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I don't remember much of the flight here or making it to the hospital, I felt like I was in a daze. When we got to the hospital we were told Arizona had been rushed into emergency surgery because of internal bleeding, shrapnel in her left thigh and she broke her tibia and fibula in her left leg. And then it happened, we were told Ashley had died on impact with her side of the car being the point of impact. They got taken out by a truck, traffic was heavy and the truck lost control hitting a wet patch. We waited and waited, I paced the whole time in the waiting room, tears permanently running down my face because of Ashley, feeling nauseous over Arizona while my dad was running around getting coffee for everyone.

Teddy was a mess over Ash and Addy was keeping a firm eye on her and comforting her. Ashley's mom had to be sedated, her dad just went silent. Momma and Daniel have had silent tears and haven't moved from there chairs since sitting down. I had to ring Alex and Becks to let them know, there on there way out here now. Finally Hunter. He is still with the baby sitter and I told her I will call when we were ready for her to bring hunter down to the hospital. The little man has lost both his parents in his short life and he really won't understand till he is older. I don't know who Ashley and Tim named as god parents so I don't know where he is going.

When Arizona was wheeled out of surgery and up to recovery, everybody still stayed but momma and Daniel went in first for about 15 minutes and came back out and went to pick up Hunter from the hospital entrance. Being a lawyer I had talked my way into the room and I was not leaving until I saw those blue ocean orbs I've grown to love so much. I wasn't prepared for seeing her look so fragile, it broke my heart as I looked at her pale face laying there almost lifeless. If it wasn't for the beeping of her heart rate I would have thought she was lifeless. Several tiny cuts mare the left side of her face along with several bruises, her left forearm stitched and bandaged from the impact, doctors say she probably held it up to protect her face. The rest of her is covered by gown and blankets but her bandaged left leg it out. It just looks swollen, they've had to wait until the swelling goes down to cast it. I sat in the chair next to her bed holding her hand waiting for her to wake up.

By now it was six in the morning and I was exhausted but I couldn't bring myself to fall asleep until I saw her awake. Then I saw the beginning of stirring, blue eyes suddenly came into view. "Hey sweetie." I whisper as I feel more tears begin to fall and can't help but lean forward and fell her lips on mine, pulling back and looking at her eyes again I say. "I'm so glad you woke up." I feel heart broken because of Ashley but I don't think I would survive if Arizona was the one to die, I wouldn't be able to go on knowing she wouldn't never be.

She opens her mouth and croaks. "Hey." I see her flinch from the pain so I grab the cup of water and help her with the straw and she whispers a thanks.

I can see the pain in her eyes like she knows what I'm going to say, I don't want to tell her but I know I have to. I feel like a goldfish with my mouth opening and closing as I talk myself into telling her about ash, but she beats me to it.

"I know Calliope, I know." She says and that's the breaking point I can't hold it in anymore and a sob escapes as I bury my face in her neck and feel her tears running down my neck from her. I hear her take in my scent and feel her relax a little. "I need to see Hunter." I hear her whisper as her heart rate picks up. "I need to see him, now." I nod knowing he is in the waiting room with momma and Daniel. Calming her down so her heart rate gets back to normal, I wait as I wipe her matted hair out of her eyes.

"Ok sweetie I'm going to tell the nurse you're awake and then I'm going to get your parents and hunter. I love you." I tell her kissing her on the forehead.

"Okay." She says as she hiccups. I make my way to the door and stop as I hear my name, turning around I see fresh tears making there way down her cheeks. "I love you too." She says making my heart swell.

After telling the nurse Arizona was awake I make my way down to the waiting room where everybody stands, including Alex and Becks, and bombard me with questions. I hold up my hand waiting for everyone to go silent. "She just woke up, the docs checking her out now. She wanted to see Hunter." I say pointing to him sleeping in my dad's arms. Momma and Daniel race passed me as dad gently passes hunter to me and quickly giving my shoulder a squeeze as I turn and head back to the room.

Sneaking in passed the doctors as momma and Daniel fire questions at him, I head to the right side of the bed and see a light in Arizona's eyes as hunter comes into view. She lifts her right arm up and I gently lay him down and she instantly wraps him in her arm kissing his head of blonde hair. "I'm so sorry little man, I'm so sorry." Arizona whispers and I can't help the tears that begin to roll down my check.

