Tied Up

Xinon comes face-to-face with trouble.

-The actual first chapter-

Xinon had just been lying sprawled out on the couch in Aisha's house, waiting for Eesh and Johnny to get back from playing cards with Pierce. From what she had heard, he had a terrible poker face.

Tossing her gun back and forth she heard a knock on the door. Fucking salesman I bet. It better not be or I'll beat there face in. She sighed and walked down the hall to the door.

"What the fuck do you-"That's when she looked up and was met face-to-face with an army of Ronin. "Shit." She whispered.

That's how she ended up bound and sitting on a chair in the dining room with the right hand of Shogo Akuji, named Jyunichi sitting next to her. For a good half hour she had been trying to unbind herself, but it was no use. That guy knew how to tie damn good knots when a crazy bitch was trying to head-butt you.

He was now trying to get Johnny on the phone. She stared him down, trying to find a way to get away. Bribes? Threatening him that her gang will fuck up his face? No. Then again, Ronin weren't known to break easily.

"Hello, . I believe you may want to return to Aisha's place. Your friend is waiting here for you"

"Yea, and who the fuck is this? And what friend? We locked Eeshes' place when we left…"

"The leader of the Saints is a sneaky one. Do you want to speak to her? I think you do." He then put the phone up to Xinon's ear.

"Hey Johnny, Im a bit.. heh.. tied up. Fuck!" She cursed as Jyunichi Slapped her.

"Wait.. Nik? And.. Your actually TIED UP? How did that son of a bitch get in there? And how did you even get in there?"

"I invited him for tea." She said sarcastically. "And I know how to get into places I'm not supposed too." She said with a sly grin on her face.

"We'll be there soon, okay? Just got to finish up this game of cards.."

"Not funny." She said grinning. Jyunichi flipped the phone off and began to pace back and forth.


-Outside of Aisha's house with Pierce, Johnny, and Aisha-

"Okay so now, where going to sneak in-"

"Pierce, if you go into another long fucking plan you know how what I'm going to say." Johnny said simply.

"Shoot all the motherfuckers?" Pierce said with a sigh.

"The little boy is finally on his way to becoming a Saint." Johnny chuckled.

"I don't care what you guys are doing. Just don't break anything just because you wanted to okay? I'm going to stay in the car." Said Aisha.

He nodded at Aisha and then said "Ready to go, Pierce?"

Johnny proceeded to kick open the door. He swore he could here Aisha telling him he'll be fixing that. And everything else they even look at. Two Ronin came to the door and were met with a face full of bullets. They walked through the house and were surprised to not find many more Ronin, were where they all?

They made their way to the dining room and jumped backwards, when seeing the small army surrounding Xinon.

"Shit." He whispered.

"Soo.. My plan would have been good by now? It was really great- Ow!" Johnny jabbed Pierce in the stomach.

"Four words: Shut the Fuck up!"

"Well look who we have here, Boys give these Saints the Ronin greeting." Said Jyunichi and pointing to the two still fighting Saints, clearly not hearing anything.

"There going to discover where here and then were fucked!"

"What- Oh that's fucking great." He sighed and looked at the charging Ronin.

He quickly pulled out his SMG and began to shoot them, in the fight Pierce snuck over to the boss, who was snarling at the Ronin like an animal.

"Hey, we finished our card game, decided to help out a bit." Yelled Pierce over the sound of gunfire.

"You lost didn't you? Oh who cares, just get me out so I can bite the fucking heads off of these fuckers who thought it was a good idea to hold me captive." Growled Xinon.

Yep, she was pure animal. He searched for something to cut the knot with; he grabbed the sword from a dead Ronin and proceeded to cut the binds. After they were cut he gave his boss her dual-wield pistols.

She smiled grateful "Thanks, bro. Now let's go fuck some faces up." She said handing him the swords he used to cut the not. She then charged right into a group of 4 and shot them all right between the eyes before they could comprehend what had happened.

This made Pierce smile, before he dodged a Ronin who had come from behind. Pierce parted the guy's head from the rest of his body in a wave of his sword. The blood splattered the painting behind him.

"Shit, really Pierce? You're going to have to buy another one." Yelled Johnny. He was using a Ronin as a human shield, whilst dodging Jyunichi the only two Ronin left in the room.

That's when Xinon charged right into Jyunichi, knocking him down. Then she grabbed a sword and whispered "Don' . " and slit his throat.

They all stared at the lifeless body, and smiled. The Saints had beaten him and his whole group following him; one step closer to killing Shogo Akuji and reclaiming Stillwater.

Or, at least they thought they were all gone.

"Johnny, what happened to your Ronin-Shield?" Pierce said slowly looking around. They didn't notice the guy standing behind them, before it was too late.

"Boss!" Johnny yelled as he saw the Ronin stab in the stomach. Johnny, filled with pure rage, tackled the boy to the ground and began stabbing him repeatedly with his own sword.
"Hey, Johnny, I believe he's dead, and Xinon is close to it too." Pierce said pointing to the bloodied girl, leaning against the wall. There was a gaping whole were the sword had plunged into her.

Johnny quickly dropped the sword and picked up Xinon. She was turning paler than usual.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck.." Cursed Johnny when he looked at the bloodied Xinon. She never looked so fragile.

"Hey, kill some motherfuckers for me, okay? I should have died on that boat. And now it's actually..going to..happen." her voice and become a whisper, he could barely hear her.

"Xinon, you're not dying, alright? You're going to live and then were going to go out for drinks." He assured her as they reached the car. Pierce took the front while Johnny laid Xinon down in the back and sat next to her.

"Just let me die. Just let..You guys can do this by yourself okay? You don't need me, and you never even did-"she was stopped with Johnny's lips on her mouth.

She paused for a moment after the kiss and smiled.

"On second thought, get me to the hospital as fast as you can, alright?"

Johnny chuckled. "No problem."


*Aisha is not Johnny's girlfriend through my playthrough. He will be Xinon's, because I can't see him with anyone else.

*I jumped forward a lot from my intro, I know. The reason being is that I haven't played Saints Row 1 and I assure you, you don't want to see me try to write about it if I've just seen walkthroughs.

*Xinon, if you need to picture her better, is based off of her SR3 model so she has

-Almost pure white skin (The whitest, normal looking one) she has black hair and icy cold eyes (The lightest blue), she has a Russian accent and is mostly skinny, but is somewhat muscular. She wears a biker jacket (or a sweatshirt) and a black skirt with grey/white torn leggings underneath. Xinon wears the highheals that have little chains and skulls on them. In other words, she is gorgeous.-