So the sequel is up so go rejoice. To make this less of a spamming post, I've included an entry from the confidential diary(although he would call it a journal) of Major Dru-Zod of the Kandorian Army.

Entry September 10th 2009

The Following Entry is the Private Thoughts of Major Zod and Shall Not Be Read Without Permission.

Today was a productive day, for I managed to institute a new exercise and diet regime for the Kandorian army. Humans are barbarians with what they put in their Earth fast food, therefore I have here by banned it for consumption. Why do you humans think it is acceptable to eat foods fried and saturated in grease?

I watched the noble earth combat sport known as professional wrestling. It is quite an interesting endeavor, although one of the performers saying that I cannot see him whilst I can clearly see him defies all conventional logic. And if that idiot of a commentator prattles about something being vintage once again, I shall drag him before myself and remove thy head from his body.

I have found a reason why Earth must be taken over for its own good. Reality Television is a blight upon the nation, especially these Kardashians. Why must you lower yourself with such meager entertainment? It sickens me this Reality Television was spawn from the dregs of humanity.

I heard the members of my army dare speak as if I was not a noble leader. They dared said that Jor-El was of a greater mind them me. I made them suffer. Then they kneeled before Zod.

I have discovered an Earth invention known as Facebook. I may use this social media to trap the humans and bring forth my plans for conquest.

This is all I have time to chronicle today, not that this is meant for anyone but my own eyes.

Until next time, KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!