This is crack. Pure crack, based off a video I found on Youtube. Enjoy~

"Allen! What's wrong?" Debitto asked the white haired exorcist, who was sobbing quietly into his hands when the twins strut up to Allen.

"You look kinda sad, hii!" Jasdero said, grinning, as always.

"That's because I am sad…" the teenager said, eyes clouded with tears.

"OOOHHHH NOOOO!" the slightly insane Noah of Bonds say in unison.

"I know, it's terrible…"


"I'm sad, so sad…"

"Well when we're sad," Debitto says, his brother interrupting him with:

"We sing about all the things in the world that makes us happy, hii!"

Allen smiles slightly as music seems to play from nowhere.

"An apple pie, a bright blue sky!" the darker haired Noah starts.

"A breezy meadow in July, hii!" his brother sings along.

"An ice cream bar, a shooting star!"

"The sound of a steel guitar!" the twins sing together.

Allen's spirits were being lifted by the second as the manic brothers sing a song to cheer him up. "that is wonderful!" he comments, smiling brightly.

"We love the sound of rain,
Wearing a hat and cane,
Tiffany window panes lovely to see..
Frost on a windowsill,
The feel of a dollar bill.
Vacations in Brazil feel us with glee..
These are all the little things that make us smile,
This is all the stuff that makes life worthwhile.
Everybody knows the Holocaust was a lie,"
Allen's bright smile fades to a confused expression at this line.

"So let's sing about the things we like and don't be shy.." the Noahs of Bonds finish the first verse together.

"Wait, what was that about the Holocaust?"

The twins ignore him and continue with their song.

"A strip of lace,
A pretty face,
Eugenics really makes the case
." Allen raises an eyebrow.

"Counting sheeps in froggy leaps,
Touching Allen inappropriately while he sleeps!"

Allen's eyes widen in fear as the two creep closer to him reaching out to touch him. "H-Hey!"

"We love the feel of grain,
The screams of a man in pain.
" Allen's silver eyes widen. How was this supposed to cheer him up?!

"Blood coming down like rain showering us." The exorcist cringes at the mantal image he got from these words.

"That everlasting thrill during the final kill,
Body dumped in a landfill, got off scott free
." The twins smile nostalgically, yet wickedly, to each other, obviously remembering the many humans they had killed.

"These are all the little things that make me smile,
This is all the stuff that makes life worthwhile..
One day we will eat your brain and it'll be great,"
Allen's horrified expression sent the twins into a fit of giggles.
"So let's sing about the things we like and meet your fate..!"

"Th-that was… aahh… great. Thanks. You really… cheered me up…" Allen trailed off, obviously lying so the twins would not kill or seriously maim him.

Jasdebi glared at him. "You whore!" they shouted as they ran out of the Black Order, causing several passerbys stare in shock at their retreating backs.

Allen sighed, feeling even more depressed than before the twins confronted him… Wait!

"How the hell did they get in here in the first place?!"