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Anyways, Sparky gave me a letter today. It was from my brother, Speed. When I read it I wanted to cry… I copied it down here.

Dear Swift,

I don't know if this letter will even find its way to you, but I'm going to write it anyway. I hope you know everyone at home misses you, in fact Pops won't stop worrying about where you might be and what you're doing, but we also wish you lots of luck and love.

We recently helped someone that reminded me of you. You've probably heard of Sparrow, she makes headlines pretty often. Back in October she broke her leg during a crash, and was poisoned at the same time. While she was in the hospital we all tried to help her out in what ways we could.

What reminded me of you was this fighting spirit she had, no matter how bad she got Sparrow still had this huge determination to not give up. And when I looked at her, even under that mask she wears I thought I could see a light of hope that never flickered. Just like a Racer, huh?

Oh, I almost forgot. Spritle has joined the WRL Little League. He can already drive like a professional, and no one doubts that he'll be as good as us when he's old enough. I tell him that you're probably watching him every time, we just don't know your disguise.

I hope my little sister will come home soon. Until then, your older brothers, younger brother, parents, and friends all wish you the best of luck, and lots of love, no matter what you might be doing.


Your older brother, Speed Racer

Now all I want is to be able to tell him thanks, and that I'm safe and sound. Though I know he may never read this, Speed, you're the best older brother a girl could ask for, and I'm getting every bit of love and luck you send. I promise to be back home as soon as possible. And I miss everyone at home as well.


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