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"Let's flip a coin. Heads or tails?" Hotch suggested. "Heads." Prentiss said. Hotch then flipped the coin. When the coin fell landed it stood straight up landing on neither heads nor tails. "I guess that means we're sharing the bed" Prentiss joked nervously. "Ok which side do you want to sleep on?" Hotch asked.

At that Emily's eyes popped wide open and her jaw dropped open. "Emily you can close your mouth. I was just joking." Hotch said. "I knew that." Prentiss said. "Since the coin didn't land on either side I'll just let you take the bed. I will sleep on the floor." offered Hotch. Prentiss accepted Hotch's offer and went to take a shower.

While Prentiss was in the shower Hotch went to talk to Rossi. Hotch knocked on the door waiting for someone to open the door. When no one did he walked in. When Hotch walked in the room he saw that Reid was sprawled out on the floor snoring while Morgan's arm hung over his face. He got distracted by this because every time Morgan's arm swung in Reid's face it slapped Reid in the face. The whole time Reid was swatting at his face. It was quite entertaining. Hotch then focused back on the matter at hand.

He needed to talk to Rossi about Prentiss. He walked over to the next bed and tapped Rossi on the shoulder an action that he regretted later because he was greeted with a hard slap in his face. Hotch almost screamed at the pain but all that came out was a squeak. Though the squeak was soft it woke Rossi up. An angry Rossi answered with "if you weren't my boss I would punch you in the balls so hard. Not like you have any." "What do you want" growled Rossi careful not to wake up JJ who was sleeping peacefully next to him.

Hotch nervously asked what he was supposed to do about sleeping in the same bed with Prentiss. Rossi gave Hotch his opinion by saying "Stop being a punk and tell her how you feel." 'Yeah right what does he think this is Happily Ever After?' "What are you talking about how I feel?" Hotch asked. "You know what Aaron if you're going to be a dick and keep lying to yourself leave so I can get some sleep!" Rossi yelled causing JJ to wake up.

"What's going on?" JJ asked. "Nothing go back to sleep." said Rossi. "Don't lie to me because if nothing was going on I would not be awake!" JJ said getting annoyed. 'Why do I even try. I should have went on that book tour I was asked to do.' Rossi thought. " Hotch is being a little a big pain in theā€¦" Said Rossi before he was cut off by JJ. "Is this about Prentiss sleeping in the same bed as you?" asked JJ. "No." Hoth said in denial.

" You know you are a horrible liar sometimes. Give it we all know how you feel about Emily." said JJ. "You take your time but don't take too long. Someone might snatch her up. Reid or Morgan might finally show you up." Hotch was trying not to laugh when JJ said Reid but when she said Morgan he became jealous at the thought of Morgan with Prentiss. "Whatever." Hotch mumbled and left the room.

Walking into the room he was sharing with Prentiss he almost fainted at what he saw.