Note: Sparrow is my Speed Racer fan character, Swift Racer, in disguise. In this fanfic, she ran away from home about two years ago to keep her family from being targeted by Mr. Slime, who was going to extreme measures to get Swift on his team. A few months before she left, Racer X revealed his true identity and rejoined the family, and is now a member of the racer Motors Team. Sparky is the only one who knows that Sparrow is Swift(plus the two are in love). As far as Swift's info goes, she is two years younger than Speed, which makes her 20 in this fic (I plan on writing another series in which Speed is undercover for two years as well). Also, her car that Pops built for her is the Mach 6, which she has in disguise as the Sonic Swallow. This fic is set up in journal form. Enjoy!

*DISCLAIMER* I do not own any of the characters from Speed Racer, I only lay claim to Swift Racer (aka Sparrow, and a few other disguises/aliases that will probably show up in later fan fics). Thank you!

Sparrow's Journal


It's been a long time since I've written in a journal, but I probably need to. Hopefully it'll help me sort out my thoughts.

First things first, I woke up in a hospital bed. Thankfully, I must have still had my mask on, Rex and Speed were in the hospital room, but only called me "Sparrow". I'll definitely have to thank the doctors for this.

They told me I'd crashed the Sonic Swallow, which is about the last thing I remember happening. That's when I noticed the cast on my right leg, and my headache. Then they told me I'd been unconscious for three days, and that I had some other visitors. Pops, Mom, Spritle, Chim-Chim, Sparky, and Trixie, they'd all come to visit me. That made me feel great, like I was part of the family again.

Sparky stayed behind for a few minutes, and gave me some of my favorite red & white striped roses, and some chocolate-covered ice cream bites, another fave. God, how I miss everyone.

Well, now my head's pounding, and I need to get some sleep. Later.


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