"So miss Robbins, you will be released probably tomorrow around lunch. We are going to get a cast on your leg this afternoon and you should be good to go. I will fill you in on everything tomorrow before I discharge you." The doctor nods ad leaves the room, nobody says anything as we all watch Arizona cling to Hunter whispering in his ear.

"Honey bee were going to go and see Bob and Sarah, did you want us to take hunter?" Momma asks and Arizona just shakes her head and I can see here eyes start to droop. "Ok we will be back later to check on you, get some rest." Momma says kissing her daughters cheek and heading out.

"We love you sweetie." Daniel says kissing Arizona as well and going after Sasha.

"I'm just going to let everyone know what's going on, I'll be right back."

"They can all go to Ashley's, that way someone can bring some things for hunter back here." Arizona says tiredly as her eyes droop again.

"Alright, I'll be back in a second." I whisper as her eyes finally close and her breathing evens out.

Telling everyone to head out to Ashley's I quickly grab the pram from teddy and head back into Arizona's room. I find Arizona and Hunter exactly how I left them, sleeping peacefully so I pull up a chair and grab my iPad to finish up some work for the next couple of days or weeks what ever it takes to help Arizona out.

It has been a hectic couple of days at the hospital, Arizona having to stay an extra night because they thought she picked up and infection but it turns out it weren't. Everybody came and did visits in shifts, Hunter always being in Arizona's eye sight.

Arizona hasn't said much at all, which I don't blame her you can see the sadness in her eyes from loosing Ashley, it's the same sadness in all out eyes. Even though its awkward to hold her because of the stitches, Arizona still wriggle her way in to my arms and a fist clenched tight in my shirt as she falls asleep. And when she's sleeping it's restless and I can feel the tears roll onto my chest right before she nods off.

Ashley's parents organized the funeral pretty quickly with everyone's help, it was awful as are all funerals. Christina, Owen, Meredith, Derek, Lexie and Mark even flew out for it but leaving the next day.

Today is the will reading and I can feel the tension in Arizona as I help her with an outfit. Having a cast on the bottom of your leg limits the outfits she's got with her but we make it work. Tying up her converse shoe on here right foot and putting a sock on her left foot, I hear her let out a sigh, looking up I see her study me. Finishing up I put hands on either side of her thighs and give her a gentle, loving and also reassuring kiss to let her know I'm here for her. I hear a moan escape her throat and lean back on the balls of my feet giving her a smile. "You know you can talk to me, about anything right?"

"I do. I'm just processing… everything at the moment. But I'm really glad you're here with me." She says giving me a small smile in return.

"There's no place I'd rather be than by your side. I love you too much." I tell her getting a chuckle out of her.

"I love you too, Calliope." She cups my cheek and pulls me into her for a brief kiss before resting her forehead against mine. "I really hate that wheel chair." She states.

"I know but it's just till your stitches in your stomach heel and then you're on crutches." I say pulling her up as she balances on her right leg while I pull the wheel chair in behind her and she plonks down in it.

"What time is the lawyer getting here?" Arizona asks.

"He said around 10:30, so we still have some time for breakfast."

Making our way out into the kitchen we see momma cooking up a storm as Teddy and Addy make the coffee. Everybody else had gone home yesterday, and teddy and Addy were leaving this morning. "Morning everyone." I say pushing Arizona to the table to let her do what she wants. "What time are you two heading back?"

"Were leaving now, I'm just making to go coffee for us, we actually have surgery late this arvo." Addison says pouring to large coffees.

"We will see you to in a couple of days, if you need anything just call us. Bye Zona." Teddy says hugging Arizona a laying a loud kiss on her cheek then walking to do the same to me and momma.

"Have safe flight girls. We will have to have you over when were back, I miss you coming around teddy." Momma says while flipping another pancake.

"Sounds good momma. See you everyone." Teddy says waving and heading for the door, Addison closes behind.

"Well eat up girls, Daniel's just changing Hunter."

