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The team had just closed a case that had lasted over three weeks and they were tired. Some were also very excited to have their own space. Soon their dreams came to an end. They walked into the hotel JJ had set up and it was beautiful. "Wow this is beautiful. This is one of the best hotels we have been to in a long time" said Prentiss.

JJ agreed "I know right. It took a lot of begging and pleading to get the Bureau to let us get this place." "Well it was completely worth it" added Dave. "Alright, now that we have established that we like this place. Let's get our rooms." said Hotch.

"Why do you always have to ruin the moment" said Prentiss rolling her eyes at Hotch. Hoth walked over to the check in desk and was greeted by a tall blonde woman who looked to be in her mid twenties. "What can I do for you handsome?" said the blonde completely ignoring the other agents behind him. Hotch responded with a dimpled grin and "We are here for our rooms.". "Of course handsome. What name are you under?" asked the blonde. "We are under the name of the Quantico Bureau" said Hotch. "Oh sorry, but we only have two rooms available. "said the blonde.

All agents responded with an "Excuse me?" "I am really sorry, but if you want more room you are more than welcome to sleep with me." The blonde said referring to Hotch. Once again Hotch gave her a charming smile and took the keys. Once they got to the rooms Hotch set up the room arrangements. "Guys in one room and women in the other." Once everyone walked in their rooms they realized that there was one big bed in one room and two small beds in the other.

The guys argued over who would get the big bed for about an hour until Prentiss walked out and yelled, "No one is getting this bed unless I say so. Now there are three beds two people can share the big bed and two people each can share the others." Everyone mumbled yes. Dave then walked over to Hotch and muttered harshly, "Grow some balls. You're the boss". "Okay everyone I will be choosing who sleeps with who." Hotch said. "Prentiss you're rooming with me on the big bed. Dave and JJ you share a bed. Morgan and Reid figure it out yourselves." Hotch ordered. "How is that even fair." said Reid? "Because I am the boss. Now everyone go to bed." said Hotch.

"Okay Pretty Boy , sorry but I call the bed." Morgan said. "I never get what I want." Reid said, he really didn't feel up to arguing with Morgan today. Hotch and Prentiss walked into their room and there so much awkwardness in the air. "Ok so who gets the bed? asked Prentiss.