"Ahoy mama." Hunter yells across the day care room as Arizona talks to Cindy the day care worker.

"Ahoy Captain Blue Eye. You ready to go and see mami?" Arizona asks looking down at the three and a half year old as he hangs on to her leg.

"Si. I mean aye aye." Hunter says running off to get his bag.

"So we had school photos today…" Cindy tells Arizona. "I tried to get him out of his pirate outfit but he wouldn't have it."

"Oh, I totally forgot about photo's." Arizona says as her shoulders slump as she looks over at Hunter. His cut up jean shorts ripped on the needs with a piece of rope as a belt, black and red stripped shirt with a brown vest and a toy sword on a leather strap across his chest. A pirate hat a little too big sits atop his head and all finished off with her red converse.

He looked adorable, Arizona can't deny that and never will deny it. She would just like a normal school photo for once. "Well it will match his Flash costume photo and his cowboy one. We might have to start dressing him again instead of him doing it himself." Arizona laughs.

"He certainly has his own personality that's for sure." Cindy smiles as Hunter runs up to them with his backpack on.

"I'm ready mama. Later's Cindy." Hunter says waving and pulling Arizona along, Cindy laughing at Hunters words.

"Bye little man, have fun on your holiday."

"You have a good day honey?" Arizona asks as Hunter climbs into the back of the range rover.

"Yeah, me, Jay and Dekota raided the island of Berries and then we had lunch." Hunter rattles off as Arizona buckles him in his seat.

"Wow, did you find any treasure?"

Hunter shrugs. "Just some blue rocks. And then Cindy read us a story and we took a nap."

"Sounds like a pretty fun day."

"It was. Is mami at her office?"

"Yeah baby, we get to pick her up today."

Callie shifts in her chair as her eyes skim over the screen in front of her. At lunch she decided to have a peaceful quiet one in her office, the whole time Arizona was on her mind. And then Arizona was naked, so Callie has been working with an ache between her legs for 5 hours now. It was uncomfortable.

"Ahoy aunt Lexie." Callie hears from behind her closed door, a smile spreading across her face at the voice.

"Ahoy captain." Lexie smiles and swings her chair as Hunter comes around her desk.

"Ahoy B." Hunter softly whispers kissing Lexies 7 month baby swell before laying his ear against her stomach and gets a soft kick to his cheek. Hunters face lights up and his eyes find Arizona standing in front of the desk.

"He likes me." He beams before placing his head back on Lexies stomach.

"Who wouldn't like you?" Arizona says. "How you feeling Lex?"

"Pregnant and round and swollen but other than that I'm great." Lexie smiles.

Arizona snickers and points her thumb to the door. "The Mrs in?"

"She's been locked up all day I only saw her this morning and when she got her coffees." Lexie says standing. "I'm getting a doughnut. Hunter you want one?"

"I want to say hi to mami first." Hunter says running and opening the door. "Ahoy Mami." Hunter exclaims rounding the desk and jumping into Callie's lap.

"Ahoy, I thought I heard your voice. I missed you. ¿Tuviste un buen día?" Callie coos as Arizona walks in giving Callie a smile and a wink that melts her heart.

"Sí mami. Voy a Lexie para comer." Hunter says running to hold Lexies hand.

"No rush." Callie says walking to her door and getting a nod and a smirk from Lexie.

Callie closes the door and flicks the lock. "You ok babe?" Arizona asks thinking her wife is in a strange mood.

Callie shakes her head as a smirk grows across her face. A primal look comes over her eyes as she stalks towards her wife. Callie's tanned hands come to grabs slim hip and turns them so she's leaning against her desk.

"I need you." Callie whispers nipping at Arizona's neck while squeezing firm cheeks. "Inside me."

A growl emanates from within Arizona as she lifts the hem of Callie's skirt until it's bunched around her middle, hooking her thumbs and pulling down lace underwear to pool at their feet. Slim fingers glide down the back of Callie's thigh, grabbing the knee and pulling the leg to wrap around herself. Midnight blue locked on black as they both listen to Callie's heart nearly beat out of her chest. Arizona pushes forward, making Callie lifts herself half on the desk.

A loud moan bounces off the office walls as 3 fingers drive straight into liquid heat that coats Arizona's palm fully. "Oh fuck… you're so wet." Arizona breathes as she pulls out and drives back in.

"Hours." Callie pants. "Wet for hours thinking of you." Callie barely gets out as she holds onto Arizona's shoulders.

"You should." Thrust. "Have." Thrust. "Called." Thrust. "Earlier." Thrust.

"Just shut up and f-f-fuck m-me." Callie whimpers as Arizona curls her fingers deep inside her.

"Aye aye." Arizona says smirking before picking up her pace.

