"Fiyero, no!" I scream, and with all of my might, I attempt to fall out off the guards' arms.
"Elphaba, I have to!" He says to me, sadness in his eyes.
Glinda walks up to me. "Elphie. He has to!"
I scream. Confusion and fear race through my mind. Nothing scares me more than the guards running towards him.
"Elphaba, go! Everytime you scream, they'll find you sooner. I love you."
I rush towards him and kiss him on the lips.
"I love you so much." I say, then stand right where I am.
I don't need to be reminded again, so I run to the forest where we had spent the night there in so much love and joy. I look through the Grimmerie. Nothing!
"Oh, come on!" I yell.
Visions flash through my mind of Fiyero.
I sink to the ground in defeat and stand back up. The Grimmerie opens to a spell. I look at it. It was a spell for turning someone who was in pain into something involving straw. But it also caused the person casting the spell to feel the pain that the other is feeling. I would trade my own life for his.
A question pops into my mind: Does he love me?
Of course he did. He gave his life for me.
"Eleka nahem nahmen atun atum elka nahmen, eleka nahem nahmen atun atum elka nahmen..ELEKA!" I chant and fall again to my knees, shrieking in pain.
"Let all of Oz be agreed, I'm wicked through and through!" I exclaim before passing out from the pain.