Saturdays are my guilty pleasure! To me it's the best day of my week. I work hard all week don't get me wrong but Saturdays I actually put in manual labour. Blood and sweat goes into it, but I would never give them up!

"TEDDY! Have you seen my blue bikini? I can't find it anywhere!" I scream as I run down the stairs from my bedroom in my loft.

"Yeah." is all I get back in return.

"Well where is it? I really need it." As I round the corner to our kitchen there's teddy sitting on the bar stool eating cereal wearing my blue bikini top and pyjama pants.

I just give her a little glare. "What?" she asks.

I don't reply I just keep glaring because she knows that I only ever where that bikini top on Saturdays. I have about 20 bikinis n she chooses to steal this one today of all days.

"Ahh AZ I know your working today so don't you think you should put some swimmers on underneath your wife better there?" smirking at me. Oh, she knows she is playing with fire but I don't think she will last long.

20 seconds pass and she just bursts out laughing. "Oh my god you should see your face!" she reaches behind her and pulls the string and tosses the top to me still laughing.

"You know teddy just because your straight doesn't mean I am! And you've got no top on." I say while trying to keep my laughing under control.

She snatches her singlet up off the counter and quickly pulls it on while trying to cover her red cheeks. I start to put my swimmers on while walking to get a cup of coffee and put some toast on and take the stool next to teds.

"I don't get why you only work on Saturdays? I mean you own the company why can't you just get someone else to do it for you?" teddy asks through a mouth full of cereal.

"Its Callie Torres' house of course I'm going to do it myself." I explain like it's the simplest thing in the world. I spread about a centimetre of Nutella on my toast. Always had a sweat tooth!

"So? I don't even know who that is."

I just gaze off into nowhere just thinking about all those curves with tan skin and long black shiny waves of hair. "She's the most sexiest woman I have ever seen." I say without realizing it.

I hear a choke n snap out of it and look at teddy nearly on the floor dying of laughter.

"I, I mea… I mean she's a big hot shot lawyer in Miami, she just took over for her fathers company Torres Inc." I spluttering n nearly spilling my coffee trying to cover up the fact that I'm nearly drooling just thinking about her.

Still laughing she finally gets out "Ok I did not see that coming…maybe one Saturday I will have to come along and check this Callie Torres out for myself!" Teds is still laughing and I feel my cheeks burning at the fact that I said that out loud just then. " well you have a nice day perving or whatever it is you do and ill see you this arvo at the beach." And with that I get a chuckle n a kiss on the cheek from her.

Just before she walks into her bedroom I yell "Hey Teds." She turns, "you do have really nice boobs for a straight woman." With a proud smirk from here blush I turn n quickly finish my toast before walking out to the garage to my truck coffee in hand.

About 15 minutes later I'm pulling up to the Torres estate and roll down my window and punch my code in the speaker box. 2 seconds later the large gate starts to open and I'm greeted with my work. I drive up the long driveway and spin around to my shed off to the right of the property. I've worked here for about 2 years now, so I just keep all my tools here instead of having to carry them around.

I jump out of my nicely air-conditioned truck and am immediately hit by heat wave. And I am so glad I decided to wear my cut off jeans today. I chuck my cowboy hat on, change my flip flops for boots and socks and get to work.

An hour and a half later I'm guzzling my ice cold water down my throat when I look up and there she is, the beauty of my dreams she looks breathtakingly stunning in a red silk robe and I can only think one thing, if she has anything on underneath it? She looks down at me gives a small smile n a wave n heads back into her bedroom.

Like I said I've worked here for about 2 years and we really haven't had a conversation just hellos n goodbyes, a wave here, a wave there nothing special but I honestly don't care I still get to see her. I turn around and jump on the big ride on lawn mower n get back to work as the sun beats down on me. I've trimmed all the bushes and trees, done the flowers and mowed the lawn, so I stroll back to my truck and grab my lunch and jump up into the tray of my truck to eat. I have the best view from here, you can see the whole Torres garden estate and just beyond that is the beautiful beach. I love the beach, I've been surfing since I was 8 so I never go anywhere without my board n every Saturday I go out surfing with teddy in the late afternoon. It's my perfect Saturday!

With a sigh I jump back down n pull my singlet, boots and socks off so I'm clad in my bikini and denim shorts. Grab my towel n head to the pool. Now I don't usually look after the pool maintenance or cleaning but I offered one day where calliopes pool guy couldn't come and I've done it ever since.

Just as I round the corner of the garden, everything seemed to slow down all at once. Standing on the edge of the pool is Callie Torres in a barely there deep purple bikini diving into the water. I know I'm staring but I can't help it I'm frozen in place just watching her swim the length of the pull. She gets to the end n jumps out and starts towards her towel. The water is dripping down her tanned body, my mouth suddenly gone dry.

She must of seen me and turns to face me "oh hey" She says giving me shy smile. "I didn't realise you were doing he pool now, I just really had to cool off…"

As she's talking I notice a bead of water run down her neck down her chest and into the valley of her breasts. I start to feel I slight throb between my legs n suddenly I'm extremely jealous of that drop of water.

I didn't realise she stopped talking until now n she's looking at me expectantly and all I can fathom to croak out is "O... Okay."