I grab two plates and stack pancakes on each with a scoop of ice cream for Arizona and lots of syrup and place it in front of her, I watch as her eyes light up at the amount of syrup. "Can you please grab my… oh thanks babe." She says as I place her meds and juice in front of her as well.

"Good morning girls." Daniel says walking in with hunter wrapped around the front of him giggling. "I just had the worst diaper I have ever seen I think." He says getting a laugh out of everyone.

Hunter doesn't know what's going on. He's been fussy the last couple of nights but today we find out what was in the will and then hopefully we can head home in a couple of days. I have a feeling hunter will be coming home with us but Arizona hasn't said anything about it, she really hasn't said much of anything. She's just kind of numb I guess which I don't blame her for being.

Looking at her across the table she looks fragile as she holds a half asleep Hunter on her right side. Arizona's eyes have been brimmed with tears since she woke up from surgery, I don't say anything because she's clearly not ready. She will come to me when she is ready.

Cleaning up the kitchen with hunter on my hip was proving to be difficult but I couldn't put him down because he has become clingy. Momma, Daniel and Arizona are in the living room talking with Ashley's parents while they wait for the lawyer to come.

"Ba, ba, ba." Hunter says tapping my chest with his hand and smiling sleepily at me.

"You're going to be ok baby boy, but right now it looks like your ready for a bottle and nap." I quickly fix him a bottle and head to his room sitting in the rocking chair and laying him in my arms as I feed him, his eyes slowly drooping shut. "Arizona and I have got your back, always. I love you." I whisper just as he nods off. I walk over to his crib and gently place him in wrapping the blanket around him and setting the giraffe so he can see it when he wakes. Looking down at him, he looks peaceful as he sleeps. Exactly the way Arizona does, looking so safe and not a care in the world.

"Calliope." Arizona says making me jump. "Sorry. The lawyers here and said that you have to be present for the reading as well." Arizona tells me just confusing me.

"Oh, Okay sweetie. I was going to sit with you any way just for support." I say walking to the door way and leaning down to kiss her pink lips.

"Let me start off by saying how sorry I am for your loss, I got to know Ashley over the last month and she was lovely." The lawyer, Mr Jack Davidson, starts off. He doesn't look like your typical stuffy lawyer, more laid back jeans and button shirts guy, exactly the type of lawyer I could see Ashley going to.

"I saw you at the funeral." Arizona says to him.

"Uhh yeah we were friends for a couple of years before I became Tim and Ashley's lawyer. Ashley actually came and saw me about a month ago, just fixing and updating her will. So I'll just read it and then you can all let it sink in and we will figure the rest out later." Jack takes a swig of water and pull out the will clearing her throat.

Arizona's hand has been in mine and her grip has gotten tighter and tighter, I bring my other hand up lightly rubbing her forearm feeling her relax just a bit.

"I Ashley Bella Robbins leave the money from my Novels to my son Hunter Timothy Robbins. I wish for it to be put in a trust fund for him to access at the age of 17. The Manhattan apartment and my car are to be sold and the money to be divided equally between my parents and Daniel and Sasha Robbins. Now, my savings account is to be left to Miss Arizona Robbins." Jack stops to take a breather, looking up to find every one of us barley holding it together. "So that all possessions sorted I have all the paper work with me for all of you to sign, setting up account transfers and to put the apartment on the market, etcetera."

He pulls out the papers setting them on the coffee table.

"What's going to happen to hunter?" Mrs Greene asks, Ashley's mom.

Jack smiles and nods. "I'm just about to get there. Now Ashley only made one change to the custody of Hunter. I Ashley Bella Robbins name Arizona Robbins and Calliope Torres custody of Hunter Timothy Robbins." Shocked. That one word describes how I feel, and as I look around that is what I see even on Arizona's face. No one saw that coming at all. I am now responsible for a 8 month old. "I was told to give this to you Miss Robbins." Jack hands an envelope to Arizona's shaking hand.

We all watch her as she slowly opens it and quickly reading it, she finishes she lets out a bark of laughter and then hands it to me.


I'm not crazy believe me and I know Tim will agree with me. You have to marry that girl, she's one hot Latina mama, I have never seen you so happy. Tim and I will be dancing at your wedding because I believe she is the cheese to your macaroni.

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