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Madird sighed and walked into the large meeting room. Seeing as how Spain was holding the world's meeting, she had to host the capitals meeting, as was the norm. So she had to get there a couple hours early to be able to greet everyone.

She yawned, and ran a hand through her thick, dark hair. It was five a.m. and it was to damn early to be awake. While the young capital knew there was work to be done, didn't mean she liked it. Luckily, only a couple countries were coming. Germany, Italy, Japan, of course France and Prussia (Prussia liked to visit Spain and France every once in a while.) So that meant only those capitals would show up...and possibly America...if he wanted to. Although he's probably be late like normal.

"Why do the meetings have to start so early?" She mumbled, lazily pushing the doors open.

"Madrid! You're alive!" A familiar voice yelled and the Spanish capital was tackled to the ground.

The teen opened her eyes fully and saw Paris had been her assulter. She groaned, "Paris! Get off!" She whined loudly, glaring at the blue eyes french men.

"You're a terrible host!" He said, getting up, and dusting off his clothes. "I've been waiting for almost an hour!"

Madrid glared, "The meeting doesn't start til SEVEN!" She yelled.

"Well excuse me for being a little early!" The frenchie said, crossing his arms over his chest. Madrid face palmed.

She sighed, and opened the door, "Since you're here, you might as well help me set up."

"While I would love to, but our lovely Luxenburg has gone missing." Paris said, looking around, "I left mon petit in here by himself, and he disappeared!"


Both looked at each other, than up. 'LUXENBURG!?"

After several mintues the duo was able to get their friend down. "What were you doing up there?" Madrid asked, dusting her hands off.

"U-um...well...G-Gildbird went up there..." He said, smiling shyly. Madrid sighed, but couldn't help the gentle smile that graced her face. Luxenburg was Prussia's and Canada's child. While he had the same silver hair, and red eyes as Prussia, his personality was so much more like Canada's. He was so shy, and sweet, it was rather adorable. He was the youngest either way, so it fit him rather well.

"Isn't he your dad's?" France asked, petting the small blonde bird that sat on his close friends shoulder.

Luxenburg smiled, "H-He likes to follow me around a lot. I'm not exactly sure why."

The three chuckled and continued to chat softly in the large conference room. The children were much like their fathers, they had grown up with each other. The three were often seen with each other, playing around, and and more than often playing jokes. Madrid happened to be the only girl in the group, and would often get teased by some of the other capitals for that fact alone.

Spain oftened worried about leaving her alone with Paris (as she often was when ever "uncle France" visited) but it was uneeded. She and Paris were more like cousins. Granted Paris often flirted with her, but it was all in good fun.


"ALRIGHT!" Madrid said happily, "Wer're done!" She smiled at her two friends.

"And with an hour to spare!" Paris said, happily, looking at the clock.

"We should head back to the hotel and get ready, Paris." Luxenburg said, looking to the blonde.

"Ah, mon petit, you are correct." He looked to Madrid, and smiled, "We'll be back with in the hour, we must get changed." The blonde smiled.

"Alright! I gotta get dressed to anyway. I'll see ya guys later!" She called, and waved as they parted.

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