Where it All Started..

A short prologue for all my stories concerning Saints Row. A background story on my main character who I named Xinon Carter.

Xinon had always hated her name. The fact that she was even named was a blessing, though. With her alcoholic mother who couldn't stay sober long enough to do anything meaningful and father who was in a gang till he was killed, they actually had one second to be together and come up with a name.

Just kidding, of course. Her mother had got up and left the hospital right at the moment it was allowed, and left her little girl alone. The nurse, noticing this, had run out with the little girl in the middle of the cold winter night.

"What am I supposed to do with it?" her mother said coldly, pushing the child away. "I can barely provide for myself, you can keep it." She then proceeded to walk down the street with not a care in the world except to grab a beer.

The nurse had rushed back inside and rocked the little girl back and forth.

"I guess you need a name... Considering that I don't believe she is coming back. Let's seeā€¦ How about the name Xinon?" She looked at the baby's bright face. Her beautiful pale skin and cold blue eyes, added along with her almost white thin hair, the nurse believed it to be the perfect choice, of course she had never met anyone named Xinon, nor ever knew that would become a name to scare everyone in Stillwater.

Now, 16 years later, the girl was living with her mother, the nurse named Natalie Carter. Except there life wasn't exactly simple.

"Why am I hearing reports about a girl around the age of 16 being a notorious gang member?!" Natalie yelled as she banged on Xinons door.

"You have the nerve to accuse me? Just because a 16 year old girl, who has remarkable beauty I must add, is a gang leader of the Leviathan's doesn't mean it's me!" Xinon remarked, glad her mother couldn't see the mischievous grin that played upon her lips.

"Xinon I thought I raised you better than this. You never met your parents and now you're turning into them! Where did I go wrong with you?" Her mother said quietly through the door.

Xinon could hear her just a little bit and replied with "How about the part where you said 'Honey, I want you to be whatever you want to be when you grow up!"

Natalie sighed "I didn't mean it like that."

"Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me..." She sung quietly to herself as she put on her favorite outfit ( A black sweatshirt with a skirt that had ripped grey leggings underneath, plus her high heeled shoes that had little skulls on them). She stood in front of the mirror and posed. She had almost pure white skin and black as night hair with blonde highlights that was cut in the similar fashion of one of her favorite anime', her eyes were clear blue and stared coldly. Her figure was slender with muscles from when she used to run her gang.

She sighed. The Leviathans had been around for 4 years. She disbanded the gang a little over a year ago, after their crib was destroyed and everyone inside killed from an unknown gang. She vowed to avenge them one day and one day she might just do that, but for now it was time for her 21st birthday.

Walking across the street in the dead of the night wasn't something most people did. Then again most people didn't carry dual-wielded pistols in there coat pockets while doing so. She slipped her hands into her pocket feeling for the warmth of her favorite weapons. She had named them Ping and Pong.

She smiled. Her friends had come with that, and then nicknamed her "Mayhem" from the way she destroyed people easily in a fight. She was also a natural at picking locks, making it easier for late night raids.

While deep in thought she failed to hear the seller talking about watches he was selling, or hardly listened to the girl in front of her, but was surprised to see a few members of a gang standing by a wall that had graffiti. Quickly reaching towards her pockets she overheard there conversation.

"Man! Fuck the Rollerz!" Said the one to the far left, who was larger than the other two standing next to him.

"Levar! You going to let these bitches disrespect us?!" yelled the middle man as he turned to the far right guy.

The one named Levar said simply "Shit, what you think?" And began spray-painting over the graffiti with his gangs sign. That's when 3 other guys showed up, but they wore all purple.

"Fuck you think you doin'?" said the middle purple guy as he walked over.

"Just being civic minded is all!" said one of the gangmembers in yellow.

That began the fight.

After a little brawl between the two groups a car in all red holding people in more red stopped next to them.

"Hector says 'Buenas Noches'.." Said the one wearing a bandanna and began shooting.

After shooting down everyone they saw they began to drive away, but didn't notice the last guy.

