(A.N. Well, hello again! I made this new story because the topic was on my head, and I thought I could craft it into a decent story! So, for those of you who are waiting for What is the Truth to be updated, don't worry. I was just writing this, so it might take a while. Now I have a few stories, so if updating is less frequent, I apologize. And, this story has A TINY bit of REAL history, [I know, I'm freaking amazing] but not a lot, so please don't murder my face. Anywho, now on with Modern Witches! :D Enjoy!)

3rd Person POV:
In the year 1692, Salem, Massachusetts had sudden wave of hysteria wash over them. It caused groups of people to get together and kidnap innocent women whom were suspected of being witches. A total of 21 innocent women were gathered in front of a large crowd to be hanged. Only twenty died.
Well, those twenty who died were innocent. The one who didn't, might have actually been guilty.

(A.N. Sorry it's so short, but it IS a prologue… So, I should have chapter 1 up sometime today… Hopefully. So, anyways, I hope this story is as popular as What is the Truth 'cause that would be just epictastical! :D
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