Hello, hello, hello. How is everyone? Good? Good. Anyways this story will be about one of my favorite characters, Jack Skeleton the pumpkin King of Halloween town. He will become a pony in Ponyville. This will be on Nightmare night. Or a Nightmare night, the one after Luna's appearance. Anyways, Imma see if I can upload the image of pony jack I drew. Anyways, enjoy the story! :D

The Pumpkin King of Ponyville

I don't own My Little Pony or Nightmare before Christmas. Heck I don't even own Jack. So please, please, pleaaaasssseee don't sue me! D:

As always everypony was excited for Nightmare Night. All the young fillies and gentle colts skipped around happily awaiting tomorrow night. Twilight Sparkle made her way through town to Rarity's boutique. In her mind she had the perfect idea for a costume. She was going to be Star swirl the bearded, like last year, only better. Her hooves clacked against the street as she passed ponies getting the last needed supplies for their costumes and grabbing candy for the little fillies and colts trick or treating tomorrow. Suddenly she was attacked from behind by a blur of pink that bounced with excitement.

"Hey Twilight! Do you know what you're gonna be for Nightmare Night?" The pink mare jumped up and down excitedly while Twilight dusted herself off.

"Hello Pinkie Pie and yes I know what I am going to be. I'm going be Star Swirl the bearded. I am on my way to Rarity's to see if she has any fabric I can use. My costume needs a few more finishing touches." Twilight said. She began to once again make her way down the street to the boutique. Pinkie followed along, bouncing up and down.

"Oh you're gonna be the old pony again? Cool! I haven't decided yet! There are so many choices! Maybe Rarity can help! Can I come with?" She chirped. Twilight nodded, seeing how Pinkie was already joining her. Pinkie squealed with joy and continued to bounce along. Finally they reached the boutique, where inside, there was Rarity arguing with a Cyan pony.

"I've told you Rainbow Dash, if you want a decent looking costume you have to use this color, not this color." Explained Rarity, using her magic to hold up two different purples. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. She flew over to one of the purples Rarity was holding and held it out for her to see.

"But I think this one will make the costume cooler." Dash whined. This time Rarity rolled her eyes and once again began to explain to Dash.

"Darling, how many times do I have to tell you? That purple won't complement the costume at all. This purple on the other hand will make the costume look absolutely divine." She said glancing at the purple she thought was the best with admiration. Rainbow Dash cocked her head in confusion.

"Look, I just want it to look cooler. Not fancy or anything." She repeated to Rarity. Rarity sighed.

"Rainbow that purple you're holding will make it less 'cool'. The purple I chose will make it look more 'cool'." Rarity finished. Dash looked at her for a second then tossed the other purple to the side. She picked up the other.

"Well why didn't you say so. Jeez, I can't read minds or anything." She rolled her eyes. Twilight gave a little "ahem" and the two ponies turned to Pinkie and Twilight.

"Why, hello Twilight! What can I do for you?" said Rarity, walking on over to greet her friend. Rainbow Dash swooped down and landed in front of the two beside Rarity.

"Hey guys. Rarity I was wondering if you could help me find the right fabric to finish off my Star swirl the bearded costume." Rarity squealed with delight and trotted over to her wall of fabrics. "Hey Rainbow," Twilight said turning to Rainbow Dash. "I thought you already had your costume. What are you doing here?" Rainbow sighed and began to explain the story.

"Last my costume was really cool, but then Derpy came along and thought it would be funny to try the same prank I had been using, only, on ME. Next thing I knew there was a hole in my costume." Rainbow huffed. Twilight shook her head; she should have known it was Derpy. She remembered her talking about Dash being mad at her last year.

"Hey Rarity do you think you help me pick out a costume too?" chipped in Pinkie who had been looking at all the pretty hats and dresses up until this point. Rarity nodded and the two set to work deciding on a costume.

Halloween town was almost ready for the big day. Everyone was adding the finale touches, including a certain skeleton.

"Sally dear, do you think you can pass me those pumpkins? I need them for the fence." A tall skeleton said. He wore formal attire that was tight fitting, made specifically for him. Sally, a girl who you could call a puppet (is she a puppet?) passed the skeleton a few pumpkins who dropped them on to the fence. The pumpkins each made a scary face as they hit the spikes. He clapped his hands together and observed his work. He smiled. His white teeth gleamed in the moon light. He was taller than Sally by a few feet had perfect posture. His bow tie was in the form of a bat and his fingers were longer than most. He took small steps as he walked over the Sally, seeing how his legs were so long. Taking her hands he kissed them and looked at her lovingly as she smiled back.

