grazing her skin like a spider and she twitched away from him. "Don' .Me." the voice came from deep in her throat and she was hardly able to hold back, but the nameless man laughed, pinching the skin between his fingers.

"Honey, you are my property until about twelve o'clock tomorrow. I will touch you any….way…" his hand traveled to Elena's thigh as his body inched closer, "I want to."

Already, too close for her comfort, Elena loosened her stance to soften against him and give him a false sense of security. Quickly, she formed a fist, delivering it straight to his jaw. "I said don't touch me!"

"Listen, you better tell me everything that I need to know."

Pretending to be a lawyer was an easy way to get into a police chief's office as Kol and Rebekah had quickly learned.

"I know nothing." The chief shrugged an expression Rebekah was growing tired of in this resort town. Everyone seemed to know something, but nobody seemed willing to share without an extra push.

"Don't lie…" she glared into his eyes, compelling him just as she had done the food vendor earlier that day. " Do you know where all of the girls are being kept? "

Elena going missing right where all of the "pretty girls go to disappear" was not just a coincidence. Kol had mentioned the tourists going missing, so it didn't take a rocket scientist to put the two together.

"Yes. Off the highway in an old warehouse building." The man returned to the tune of a metronome.

"Very good sir." Kol smiled, quick and easy was how he preferred his dealings with humans, "Thank you so much for your cooperation."

"So, what do we do when we get there?" Rebekah knew the answer to that question, it was simple. Compel, break down some doors, snatch and grab and maybe snap some necks too.

"Bekah don't ask dumb questions." Kol confirmed. He was always best at mirroring her thoughts, it was one of the reasons they would get into so much trouble together.

"Whatever happens, we cannot tell Elijah." Rebekah, though she put on a strong front, was genuinely scared of what would happen if her brother found out. Disappointing Elijah, in a sense, was like disappointing the father she didn't hate. He had practically raised her as a girl, and while babysitting the girl who stabbed her in the back was not on the top of her list of things to do, she was still going to do it.

Hours dragged on like molasses pouring from a funnel. A bruise on her ribcage had begun to form and was itching slightly from where her captor hit her for punching him square in the jaw. Chances were it was broken, and it was starting to hurt to breathe.

"You shouldn't have talked back to him." Her "cell-mate's" voice was weak and caught in the distance on the opposite side.

Elena ignored her, keeping her back flat against the wall, the only way to prevent from crying out in pain and took short, harsh breaths. "I never asked you for your name." she tried to keep her focus on anything but her current surroundings.

"Kira." Elena could hear her take a deep breath in return, "But I am sure I will become someone else, as will you."

"Don't talk like that, Kira. We won't be here much longer."

Eight hours should have been enough for Kol and Rebekah to find them, but now-physically- she wasn't able to find her own means of escape.

"How can you be so sure?" that shred of hope, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, in Kira's voice was enough to give Elena the strength to turn towards her.

Her lips were dry and cracked, but she chewed on them anyway before going to speak, but a loud crash from above startled both of them, causing Elena to jump.

"What the hell?!" A voice rang from the upstairs door and Elena could hear men yelling in Spanish while bodies were hitting the floor.

"What's happening?" Kira's voice rang over the crashes upstairs.

"Just stay down." Patting her hand onto the ground, Elena let out a low groan, holding her side in pain. It was only a moment later that the screaming subsided, and Elena could hear muffled voices, a male and female, paired with light footsteps.


Panting now, each deep breathe becoming more and more painful, Elena collapsed to the ground, losing focus. She hoped it was them, if not she wasn't sure what she would do next.

"Elena!" the rough Russian-sounding woman crawled towards her to grab her hand.

"I'm okay." She coughed through the pain, only to bring on more when a cooler, more familiar touch snatched her other to pull her up, but she screamed in painful protest.

"Stop! Her rib!" Kira screamed, but the vampire-Elena assumed Kol by the low growl- pulled her close, a warm taste gracing her lips as the familiar taste of blood traveled down her throat.

"Are you okay?" he asked, her assumption correct, and she nodded, feeling the bones already beginning to mend together.

"Yes." She coughed away his wrist, letting go and saw Kira back away in fear. "It's okay, Kira." She tried to sound reassuring, but naturally it wouldn't.

"Right." Kol interrupted, "Now come on Elena we have to go." He pulled her back to her feet, as she had collapsed before, but Elena pulled back. "Wait! Kira has to come with us!"

"No!" Kol snarled at her, giving her a yank, but one not strong enough to pull her entirely away, giving her the leverage she needed, "This isn't the pony express, we don't take on passengers."

Attempting to push him away as he lifted her off of her feet, Elena yelled again "Kol you have to help her!"

She knew he was ready to bolt so she had to act fast and think on her feet now that her head was clear. "If you help her…" she pulled her last trick-one that worked on his brother to benefit his goals-out of her hat. "I will wait to tell Elijah about this until you and Rebekah are out of the country."

Nearly dropping her flat on the ground, Kol glared between both humans and let out a sigh. "She's chained."

Leaning a successful Elena against the bars to hold onto, the Original approached Kira. The chain had been just long enough to reach Elena, so in her daze, she hadn't even realized it until it was broken easily off of the wall.

"Can you walk?" Elena showed the concern she knew that Kol could (would) not and smiled as Kira nodded as the vampire rolled his eyes.

"Let's go ladies." Disappearing with Kira, Kol instantly returned for Elena with a smug grin. "Come on, before Bekah eats your friend."

"I am holding you to our deal, Elena." Kol turned back in the car to the girl with a victorious grin. They had just dropped Kira off at a nearby hotel with money and food, compelling her to forget everything else. "Elijah will kill us."

Elena laughed in return, and could practically feel Rebekah roll her eyes. "Hey, I promised." And relaxed into her seat as they drove to the hotel. "Besides, I was going to hold off anyway. I don't want the first words out of my mouth to be 'Oh by the way, got myself kidnapped by some traffickers, how was your trip?' "

She heard the blonde in front of her stifle a laugh, but said nothing as she looked out the window. She wanted to forget most of this trip, and watching the town roll past as Kol drove, she realized that she wouldn't miss too much anyway.

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