For the first time in almost a year, Hermione was happy.

It was a surprisingly bright morning, as the sunlight swept through Hermione's room adding a delightful glow to the otherwise dull living area. Hermione not being one to sleep in just couldn't seem to bring herself to get out of bed this morning.

Yes, this morning. This was the morning she'd be heading back to hogwarts to finish her schooling. She hadn't been back since Harry defeated Voldermort.

'that was almost a year ago' She thought to herself as she threw the warm comforter back and brought her feet to the cold floor.

It had taken this long to rebuild hogwarts from the damage done, and it was closed off to everyone. The only reason she knew it was to be opened again this school year, was because Harry had told her. She didn't even have to go back this year, she could have made it fine in the wizarding world without finishing Hogwarts simply because she was the war hero, the gryfindor princess, one of the golden trio, and whatever other name had been given to her when the war was over. That's not why Hermione was going back this year, no. She was going back because she wanted to complete school. Not like Ron who was going to live his days out in fame, along with some other war survivers.

Hermione walked over to her mirror, sat herself down on the stool in front of it, and put her head in her hands. 'Am I really ready to go back? So much has changed' she thought to herself as she lifted her head out of her hands and looked at herself in the mirror.

No longer was her hair bushy and frizzy, it had grown out of that after many muggle and magical remideis. Her hair had grown surprisingly fast, it fell down to the small of her back in loose ringlets. It was also a lot lighter, probably from the days she stayed outside tanning to attempt to hide her scars, and weariness that happened during the war. Her skin was darker, sun kissed, and soft. She had gone rebel and on her 18th birthday gotten her nose pierced along with her naval. So she had a little diamond in her nose, and a little snake in her naval. Condiscending seeing as how she was gryfindor, but it's not like anyone would ever have a chance to see it. The boys of the muggle world went crazy for her looks, along with her body. She went from boyish shape, to full blown out hourglass, her muscles toned from the many months of fighting and searching for the horcruxes. Hermione could care less about her body, and how the guys fawned over it. Her face now, her face she was proud of. Her face lost most of the baby fat, leaving hermione to have soft goddess like features. Her lips were small and full, all men's eyes went to her whenever she said a word with a 'p' in it. She had long eyelashes, and a small button nose, straight teeth, and her most signiture mark; her large love-filled brown eyes.

Except they were no longer love-filled and joyfull, they now looked empty and dull. At the sight of her once beautiful eyes gone, Hermione frowned at her reflection and stood up from the stool heading to her shower. As she walked to her bathroom she stopped in front of her iHome and turned on her ipod. She switched through playlists untill she reached the song she wanted. She smiled as she began to undress and Everybody talks by Neon trees came on.

"Hey baby won't you look my way I can be your new addiction Hey baby what you gotta say?
All you're giving me is fiction I'm a sorry sucker and this happens all the time I found out that everybody talks Everybody talks, everybody talks" Hermione was right on key with the lyrics, her voice fitting perfectly with the sound as she got into her shower and proceeded to wash away the remander of yesterday.

"It started with a whisper And that was when I kissed her And then she made my lips hurt I could hear the chit chat Take me to your love shack Mamas always gotta back track When everybody talks back

Hey honey you could be my drug You could be my new prescription Too much could be an overdose All this trash talk make me itchin Oh my my Everybody talks, everybody talks Everybody talks, too much"

She began to wonder what school would be like this year, who'd be going, if there were any new professers, How the death eaters would fair,
if Harry would finally ask out Ginny, if Malfoy was returning, and if there would be any chance of getting away with murder, the usual teenager thoughts.

It started with a whisper And that was when I kissed her And then she made my lips hurt I could hear the chit chat Take me to your love shack Mamas always gotta back track When everybody talks back

Never thought I'd live To see the day When everybody's words got in the way

Hey sugar show me all your love All you're giving me is friction Hey sugar what you gotta say?

It started with a whisper And that was when I kissed her And then she made my lips hurt I could hear the chit chat Take me to your love shack Mamas always gotta back track When everybody talks back

Everybody talks Everybody talks Everybody talks Everybody talks Everybody talks Everybody talks...back

It started with a whisper And that was when I kissed her

Everybody talks Everybody talks...back

The song ended as Hermione got out of the shower and threw her hair up into a bun on the top of her head, she looked at the clock, and still had 3 hours before she needed to be at the train. Dropping the towel and walking over to her closet, she didn't even notice the slightly embarresed crookshank who leaped up and ran under her bed.

Another song came on as Hermione grabbed a black low cut lacey crop top with a white bandeau. 'This is perfect, now I just need pants and shoes' Hermione thought as she spotted her favorite pair of sandles. 'theres two down, one more to go'
The shoes were black, like gladiator sandles, but wrapped up to her calf with big black bows. She continued looking through her aray of clothes, until she finally threw on a pair of black high wasted shorts. Looking at herself in the mirror, she shrugged at her apperance and decided she wanted to eat and smoke before she did her hair and makeup.

Making her way downstairs, she stopped and gave her mum and dad both a peck on the cheek before she walked out to the back porch. She shivered as she reached outside and lit up her cigarette.
'i'll deffinatly need to bring a jacket' She mused to herself as she exhaled the smoke and then sighed. She didn't particulary like smoking. It just sorta came to her after the war. It was her stress reiever, and she hoped that one day she'd break the habbit. Even though she'd gotten really good at it, she could blow perfect smoke rings, and smoke hearts, do the french inhale, lots of things. She took her last hit of the cigarette before putting it out and heading inside, heading straight to the fridge to get some orange juice and toast, she quickly scarfed it down, looking at the clock to see she only had an hour and half.

Running up the stairs and into the bathroom, Hermione let down he hair and charmed it dry knowing that the ringlets would fall by themselves naturally, applying light foundation mascara, and pink lip gloss, she had enough time to say goodbye to her parents and make sure everything was packed for hogwarts. With one final look in the mirror, and anticipating the way people would be looking at her, she gathered her stuff, threw her leather jacket over her shoulder and aparated to the train platform with crookshanks and her lugage in tow.