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Max POV:
The portal in time was getting faster and faster. I could practically feel the pressure peeling my skin off my face.
As all the pain started to become to much, I closed my eyes and let out a blood-curdling scream.
Then, suddenly it stopped. And I smelt a grassy scent mixed with a strange odor that burned my nose.
As I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see how much the world changed.
Tall square forms loomed in the distance, while monsters were traveling up and down black dirt. The clouds were stained grey, most of the wildlife was gone,replaced by gray and black dirt. The people walking around were different too. Instead of baggy brown shirts, pants, or dresses, everyone was wearing a variety of clothes. Black, red, green, yellow, blue… Practically every color.
Since I was pretty distracted from the new surroundings, I didn't notice a man running down the grey dirt; he was heading right towards me. The boy didn't seem to notice me either.
Crash! The boy crashed right into me.
"Oh shit! Sorry!" he said frantically.
"Shit? What on earth does that mean, sir?" I asked politely.
"Um… Poop…" he replied hesitantly.
"I see. Are you okay? I apologize for standing in your way." I quickly said, not wanting him mad.
The boys eyebrows raised and he looked me up and down. I took the time to take in his appearance. He had black hair the flopped over one eye. His eye that was visible was brown so dark, it looked black. He was wearing all black clothes too.
"You weren't in my way. I should have been paying attention. Do I know you?" the boy asked.
"I don't think so." I replied while smiling, "My name is Maximum Ride. Please to meet you!"
"My name is Fang."
"Ah. I see. Now, do you know where I am?"
Fang looked at me blankly. "This is New York City!"
"New York City? So I'm in the New York colony… How did I get here?" I murmured to myself.
"Colony? Where are you from?"
"Hmm. Gotta go." With that, Fang ran away from me.

Fang POV:
I wonder what's wrong with that girl. I mean, she was wearing an old fashioned dress, and her hair was knotted, but she's still beautiful.
Gah! Fang! You have a girlfriend! You can't think like that! I mentally slapped myself.

Max POV:
Using my awesome witch powers, I made a mental map to where the closest "clothing store" was. So, I headed to the shop.
A large white building greeted me. Pale headless women with clothes on were in the windows of the store.
Avoiding the women, I walked through the door.
Clothes, clothes and more clothes decorated every corner of the building.
While choosing random garments, I walked through the store.
"Excuse me ma'am, may I help you?" I turned around to see a mocha colored girl. Her hair was in a tight bun with small tendrils of her carmel colored hair floating down. Overall, she looked beautiful.
I smiled at her. "You might be able to tell, but I am looking for a new selection of clothing."
She gasped, "You do need a new selection! And those clothes you picked won't compliment your body at all!"
"Will you help me?"
"Of course!" The girl pushed me into a small closed off room. "Stay in there and I'll get you a bunch of adorable clothes! Oh, by the way, my name is Nudge. I'm called that because people had to nudge me to get me to shut up, so I guess it kinda rubbed on. My real name is Monique, but that's just so boring and I re-"
Thank the Lord she finally shut up. I peeked out to see a tall girl with blond curly hair that surrounded her head like a halo. Her ice blue eyes turned to me, and she smiled.
"My name is Angel! How are you?" she asked sweetly.
I gaped at her. Angel? She was one of the girls who was accused of being a witch! I saw her get killed! Unless… she is a witch too! "Max…" I whispered. I peered at Angel's neckline to see if she had a cloth tied around her neck. No cloth. So maybe with is the poor girl's reincarnate? Trust me, it's real. And it can happen.
"What's wrong Max?" Angel asked.
"Oh, nothing. You just remind me of an old friend." I replied, smiling.
Soon after that, Nudge came back with a horse-cart load in her arms. (Get it? 'Cause she's old fashioned? :3)
The two girls made me change into outfit after outfit.
"Since you just moved here Max, I'll buy all these clothes for you, 'cause you look so hot in all of them! Boys will surely swoon over you!" Nudge ranted.
I look at Angel and mouthed, Help!
And guess what? She just laughed.
But I was happy. I made two of what people call friends.

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