Eye contact is broken as Arizona sees a bead of sweat falls down Callie's chest and disappears between her breasts. Leaning forward she latches onto Callie's neck, nipping lightly before running her tongue over it soothingly. Arizona feels Callie's hand tangle in the back of her hair and hold on tight telling her, her wife is coming close. Kissing up Callie's jaw line to plump lips Arizona drives her tongue in rhythm with her thrusts feeling Walls tighten on her digits slightly.

Arizona feels a pain in her knee as it hits the desk with every thrust as Callie pants 'deeper' into her ear like a mantra. "Ari-." Curling her fingers and Arizona hits her sweet spot while making tight circles with her thumb around Callie's clit making Calliopes body rigid, thighs quivering against Arizona's sides. Callie's walls tighten and suck Arizona's fingers in holding them in place as Arizona holds strong keeping them both upright.

Pink lips kiss up and down Callie's neck as she relaxes more and more, her fingers slipping out of Callie's depths. Callie lowers herself to lie on her desk, breathing heavily, chest rising and falling rapidly. Arizona kisses her way down her body, smelling liquid sex making her core throb.

"Mmmm" Arizona moans as she swipes her tongue through Callie's folds, lapping up all the juices coming from her wife's centre. "I love you." Arizona mumbles against Callie's core.

Callie smiles as Arizona's mumbled words make it through her sex haze. Arizona's lips travel down Callie's thigh and passed her knees as Arizona reaches for lace panties on the floor and slips them up perfect legs.

Placing her hands either side of Callie's head Arizona smiles down as Callie's eyes open and find hers. "Hey beautiful." Arizona whispers pecking plump lips.

"I love you too." Callie whispers pulling Arizona down and melding their lips together. Callie flicks open Arizona's belt buckle and button, slipping her hand in and runs her fingers through wet folds. "mmm your turn." Callie says smiling devilishly.

Arizona bucks against her hands and then quickly grabs Callie's wrist and rips her hand out of her pants. "Wha-."

"Hunters coming." Arizona whispers standing and doing up her pants quickly, watching as Callie jumps up pulling her panties into place and pulling her skirt down. "Hon, your hair." Arizona says, her hand flailing around her head.

Two seconds later and Callie's office door flies open, Hunter jumping in with his hands on his hips and icing all over his face. "Ahoy mommies." He beams. Lexie rests against the door frame out of breath.

"Sorry, he got away from me." Lexie puffs out her cheeks going red as she sees Callie fixing her blouse up.

"No problem Lex, we're used to it." Arizona says laughing as Hunter propels himself into her arms.

"Yeah, we're learning how to knock aren't we mister?" Callie says raising an eyebrow at Hunter. "Poppy and Caroline got quite a fright one night when he barged in one night. Poppy ended up with a black eye from head butting the head board."

"Wow."Lexie says rubbing her stomach absently.

"Anyway, were off and I will see you in two weeks, okay?"

"Yup, have fun in Hawaii you three." Lexie waves as the little family makes their way to the elevator. They all wave back as the doors close.

"You excited?" Callie asks as she pulls Arizona to her and kisses her temple.

"Yeah and a little nervous. I still can't believe I got picked up to judge the Pipeline Competition." Arizona says bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Arizona drops onto the naked body underneath her as she tries to catch her breathe. Callie's arms wrap tightly around the sated woman and holds in place as she trails her fingers lightly up a naked toned back. Nuzzling her nose in Callie's neck, she lays a kiss and slides to the side and props herself up on her arm. Her hand comes up and she watches her fingertip trail around Callie's hardened nipple.

"I have a present for you." Callie whispers, quickly reaching into her bedside table draw and pulling out tissue paper and handing it to Arizona.

Arizona smiles and sits up, crossing her legs like a child. Leaning forward she steals a quick kiss before pulling back and ripping into the tissue paper.

A gasp falls from pink lips as shaky hands hold her present in front of her. Blue eyes stare at it and quickly flick towards Callie's giant smile and back again. "Really?" She croaks out as tears form in her eyes.

"Really." Callie nods as Arizona pounces on top of her and kissing her hard as tears fall from both their eyes.

"I." kiss. "Love." Kiss. "You." Kiss.

"I love you too." Callie laughs as Arizona kisses all the way down her torso and stops.

Brown eyes tear up as Arizona begins to talk. "Hi baby, I'm your mama. I can't wait to meet you and hold you and squeeze your chubby little checks. Hunters going to have field day knowing he's going to have a sibling." Callie's fingers run through blonde curls as Arizona lips connect with her stomach once more. "I love you so much already but right now I'm going to show mami just how happy I am so sing to yourself or something." Arizona crawls up Callie body straddling her hips and hooking her arms around Callie's neck. "You're carrying my baby. Our baby." She whispers.

"I am." Callie nods not being able to wipe her smile off as she squeezes Arizona's hips.

"You make my life complete." Arizona says dreamily laying kisses all over Callie's face.

"Dido." Callie whispers before capturing soft lips as they lose themselves in each other completely.


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