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2 months ago...

Somewhere in the ocean...

The mutterings of the man hidden in the dark recesses of the room were too low to be heard by his white-haired prisoner, almost inaudible over the sounds of crashing thunder from outside. All she knew was that she was quickly being weakened. She struggled against her bonds, seeing nothing but the wooden chair she was sitting on and the floor beneath her in the dim lighting. She was muzzled, and her arms and legs were strapped securely to the arms and legs of the chair. She pushed against her bonds again but the effort was futile. A sense of intense loss came over her. She was losing something important to her at this very moment, but what was it?

At the same time that lightning snapped and crackled outside, an intense pain in the left side of her chest had her arching back in the chair. Oh, how her heart ached! The mutterings ceased after a particularly loud burst of thunder, but the pain was still there, still intense. Her writhing body finally had the chair keeling over backwards, toppling over with her still strapped to it. Her muzzle became loose, and for a moment, instinct took over. There was a burst of heat around her entire body and she was free, but her sluggish thought processes mingled with her fight or flight mode had no time to figure out why she was free.

'Have to get out. Get out! Get Away!' she thought. It was all she could think as she scrambled to her feet and swung towards the door of the room. Desperation set in when the lock refused to open regardless of her efforts jiggling the doorknob.

The door to the room burst open from the force of her shoulder ramming into it and she was out. The sight before her dizzied her for a second. Only a second, though. She was on the upper deck of a boat, the floor slick with rain underneath her bare feet, but the sight of the high black waves on either side of the ship sent fear slithering into the pit of her stomach. The skies were the darkest shade of grey, with jagged white bolts of lightning snapping across it, and torrents of cold biting rain were pouring down onto the seas and onto the girl. She ran, not knowing where she would escape to, but at this point it didn't matter.

She stepped out into the howling wind which caused her long white hair to stream behind her, and her brownish rags, which were already soaked, to flutter a bit in the high wind. A quick glance to the left revealed an armour-clad guard advancing, and her ears caught the clomping sound of her captor getting closer as he crossed the room behind her. She ran out onto the deck, her feet slipping on the wet floor, almost sending her to her face. Fortunately she caught herself and continued running. Without warning, the ship tipped, sending her forward onto her stomach. She skated into the side of the ship, crying out in pain as she made contact with the hard, cold metal. Another huge wave had her sliding, on her side this time, across the deck. Her pursuers were clinging to the safety rungs on the exterior walls of the ship's cabin. She had no such luck. She crashed head-first into the metal sides of the boat, the impact further stunning her already foggy mind. As the ship descended the other side of the high wave, she struggled to her feet, one hand clasping her clammy forehead. Her head was spinning, effectively cutting off coherent thought.

The ship tipped again and she was vaulting over the edge of the railing on the side of the ship. Her vision faded to black before she hit the churning water below her.

Present day...

Near the River Country/Fire Country Border at the coast...

"Art is a BANG, un!" The male voice pushed through Yachiru's sleep and into her consciousness, but the explosion following had all vestiges of sleep fleeing from her mind. Her eyes flying open, Yachiru found she was already standing, legs planted firmly to the ground, knees bent and arms positioned for the offensive. Her previously cosy, dark cave was now illuminated by the intense light from outside.

'What the hell?' she thought, her mind reeling as the last wisps of sleep crawled from her brain. Footsteps sounded over the gentle sound of the sea nearby and a masculine figure stepped into the light.

"Sasori... true art is fleeting, un," the voice was saying. "Did you see how beautiful that was?" A flash of blonde hair waving in the wind that was the after math of the explosion came into Yachiru's periphery as the man stepped into the hole he had created in her cave. Yachiru took the time to peruse the figure that was responsible for the destruction of her cave and for the invasion of her privacy.

He was tall and slim with wide shoulders and was covered in an ankle length black coat with red clouds on it. He had a long blonde lock of hair that cascaded over one side of his forehead and an attractive but almost girly face – the majority of which was covered by a straw hat with white streamers hanging from it. He had one hand on a hip as he proudly surveyed his handiwork.

"True art is eternal," a softer voiced male sounded behind the intruder, irritation seeping into his tone. Yachiru could feel the both men's chakra. They were significantly high.

