A/N: Any song that Payson sings, unless otherwise stated, is going to be one of her original songs. So I will be doing some mixing and matching.

The next day Payson decided that she was going to work on her set list for the performance, and relax until she had to leave at 5:oo to get there early to warm up. So after she grabbed a cup of green tea, she took her song notebook and sat on the couch making a list of the songs she wanted to perform. As she was writing her list, and flipping through the pages of her notebook her phone vibrated on her coffee table. So she bent over and looked at the screen and it was a text from Kaylie. It read 'hey Pay, me and Lo are going to go to this bar and grill in c. springs tonight. I think it's called O'Malley's. Want to go with us?'

So she started typing her reply 'Sorry, I have plans. Next time maybe.' She promptly set her phone down on the couch next to her and started to work again. She finished her list and then she began to think. 'Maybe I should have told Kaylie and Lauren about tonight. Either way they will figure it out when they see me.' With that she got up and went into her kitchen and got some lunch. It consisted of a tuna fish sandwich, an apple, and a glass of water. When she was done eating she washed her dishes, put them away in the cupboard, and proceeded to her bedroom to pick out her outfit for the night.

By the time she had decided on her outfit of medium wash jeans, a deep pink colored wrap around shirt, and a pair of black vans tennis shoes it was about 3:00. So she got dressed, put some makeup on, and packed up her guitar and notebook. She went into her kitchen and got a salad and some tea for dinner figuring she would grab something later before her gig. She ate and right as she was grabbing her stuff to leave she got a text from Sasha saying 'good luck tonight! I'll see you later.'

So she sent a reply, 'thanks!'. With that she locked up her apartment, put her stuff into her car, and drove off to O'Malley's.