*Disclaimer* I don't own the characters and some of the dialogue at the beginning is taken from the Nanny finale, which I also don't own.

CC Babcock was there when the Earth stood still.

The hospital room was filled with noise as every person attempted to speak over the person next to them. The newly arrived Sheffield twins were wailing, obviously confused by all the fuss going on around them. CC was feeling slightly overwhelmed, until she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. She smiled up into the face of her new husband, who was beaming right back at her. Suddenly, that was all she needed to be perfectly content.

Everything felt so right as she congratulated her business partner and former enemy. She even smiled at the three older Sheffield kids. Suddenly, the door opened and a new figure entered the room.

"I'm sorry to intrude, but is there a Chastity Claire here?" asked the young Doctor politely. CC looked up, caught off guard by his sudden appearance.

"Oh, yes Dr. Taylor" she replied, giving him a small wave from across the room. He proceeded to tell her that her test results came back, and she was just fine. But she already knew that, the ever present nauseas feeling was finally gone and CC couldn't be happier.

"I know, we figured out what was causing my nausea" she told him, glancing at Niles, who smiled adoringly back at her.

"Well, you intuition was right" chuckled the Doctor "Congratulations, you're pregnant!"

And then time stopped.

Seven-year-old CC Babcock tore through the piles of wrapping paper like a tornado blazing through a small town. She was down to her last Christmas present, a rectangular box in shiny red and green paper. As she ripped off the paper, a plain box revealed itself.

"It's more clothes, isn't it?" she asked her mother, trying to mask her disappointment. Her mother laughed and flashed her whitened teeth into something that was more like a smirk than a mother's smile,

"Why no dear, but remember, a woman can never have too many clothes!"

CC carefully lifted the lid off the box to reveal another tiny person. It was a doll, with golden hair and blue eyes, just like her. It was dressed in a maroon silk dress, bleach white socks, and shiny black shoes.

"Now CC, this is not an ordinary doll. It's very expensive and must be treated with care. They're all the rage, darling. Now you can bring her to tea parties with your friends!"

CC smiled at her mother and thanked her politely, before lifting the doll out of the box. She didn't like tea parties and dress up like her other friends did. They were so boring. On the brightside, CC couldn't wait to show off her new, expensive toy. She may not enjoy her friends' games, but if there was one thing that CC loved, it was getting attention. Especially if that attention was jealousy.

It took only one week for the doll to get ruined.

"… and then King Kong leaped from the building and ran down the street" shouted CC's brother Noel, as he tore down the staircase into the foyer. CC ran around the corner, dragging her doll by its hair, and skidded to a halt at the top of the staircase, peering down over the banister. Noel grinned up at her.

"This is the NYPD, we need back up right away!" said CC, mimicking a walkie talkie voice as she spoke into her hand.

"You'll never catch me!" shouted her brother mockingly.

"Oh yeah? You forgot about my attack plane! Bombs away!" CC yelled as she dropped her doll over the banister. It tumbled down, but Noel moved a step to the side just before it hit his head. As the doll hit the ground, there was a loud popping sound as its arm came flying out of the socket.

"Oh Mother is going to be so mad at you!" Noel laughed as he ran away. CC descended the stairs slowly. When she reached the bottom, she picked up the doll in one hand and it's left arm in the other. Noel was right, she couldn't let her mother see that she had broken the expensive gift.

"NANNY BOBO!" CC called, marching towards the kitchen. Her beloved Nanny pushed open the kitchen door and hurried down the hallway towards CC.

"What's the matter, love?" she asked as she reached CC. CC. help up the two pieces of doll.

"Fix it!"

"CC, manners!"

"Fix it, please" CC said, widening her eyes at her nanny "Mother will be very angry with me if she sees". Bobo smiled sadly at her charge,

"Of course, sweetie, hand her over". CC gave her the doll and sat down on the carpeted floor, leaning back against the hallway wall. Nanny Bobo remained standing, fiddling with the severed arm and empty socket. She glanced down at CC and calmly reprimanded,

"CC, you need to be more careful with your doll. Treat it like it's a real baby."

CC's eyes shot up and she replied,

"But I don't want a baby"

A little less than a year later, CC lost the doll for good. She was on the subway with her brother and Nanny Bobo, on their way home from the museum. It took CC a full twenty-four hours to realize the doll was gone. Her parents were too busy to notice, and besides, it was almost Christmas once again, and she'd get a new expensive gift this year. CC wasn't crushed.

She hadn't even given the doll a name.