Chapter Two

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Almost all of my homeroom was late. Though that's not the problem, no one would shut up about that car. I never understood how narrowed minded some people could be. Especially about a car.

"Did you see the new teacher?!" Carrel almost yelled.

"No. Who is it?" Carrel's dumb follower asked.

They could be twins. They both had red hair, blue eyes, tall, and very tan. Though I was sure that Hannah's tan was fake because she looked like an orange.

"Yeah the new History teacher. He is so hot! And he's only twenty-two." Carrel flipped her hair over her shoulder.

"Oh goodie! I wonder if he falls for students." Hannah said dreamily.

Oh god, now it was getting uncomfortable. What the hell were they talking about? I mean they probably haven't even talked to him. If she truly loved him I couldn't care less but she was talking about lust. Ugh. I looked at my schedule to see when I had history. *History: Carlton—303* I had him right before lunch for fourth period. At least I could get to see him for myself and I wouldn't have to ask someone about him.

-Skips to History because I can-

When I walked into the classroom all of the girls were giggling and the guys just rolled their eyes. I turned around to the smart-board and signed my name like it said then I sat down at the desk in the back right corner. I tuned out what everyone was saying and started to read a book. Jane Eyre. I was big on paranormal things but classics were a close second.

The room got silent then the whispers erupted. I looked up to the new teacher. He was very handsome. I was stunned by him. He had black hair with light side burns, dark brown eyes, and white skin. He had a strong face and was very tall. He was a little muscular as well. He scanned the room as to determine everything about us when his eyes landed on me. I quickly looked down. He was looking at me. Not in confusion or disgust like most people he looked at me almost adoringly. I shook my head to get the thought out. I just wanted him to look at me like that.

"Hello I am Drew Carlton. I'll be your new history teacher until Mr. Fallon recovers. I would like to get to know you all so when I get to you stand up and tell me one thing about yourself."

The class all nodded.

"Carrel Abbot?"

Carrel stood up and set him a small smile. "I'm Carrel and I'm eighteen."

I rolled my eyes. Did I expect anything else? Mr. Carlton didn't say anything he just kept going around the room. Some girls had similar answers the Carrel or the guys would try to intimidate him with things like "I'm star of the football team," and things like that. He wasn't really smiling until he got to me.

"And who are you?" He said a bit playfully. My knees started to shake as I stood up.

"I'm Alaina and I-I um," I gulped, "I like to read." I cringed and flopped down in my chair. My voice had cracked at the last few words.

He mumbled under his breath before starting class. The class was…distracting. From the corner I could see Hannah or Carrel spread their legs a little bit to show off their underwear to him. It made me mad. I was so livid that it kinda scared me. I wanted to punch her so badly. I had to hold myself down to the desk to keep from charging up there to her. I tried to ignore them.

Mr. Carlton talked about Native Americans and how they lived and what they look like. Mr. Carlton. It didn't sound right. It felt wrong to say but at the same time I knew I couldn't call him Drew. Yet I did anyway.

I ate lunch alone like I always did. Today school felt different. I kept looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was staring at me for following me but no one was. Also Drew made me even stranger about school. The thought of him hurt would physically hurt me too. Then the thought that scared me the most was what if he had a girlfriend.

Why would I care?

Because he wouldn't be yours.

I laughed at myself and it wasn't one of those quite ones. The teacher stopped her lesson and glared at me. Students around me stared like I had three heads.

It's not like he was mine to begin with. The dull ache in my chest was present again. At least it was seventh period so I could talk to Blake about this. It was important. He scared and excited me all at the same time. Two things that I was foreign of knowing anything about.

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