Hermione blinked. Then blinked again. Then one more time just for good measure to make sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her. Closing her eyes and then opening one up slightly, just to close it again.

'Yup. My eyes aren't deceiving me.'

There in front of her was Draco. Completely bare from the hip bones up, and then the lower calves down. A green towel firm around his hips covering his...well, 'snake' if you'd like to put it in those terms.

Hermione opened her eyes, and then coughed. She had to remind herself where his face was, and to keep eye contact instead of trailing her eyesight down his lean body. She peaked.

Draco wasn't completely muscular, he didn't look hard or uncomfortable. He had abs that were defined, the same as his arms. Everything about him was defined, enough to notice, but not enough to go overboard. He had scars across his pale chest, that were faded from time. Hermione moved her eyes downward, he had platinum blonde hair leading down to his 'pet'. The hair was so fine that Hermione wouldn't have even noticed if it wasn't for the way the wet hair was gleaming in the light.

A cough brought Hermione out of her trance, and her eyes snapped up to Grey ones, a blush hinting at her cheeks.

"You know love, you didn't have to peep. You could've just asked." Draco smirked at her, which caused her blush to get brighter.

" I wasn't peeping, I was just-"

"Coming to see if I had fallen and couldn't get up?"

"No!" Hermione spat. Her blush just couldn't go away could it? "I was exploring, and wanted to check out the bathroom.I didn't KNOW you were in here"

"So, you're telling me that you always walk into foggy bathrooms...?"Draco smirked again, he was riling her up and he loved it.

"You're despicable." Hermione glared at him and then promptly walked past him and out the door.

She walked into Malfoy's room.

"Are you sure you don't want me Granger? You're in my room, you came into the bathroom while I was barely clothed, if I didn't know better...i'd say you were coming on to me" Draco brought a hand to his chest in mock surprise.

Hermione could only glare at him. Draco's room looked like hers, except it was in a play of his house colors.

"Have you gone colorblind, or do you want to watch me get dressed?" Draco asked walking up behind her, that same damn smirk on his lips.

Hermione was stuttering she was so mad. She knew he was teasing her, that didn't make her mad. What made her mad is how easily he could do it, that really picked at her nerves.

She stormed out of his room into the bathroom, and slammed the door behind her.

'He didn't lock the door' She could use this against him, so without thinking she swung open the door to yell at him, and win this fight.

"None of this would of happened if you had locked the do-"She stopped, he had just finished pulling on his boxers, they were black and looked like silk and very comfy, and oh god he was smirking at her again.

"Now now, twice in one night trying to get a look at my goods? I would've never thought you to be such a pervert Hermione."

Hermione slammed the door again, locking it, and then let out of frustrated noise. She could hear Draco laughing at her on the other side. God he was getting to her. She turned the water on in the shower, and then went in to grab her iHome and shut and lock the door leading to her room. There was NO WAY malfoy was coming in.

Stripping off her clothes, she started to go through her music list looking for a song, Material girls by Madonna came on and hermione turned it up. She loved this song!

Jumping into the shower, singing Madonna while she reached for her peppermint shampoo. Peppermint was her favorite smell, she used peppermint everything when it came to pampering herself. Peppermint shampoo and conditioner, body wash lotion, face wash, toothpaste. Yeah, I know. Hermioe was slightly addicted.

As she grabbed her shampoo, she knocked over a bottle next to it. She picked it up and noticed that it was Draco's, being the curious person she was, she popped it open to smell it. She took a big whiff, and then let out a contented sigh, it smelt like chocolate, and a fall day. Her favorite scent next to peppermint and apples. She put the bottle back and finished with her shower. Getting out she looked at herself in the mirror, shocked to see that she didn't recognize the same dull look in her eyes.

She looked happy.

Hermione smiled, and walked to her room. She threw her hair up in a loose bun and grabbed a pair of red silky pajama shorts and a white tank top Grabbing her lotion, a book, and a blanket, she made her ways downstairs to go sit in the common room. As she ran down the stairs she stopped to check the clock on the wall in the kitchenette. It was only 8:56. She hummed happily over to the couch where she threw herself down and pulled out her lotion. Putting lotion on after her shower became a ritual some months ago, Hermione mostly did it to intensify the smell of her body wash. As she began rubbing the lotion into her arms, Draco came down the stairs wearing silk pajama pants, and a white undershirt. He noticed Hermione on the couch and thought of a grand idea. Slowly sneaking up behind her, he crouched down low to her ear. He didn't even notice her going to squeeze more lotion of of the bottle before he yelled.

"BOO!" Draco grabbed Hermione by the shoulders.

"AHH FUCK HOLY SHIT!" Hermione screamed, squeezed the bottle upwards, only to have a large amount land on the perpetrator's hand.

While Hermione tried to slow her heart and calm down from her near death experience she turned around and saw Draco clutching his sides in laughter, it looked like he was almost in tears.

'that motherfu-' Hermione noticed the glob of lotion, and smirked to herself.

"Hey Malfoy, missed a spot cleaning up earlier did ya?"

Draco stopped laughing and looked to where her eyes were. It took him a second to figure out what she meant by 'cleaning up', but when he did figure it out he blushed and then wiped the white liquid back onto Hermione. She made a face and brought her legs up to her chest to wipe the stuff off, but Draco took it upon himself to sling himself over the back of the couch, grab her legs and pull them over his lap.

"At least let me make up for scaring you." He smiled and then started to rub the lotion over her leg. Hermione would have stopped him, because she didn't feel right with him being touchy touchy. Two things were stopping her though.

One: He was massaging the lotion in and it felt really good.
Two: Her head was buzzing and she wasn't even sure if she could form a coherent sentence at this point.

So, she relaxed and enjoyed it, no harm could come from it. Right?

Wrong, so wrong. Hermione was sighing and making little mewls from how good it felt that when he was done with the one leg she made a whimper before she caught herself. Blushing, she looked up to Draco to see him smirking at her, and reaching for her other leg and the lotion.

"You don't have too, you've already made up for scaring me." She began to pull her leg back but Draco held onto it.

"I want too." He smiled at her, before putting the lotion on the other leg. In all honesty, Draco would do anything right now to keep Hermione making those lovely sounds.

So if anyone where to walk in right now they'd see this scene. Hermione moaning and making little sounds, and Draco rubbing her legs and moving farther up. What a sight!

Hermione looked at Draco through her half lidded eyes and watched him, watch her. Hermione decided that had to be the hottest thing ever. She sat up on her elbows, Draco was moving closer to her as he worked his way up her leg, slowly his fingers brushed the hem line of her shorts.

He was so close. Hermione could smell the chocolate from his body wash, and the peppermint coming from his breath. That scent was enough to drive any girl over the edge, so I mean, who could really blame her for what she did next?