He stared at the ground as his bright candy red blood dripped onto the ground. He struggled to breath as he tried to make the world around him stop spinning. He was being held against the wall by his wrists which were bound tightly and pulled apart above his head. What was going on? He could barely remember... He felt like he was going to be sick, and staring down at his blood which was splattered all over the ground wasn't helping. His whole body ached endlessly.. He looked up and looked around the vacant room.. They'd be back soon.. He hung his head again and coughed up blood and began to tremble. Why was this even happening? He closed his eyes tightly as he tried to remember...

Vriska... Eridan... They were there.. He couldn't make out much of his memory, just flashes of color as he was beat and tormented. What had they said to him? Something about his ancestor.. Now he would know what it was like to suffer like his ancestor had to, only difference was no one would miss him.. He wasn't a great troll like the sufferer was.. He was just a failure, a sorry excuse for a troll. He shook his head trying to clear it, that wasn't important right now! What was important was why he was here. But all he was getting was a headache, no answers. A chill ran through him, when would they be back? He couldn't take much more of this..His head shot up as he heard the door open. Eridan was standing in the door way.

"so are you goin to tell us or do wwe have to keep this uup" Eridan asked.

Karkat stared at him in silence, tell them what? He narrowed his eyes slightly and glared at Eridan "FUCK OFF" he said simply.

"wwell fine have it your wway then." he said as he slowly walked forward.

"Ooooooooh Eridan, its alright." Vriska said as she poked her head in. "We will take care of him later, he has all day to think his answer over." she said. She laughed "I'm sure as he stands there slowly 8leeding while in excruciating pain, he'll consider telling us." she said.

"fine" Eridan said simply before he turned quickly and walked out slamming the door behind him.

Karkat stared at the door silently. A feeling of dread came over him, this wasn't good.. He looked around desperate for a way to escape but found none. How long would they leave him here? What did they want to know? He couldn't remember them asking him anything.. Just bits a pieces of them attacking him. How did he even get here? He grunted in frustration then let out a sigh. Whatever they wanted to know.. He knew if he told them, he would die. But if he didn't.. He would die. He hung his head and sighed again..

It had been a few hours before they had finally come back. Karkat cried out in pain as Vriska kicked his face and Eridan shoved him roughly into the wall. He struggled with the bounds that kept his wrists tied. "STOP IT!" he shouted. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU BOTH?" he asked. He gasped softly as Eridan slammed into his chest. He looked into Eridan's eyes and held his gaze. Why were they doing this? They never really got along.. But he thought they were his friends.. That they respected him...

He flinched as the door flew open. Who else was here to add to his misery? He hung his head not wanting to look at the next friend who would turn on him when he heard Eridan gasp then shout as he was thrown into the wall. Karkat's head shot up "GAMZEE!" he cried out.

"I dOnT kNoW wHaT yOu MoThEr FuCkErS tHiNk YoUr DoInG" Gamzee said as he narrowed his eyes and raised one club in the air. "BuT iT sToPs NoW..." he said darkly before he struck Vriska with the club. He turned and kicked Eridan away from him as he tried to run at him. He turned to Karkat and quickly undid one of his wrists before he turned to fight Vriska and Eridan again. "hUrRy Up BrOtHeR!" he said. Karkat nodded and quickly undid his other wrist before he fell to his knees and groaned. His legs were sore from being forced to stand for so long and from the attacks. He squeaked slightly in surprise as Gamzee's arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him up. "CoMe On!" Gamzee said quickly before he ran out helping him.

Karkat glanced back at Vriska and Eridan "JUST GO!" he shouted. "YOU WONT GET OUT OF HERE IF YOU HELP ME!" he said. "JUST... JUST GIVE THIS UP AND GET YOURSELF OUT OF HERE!" he said.

Gamzee picked him up completely "I cAnT dO tHaT" he mumbled softly before he started to run faster.

Karkat looked up at him then laid his head against his chest. "PLEASE..." he said before he closed his eyes slowly.

He felt so exhausted.. He had never felt so weak and powerless in his whole life. He hated it, he hated a lot of things.. But this he hated more than anything. How had he been stupid enough to let them get a hold of him anyways? Man he was such an idiot! And now Gamzee would be in trouble for coming to save his sorry ass.. He opened his eyes again and flinched slightly as Gamzee knocked another door open and ran out. He tensed slightly as he heard Vriska and Eridan getting closer. Then suddenly heard them shout in surprise as Sollux attacked them both. Great! Now it would be his fault that Sollux was in trouble to! He was the biggest screw up in all of the universes! He wanted to push Gamzee away and help them fight the two other trolls off... But he couldn't even muster enough energy to lift his head off of Gamzee's chest.. He groaned softly in pain and closed his eyes tightly wishing this was all a dream.. He coughed up more blood then went limp as his body gave into unconsciousness.. He couldn't handle this anymore.. It was too much..

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