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When CC regained consciousness, she felt the cold tile beneath her. Her blue eyes fluttered open and she saw the three Sheffield children and Yetta staring back at her.

"Oh, she's not dead!" exclaimed Yetta.

CC looked over and saw Niles sitting up next to her, rubbing his head. The children helped the couple stand back up, and CC held on to her husband's arms for fear that she would fall right back down again. Once they were both up, the congratulations instantly started pouring in.


"I'm so happy for you"

"Oh this is so exciting!"

"A marriage and a baby all in one day?! It took me five years to get even half of that!"

CC's head was still swimming; she could barely even process the words of happiness and encouragement. The nauseous feeling had returned full force. A beaming Niles looked over at his wife and could tell by her face that she was not feeling well. He could always read her like a book.

"Thank you all so much! If you don't mind we're just going to slip out for a bit" Niles told the room, in an attempt to get them some alone time. He wrapped a protective arm around CC's waist and led her through the maze of people and into the hall. Niles knew they had a lot to talk about, so he guided her into an empty hospital room.

"You're being awfully quiet, Love," he said softly as he sat down on the bed. He coaxed her down with him, and she sat rigidly. She turned to look at him and her mask of shock finally broke.

"Well Niles, what do you expect? Neither of us saw this coming! I haven't even had time to think about how I feel about all this! I mean, an unplanned pregnancy! What are we, sixteen?" CC said, tears beginning to well in her eyes. Niles instantly felt bad about questioning his wife in her emotionally fragile state. He thought back to the mood swings that both Sarah and Fran had suffered from during their pregnancies. He knew CC well enough to guess that hers were going to be ten times worse. He shuddered involuntarily.

CC was still sniffling next to him when he spoke again,

"CC, I know this is a big change for you and that everything in these past twenty four hours has been quite the shock, but you're not alone. I'm here with you. And I'm going to be here every step of the way. I remember nearly twenty years ago, when Sarah first found out that she was pregnant, you saying that you didn't want kids. Well, you're not the same person that you were back then! People can change their minds. I know you changed your mind about me," he said with a wink before continuing

"What I'm trying to say is, I know that we can do this. We may not be fully prepared right now, but I have complete confidence in us." Niles said, finishing his rant.

CC had remained quiet up until that point, thinking carefully about the present situation and what Niles was saying. She looked down at her lap and placed a hand on her still flat stomach.

"Niles, I never wanted kids," she said slowly. She watched his face fall before she continued, a nervous smile growing on her face "but now that we're having one, I've never wanted anything more."

"Oh CC!" Niles exclaimed, lifting her up and spinning her around, " There's nothing I've ever desired for more than a family, and to finally have the chance to have one with the woman I love… well it's made me the happiest man in the world!"

As he set her down, she smiled at him adoringly.

"Niles, you make me so happy… but I think I'm going to be sick again" she said, covering her mouth with her hand.

The next day, CC stood in Niles' room as he sealed the last box. All of the boxes from her penthouse were already packed in the moving truck, along with most of his belongings. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"You know, we should enjoy being able to get this close to each other while we still can" he told her, wrapping his arms around her waist, "before you blow up to the size of a blue whale"

"Very funny" she said giving him a look "you'll be lucky if I let you touch me at all, and besides, it's your baby that will be the cause of it, so you have no one but yourself to blame"

"I wonder if it happened at Wal-Mart?" Niles speculated. CC slapped him playfully on the arm.

"We are not going to believe that our child was conceived at Wal-Mart," she told him firmly before kissing him on the lips. He groaned as he pulled her closer and she ran her hands through his hair. When he pulled back, he looked into her eyes, thinking about how lucky he was, and little did he know that she was thinking the same thing.

"I love you, Butler Boy," she told him.

"I love you too, Witch," he answered.

Although CC never thought that her life would go this way, she wouldn't trade this for the world. She finally had everything she had never wanted. And she couldn't be happier.