Author's Note: So here's Part Five. During revision, parts 3 & 4 changed so this one had to change as well… sorry if it took a while, but Barb was being picky! It always seems like when Sonny starts to lose it, Jason plots to protect him by setting it up so he kinda takes over. And each time Jason takes over, he seems to relinquish less control after. I just wrote this update with that in mind as well as how Jason would have reacted back then with certain tweaks in story. Hope you all are still enjoying it!

The Truth

Part 5
Sonny found Jason lying peacefully with Carly wrapped in his arms careful to avoid his wound, both apparently asleep. Jason felt Sonny the moment he entered the room, but continued lying quietly as rage filled him, curious to see how his supposed best friend planned to play things out. At least, until Sonny moved within reach of the bed… and Carly.

"That's close enough," Jason stated never opening his eyes and unaware that his voice took on a nearly imperceptible edge.

"Jason," Sonny gasped in surprise as Jason opened his eyes to look at him. "I'm so glad you're ok, man. We gotta talk."

When Jason simply stared a moment, Sonny began fidgeting as nonchalantly as he could manage. "Ok."

Sonny nodded in relief, until he noticed Jason made no move wake Carly and send her away. "We need to talk business," Sonny attempted clearing his throat and nodding toward the suddenly fitfully slumbering blonde.

He stared at Sonny for another long moment before inclining his head in acceptance. "Carly," Jason whispered caressing her cheek. Jason caught Sonny's flinch at the tenderness in his tone and touch. "I need you to wake up, Carly,"

"You can't leave me," she whimpered half-asleep. "Please, Jase, I love you so much. Please."

"Everything's ok, Carly," Jason promised forgetting Sonny in his need to protect and soothe Carly's fears. "I'll never leave, and you'd never let me. I need you to wake up."

"Hmm," she hummed as she became more cognizant of her surroundings. "Hey, Jase," she mumbled with a sleepy smile that turned into a slight frown. "What's wrong? Is it time for your meds? Are you hurting?"

Carly's hands slipped gently to the site of his wound. "Sorry, Carly, but Jason and I need to talk privately," Sonny couldn't resist snarling.

"Sonny," Jason's cold warning filled the room as Carly jolted upright in the bed. "Carly, I need to talk to Sonny."

Carly met his eyes searching for reassurance that he was not giving up on them. The softening in his eyes as he caressed her cheek caused her to release a pent up breath in relief. She nodded. "I'll call Leticia and check on Michael," she offered slipping off the bed. "I'll be downstairs if you need me. You're pills are right there on the night table."

Jason nodded as she slipped out of his room careful to completely ignore Sonny's existence. She paused at the door leaning in the jamb, and whispered a heartfelt "I love you."

"I love you, too, Carly," Jason responded with a hint of a smile as she slipped out of the room closing the door. He didn't miss the wince Sonny tried to hide when he told Carly he loved her. Hearing the click signaling their solitude, he returned his focus to the man who had been his boss, father, brother and dearest friend for as long as he'd been Jason Morgan. This man who stood before him trying to project sincerity and control was more a stranger now than he had ever been.

Sonny wiped his mouth and avoided Jason's emotionless gaze, making Jason more suspicious. He could tell Sonny wanted him to speak first, but that wasn't going to happen so Jason simply sat and watched and waited knowing there was no one who could outlast him in silence.

"I'm so sorry, Jason," Sonny attempted when he couldn't handle the quiet anymore. "What happened?"

"It was a setup, Sonny," he answered alert for Sonny's reaction. "They planned to take you out all along. I got one off on Moreno before I got away, but Sorel wasn't hit as far as I could tell. Not sure how bad Moreno is, though."

"Dammit!" Sonny exclaimed, his mind obviously working the angles before becoming a mask of remorse and concern. "Dios, Jason, you could have been killed. If I had had any clue that it was an ambush, I would never have agreed to it. And I certainly wouldn't have sent you in my place."

Hmmm, Jason thought, never giving anything away. He's lying. He may not have known for sure, but he suspected.

"Jason, you know I would never hurt you," he continued into the silence. "You're like a son and a brother to me all in one. I trust you with my life and I need you too much to ever risk you."

Jason nodded knowing his acknowledgement that Sonny had spoken would be taken as acceptance of and agreement with his words. "It's not safe here for me, Carly, and Michael so we're going somewhere safe until she can get her divorce."

"Divorce?" Sonny asked incredulous. "Come on, Jase, don't let her snow you again. I know you're hurt, but she's not leaving all that money and status she's getting from the Quartermaines for anything. She's playing you because you're hurt and not thinking straight. Don't let her ruin your life again. Now, if you want to go out of town, there's always the island and you KNOW Robin would hide you if you needed to get out of town for a while."

Jason fought to keep his mask emotionless as cold rage filled him. Carly was right all along. He and Robin had always been trying to manipulate him by making Carly the bad guy. "Don't you know, Sonny? Carly left AJ last night before she ever knew about me getting shot. She's got a lawyer who has already filed for the divorce as well as sole primary custody of Michael and gotten it granted."

Sonny's shock was evident for a moment before he re-schooled his features. "Really? Huh."

"Didn't she tell you last night?" he asked innocently as he watched for Sonny's tells. "She was coming from your penthouse last night when I came off the elevator."

He saw Sonny start fidgeting again, and knew he was going to lie. "You know, when she gets going, I block her out so I don't get sucked in by her lies," Sonny hedged. "We fought and she left. Since I was sick of her mouth, I figured it was for the best."

"I hope things didn't go too far," he offered, giving Sonny one more opportunity to be honest with him. "I know that sometimes when you two get mad, you say and do things you regret."

"I only regret I can't seem to get rid of her from your life before she completely destroys it," Sonny heatedly responded before catching himself. "You deserve better than that scheming liar. How are things with you and Elizabeth?"

"Why would you ask that, Sonny?" he asked as calmly as he could, unwilling to let Sonny see his seething rage. "You know, she's just a friend. I love Carly. You know that because I told you that."

"Yeah," Sonny sighed, turning toward the door "But I've been hoping things might blossom there. Friends make the best lovers, after all."

"I know," Jason answered noting the irony. "Carly IS my best friend, after all. And Sonny…"

"Yeah, Jase," Sonny responded looking back over his shoulder.

"Lay off her when you go down there," Jason ordered before forcing himself to soften his tone and fake a grimace. "I don't think I could handle Carly upset from arguing with you, ok?"

"Sure, buddy," Sonny assured him, dimples flashing as he closed the door. "Get some rest."