"What the hell are you doing in my cave? You freaking blew a hole in it, you miscreant!" Deidara's attention snapped from his teammate and to the source of the voice. He had not even noticed her in there! She was a slim slip of a girl with curves in all the right places and white hair that flowed to her hips in straight, silky smooth strands. Deidara's eyes widened, expressing masculine appreciation.

"Well, well! We have ourselves a sexy creature in this cave." He leered at the beauty. It was obvious that his actions riled her for her white eyebrows drew together in annoyance.

"Get the hell out of my cave, girl," the cave's inhabitant sneered. Deidara's hackles rose.

'Who is she calling 'girl'?' his mind yelled indignantly. He stepped closer to her, still appreciating her fine features even though she had insulted him so greatly.

"I'm not a girl, un!" He yelled, storming closer to her. "I am an Akatsuki!" He shouted it as if it was supposed to mean something to Yachiru. It didn't. She scoffed.

"What the hell is an Akatsuki?" she sneered. "Some type of cross-dresser or something?" Maybe if she annoyed him enough he would leave her alone. His eyebrow twitched.

"How can you not know what an Akatsuki is?" He straightened to his full height. "We are the most powerful shinobi group, yeah." Yachiru raised an eyebrow. "...while you are just a civilian. You would stand no chance against an artist like me," he sneered, crossing the cave to get over to her.

One moment, Deidara was advancing, getting closer to her, and the next moment he was back at the opening to the cave he had created with his clay explosives. He shook his head. Must be some sort of genjutsu. Making a quick hand-signal, he readied himself to escape the genjutsu.

"Kai!" he shouted. The situation felt unchanged. The woman on the other side smirked in amusement, dropping her previously raised hand to her sides. Deidara stalked over to her again, but this time he was conscious that even though he was placing one foot ahead of the other, he was most definitely going backwards.

'What is this?' his mind screamed, struggling to grasp the situation. He was feeling absolutely no evidence of chakra from her, and he could usually pick up shinobi even if they were cloaking their chakra. The must be a genjutsu, so why couldn't he break free? The final blow to his already struggling brain came right after that.

After a particularly ardent "Kai", Deidara was stalking over to the now chuckling woman. He was about seven feet away from her when there was a low rumble and he walked in to a solid rock wall. Deidara blinked, his nose still brushing the stone in front him. Footsteps sounded behind him and Sasori shuffled into the space he had blasted into the wall earlier.

"You are losing it, ne, Deidara?" Sasori mumbled blandly. "Who were you talking to? There's no one here." The puppet master smirked, the wind from outside sending the white streamers on his straw hat fluttering to one side, revealing a boyish face topped with messy red hair. Deidara grunted, spinning to face Sasori.

"Someone was there, un!" he insisted, his brows scrunched together. "Chick with white hair ... she was so weird! She's got no chakra and she has me in some kind of genjutsu, un!" It was clear from Sasori's expression that he did not believe his partner. Deidara set his jaw, spinning round to face the rock wall. He stuffed his hands into his clay pouch, the mouths on his palms crunching the clay and spitting out small clay insects. Deidara stepped away from the wall, tossed them to wall.

"Katsu!" he shouted. "Art is an explosion!" The yell was made over the sound as the clay insects detonated, crumbling the rock wall before him. The gaping hole exposed a cavern with a small cot against the far wall. The white haired woman standing with her back turned to them halted, her rigid posture displaying extreme annoyance. "Told you there was a chick, un," Deidara said triumphantly to Sasori. However, Sasori had already exited the cave. Annoyed, Deidara stalked over to the girl, trying not to get distracted by how gorgeous she was. Before she could move, Deidara grabbed her by the throat and pushed her up against the rock walls of the cave. She didn't even have the good graces to look scared, but rather glared at him angrily. Her defiance annoyed him. "I should blow you up right now," he sneered.

"As if," the female scoffed, her eyes taunting him. That made Deidara serious. He would blow the bitch up. One hand went to his pouch, but before he could make a decent bomb, the breath whooshed out of his lungs as her knee slammed into his stomach. The next thing he knew he was being launched from in front her, his back slamming into the opposite cave wall with such force that he went right through the wall and through to the open air outside!

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