"Oh Jack, this will be a wonderful Halloween." She said. Her hair began to blow in the wind and one could hear the whispering of the trees. Sally and Jack stood together, embraced in each other arms. Then they heard tiny footsteps coming towards them. Jack turned his head quickly and spotted the troublesome trio, Shock, Lock and Barrel.

"What do you three want?" growled Jack from behind the fence. Sally went back to setting up decorations while Jack dealt with the trio. The three looked from one to the other then back to Jack. They hopped up and down excitedly.

"There's someone who wants to meet you!" said Lock.

"Yeah! She's really funny looking! She looks like a horse, but she has a horn…." Said Shock.

"And she has wings!" Finished Barrel. Jack looked at them like they were idiots. And he thought they were. Most did.

"A horse that can talk with a horn and wings? Do you think I'll actually believe that? No living creature, ECSPECIALLY A HORSE, will have wings and a horn and talk. The only way for her to be like that is if she was one of Finklestien's creations, which I doubt she is, or, if she was DEAD. For I have never heard or seen such a monster you speak of." Jack hissed at the three. They took three steps back and looked at each other. "Well? Is she dead?" Jack pried.

"No she's not!" Yelped Barrel.

"She's very much alive." Said Shock.

"And she wants to meet you." Finished Lock. Jack sighed and looked to Sally. She shrugged her shoulders, but she mouthed the words "they're lying" before continuing putting up decorations. Jack turned to the three again.

"Now, you three better give up this little game you're playing." Jack growled again. He had a scowl on his face and he leaned down till he was inches for their faces. "Or I will give you such a fright that you won't be able to sleep for a month!" Spat Jack. The three yelped in fear and dashed off in the direction they came. Jack stood straight again and fixed his bow tie. He turned back to Sally to find her suppressing a giggle.

"What?" inquired Jack.

"Oh nothing, but it was funny how scared those three. They deserved it." Sally giggled. Jack grinned and began to once again help with the decorations.

"I told you he wouldn't listen to us." Grumbled Lock. The three were in the woods by the doors on the trees. In the center of the clearing stood a figure cloaked in cape. She stared at the three then sighed deeply.

"Alright then. Tell us where I can find this…." She glanced at the three.

"Jack." Said Shock. The figure nodded and continued.

"Yes, tell us where we may find this 'Jack' so that we may speak to him ourselves. We didn't want to have to go to town but it seems that we have no choice." The trio nodded and began to lead the figure through the woods to jack Skellington's house. Her hooves barely made any sound as she followed quietly behind them. Eventually they reached a house that was decked with decorations and had pumpkins on the fence. The trio scuttled away leaving the figure standing on the front lawn. Or what was left of it. The house was tall and lean, about 5 or six stories at most. The figure walked up to the front door and knocked. The door knocker (or whatever it is) howled at her. She backed up a pace. Maybe this wasn't the best idea. The door opened to reveal Sally. She looked surprised to see her.

"Why, hello there. What can I do for you?" Sally inquired looking at the figure carefully.

"We have come to seek the council of Jack Skellington. Three children told us he would be here. Is he?" The figure spoke, straightening herself up in front of Sally. Sally was surprised at this. Could the trio actually be telling the truth? Sally collected herself and ushered the figure inside.

"Follow me. He is in this room up here." Up the stairs they climbed. They finally arrived at the top which seemed to be an observatory. There stood Jack fiddling with his telescope. The figure was shocked, the trio wasn't joking! He really WAS a skeleton! She calmed herself before squealing with glee. "Jack, you have a visitor." Sally said. Jack turned around to see a figure in black robes; it was almost as tall as Sally, but even then, much shorter than him.

"Welcome! What can I do for you?" Jack said enthusiastically. He walked over to the figure and placed out his hand to shake. The figure paused, and then reached out what appeared to be a hoof, and shook his hand in return. Jack's eye sockets widened.

"Say, are you a horse with wings and a horn?" Jack asked his voice thick with curiosity. The figure looked up quickly.

"Why yes, how did you know?" She replied. Jack nodded his head in thought. So they were telling the truth. He paced back and forth.

"So you are a horse that can fly and have a horn…." He said.

"An alicorn if you will." She commented. Jack turned to her and pulled up a chair. He sat in it backwards facing her.

"What is your name?" he inquired. At that moment the robes around her vanished and turned into bats which fluttered out through the window to sit on top of the house. Jack watched amazed as the figure stepped into the moon light. Her coat was an indigo and her hair always moved as if there were always a breeze. It twinkled with stars and on her flank was a crescent moon.

"My name is Princess Luna, the sister of Princess Celestia, ruler of all Equestria."