Chapter 4: Patricia's Dare

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Patricia's POV:

It was the next day after a long game of truth or dare. I could tell the only reason Nina wanted to stop was because she got jealous that Joy still had feelings for Fabian. I mean I would be jealous to. It was now Sunday afternoon and we were bored so we decided to play more truth or dare. We sat in a circle.

"Ok. I will ask a question. Patricia, truth or dare?" Alfie asked.

"Dare." I exclaimed.

"I dare you to kiss Jerome." he said while laughing. I made a face and looked at Eddie. He was sitting next to me. He was jealous. I could easily tell. I walked over to Jerome and kissed him. We pulled apart and I went back to my spot. I looked at Eddie who was red with anger. I kissed him and we broke apart. He smiled. I turned back.

"Ok. Jerome. Truth or Dare?" I questioned.

"Truth." Jerome stated. Wow he is boring.

"How long have you had a crush on Mara?" I asked with a smile across my face.

"Since she first arrived." Jerome said and smiled at Mara. She returned the smile.

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