"FUCKERS!" He yelled as he pulled out his SMG and shot the car down, it rolled into a wall and caught on fire, not before running over Xinon though. She laid there for a while and pulled out her guns. Anyone who came near wasn't going to live long enough.

Or at least that's what she hoped. She watched helplessly as one gang member came up to the car, not noticing her, and shot the last guy. He also hadn't noticed the guy standing behind him and he was soon done with. He had noticed the girl who was helplessly holding onto her guns. He watched as she tried to raise them at him.

"Wrong place, wrong time girl." He said as he raised the gun to her.

"Fuck you." She whispered as the world went black.

The next thing she woke up to was a guy in front of her face who she tried to push away.

"You okay, girl?" He whispered to her as he looked her down for anything serious.

"Julius, we gotta go!" said someone behind him.

Seeing her wounded he picked her up and held her like she was a child and carried her away, almost dropping her when the car exploded into flames. He then set her down farther away from the scene.

"It don' look as bad as I thought, you should be okay. That's Troy" he said pointing to the man standing behind him "You can thank him later."

"The Row ain't safe anymore, girl. We got gangs fighting over shit that ain't theres and you in the way. They don't care if your representing or not."

"Julius this is no time to recruit!"

"We need all the help we can get, son. And this girl seems pretty capable. Nice guns by the way." He said with a weak smile.

"I did run my own gang, ever heard of the Leviathans?" She said, smiling.

That caught him off-guard "Wait, you were the leader? Damn, for sure we could use you."

"Julius we need to get our asses out of here!" Troy said from behind him, clearly not wanting to waste getting shot at.

"The Row's got a problem. Come to the church if you want to be part of the solution." And he walked away.

She stared at the church and chuckled as she walked up the steps. This is where they meet? As she got in there though she was flushed with memories of her crew and just strutted her way to the middle to hear what Julius was saying.

"Every motherfucker here knows what we need to do. Those bitches be ridin' around, thinking they own these streets. I don't care what flags they're flyin', Rollerz, Carnales, and Vice Kings, no one's making this guy scared to walk the Row. We about to lock this shit down... Right now."

"Fuck yea!" She heard from a man who had the oddest hair color, but was quite handsome. She could tell this guy was different from the rest. Then again, it could be the hair.

That's when he turned to her, unaware of who she was, and began saying "Who the fuck is this.." That's when he stammered over his words. First because she was a girl, second because she was fucking hot in his perspective, and third because he could recognize that face anywhere. "Shit.. You're the leader of that old gang, right? The Leviathans.. That means your Xinon. The remarkably hot gang leader who carries dual-wielded pistols?" He exclaimed, with a cute grin.

"You act as if you're reading my name off of a trading card." She replied crossing her arms over her chest and giving him a slight grin.

"Julius and I found her. We think she be a valuable part of our group." Said Julius, cutting in.

"Well even though she is one of the best leaders I have ever seen she still needs to be canonized. "

"You ready for this, girl?" Julius said as a group of people surrounded her.

"As long as breaking necks and cracking skulls are involved, I'm ready for anything." She smiled murderously and went into a fighting stance.

Five broken bones and 3 bleeding noses later, she had completed Julius's 'challenge. Already she overheard people talking about her.
"That's some impressive shit, the only other Saint who kicked ass like that was Johnny" someone said from behind her.

"Well, it took me half the time.." He said chuckling.

"You wanna go, boy?" She said and began to walk towards him. All he could do was stare at her. She was a cold-blooded predator, A sexy one at that.

Before she could reach him though Julius put a hand on her shoulder and said "Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints."



I haven't played the first game, but I have played the 2nd and 3rd. I found the intro and changed it up a bit, for this story.

The parts that are about growing up were all made by me, while the part where she starts walking through the Row and to the end belongs to the creators of the game.

In the real SR1you can't choose a girl, and romances aren't made in any of them. Well I said to hell with that and allowed both.

Also the Leviathan's are a made up gang I came up with. They were mostly known for there stealth and quickness, no one could detect them.