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A pair of light blue eyes were glued to the door. The soft ticking of a clock and typing echoed in the background. Victoria Reisert had been staring at the door for an hour.

" Tori, it's going to be an hour or so before he's back" the red head girl named Lola spoke softly.

The black haired girl jerked her head to face Lola. " He might be early " the girl insisted. She turned back to the door and continued waiting.

As the doorknob turned both girls sat up. When the door opened a tall dark man walked in.

" Oh hi Richie." Tori spoke softly. She had been hoping for someone else.

" Fabulous to see you," Richie spoke, " Hoping it was your lovey dovey?"

Tori blushed and smiled. It was a trick question. Of course everyone knew the answer. She was madly in love with him. Then from another door the boss came in. " Ms. Reisert, may I speak to you?" all eyes darted to her. She got up and walked into his office.

" Please have a seat" the man named Liam Tore spoke. Tori pulled out a chair and sat quietly. She fidgeted with her fingers while looking around the office.

" I have a mission for you. You need to deliver some information with Ruby." Liam spoke. Tori smiled. She was glad it was a simple task. She exited the office to see a big group hug taking place. The group opened to show the man she had been waiting for all day.

Jackson Rippner.

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