A/N: Gale's story is far from finished. Here's the sequel to my fanfic Breakable. You don't have to read that to understand this. Quick recap: Gale and Madge survived the District 12 bombing, but she was sent on a mission to get Peeta from the Capitol, in which she (along with other soldiers) were shot by Capitol guards. She left Gale a note telling him to move on from her and be happy, but Gale (in a typical Gale fashion) will not be told what to do. So he is pretty much never getting over this. Here goes...

Chapter 1.

Gale POV

I'm about halfway home when I feel the first drop of rain. One look at the clouds confirms it: I'm about to get poured on. Somehow, I don't care. Come to think of it, ever since everything went to hell months ago, I've stopped caring about a lot of things.

I hear a sharp intake of breath come from behind me. It's probably one of the weird Capitol citizens who have moved to the districts after the war. For some reason, I'm always being stopped by them. They usually mention the television show I frequent, Panem Daily, or they tell me about how brave I was during the war. As if. I'll be asked for autographs and some of the younger female ones have even tried to chat me up! Some have even given me their phone numbers. However, sticking with my theme of not caring, I always discard of the small slips of paper as soon as they're gone.

I keep walking, not even stopping to turn around. Within seconds, I hear footsteps closing the distance behind me. It's drizzling now, and the temperature has dropped a few degrees. And of course, just my luck, there's a train crossing the tracks as I approach them. It will be at least a minute or two before the tracks are clear and I can cross them to get back to my condo before the storm picks up. The storm isn't the only thing picking up- I can hear the footsteps quickening behind me.

"Hey!" the voice calls out from a few feet behind me. I turn around to see a girl, about my age, with long brown hair and big blue eyes staring at me. "Are you Gale Hawthorne?" she asks once she has caught her breath.

"Depends," I reply, looking her over. There's something familiar about her- from the way her jaw slopes to her bright blue eyes. It's when she blinks and I notice her super-long eyelashes that I'm able to place it- she looks like Madge. It feels like my heart is twisting in my chest at just the thought of her.

"Um, are you okay?" she asks, interrupting my thoughts.

"Yeah. Sorry. You, uh, just remind me of someone I used to know."

"Oh. Um, I don't know if that's a compliment or not, but my name is Jackie Undersee and-" No.

"Whoa, what did you say your name was?" I ask frantically.

"Um, Jackie? Well it's Jacqueline but no one really calls me that."

"No, your last name?"

"Oh. Undersee." She says with a small smile. "You're putting it all together now, aren't you?" she asks, her smile growing.

"Sorry, what?" I ask. I'm totally confused- putting what together? That she's got to be some distant relative to Madge because there is no way she could share the last name and look so much like her. Unless this is the latest way what the universe is continuing to play sick, cruel jokes on me.

"Yup, you totally have it now. I can see it in your face."

"Could you explain please?" I ask. Thankfully, the storm has decided to wait a few more minutes, because the drizzle has stopped and the chill has somewhat left the air. Which is a good thing, seeing as we're standing out in the open beside the District Two railroad tracks.

"You're trying to figure out why I look so much like a girl from your home district, right? And why I have the same last name as she does?" Her use of the present tense sends knots to my stomach and sweat to my palms. Under no circumstance do I want to be the one to break the news about to Madge to this girl. Especially if she's family.

I settle for a relatively simple answer. "Um, yeah."

"Well, you knew Reynold Undersee, right?" she asks. Who, the asshole of a mayor who did nothing but hate me the entire time I was with his daughter? Yeah, the name rings a bell. But instead of snapping at Jackie, I just nod, taking a minute to notice her use of the past tense. So she knows about Mr. Undersee, but not Madge? Makes sense, seeing as the last she probably heard, Magde survived the bombing. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't know about the Capitol mission. Then again, I have no idea what District this girl is from, or how she even found out the information she appears to know. Weird.

"He's my dad's brother…my uncle. Or was. Anyway, he was my uncle and his wife was my aunt. So naturally, their daughter, Madge, is my cousin. I'm from District One…pre-war, that is. I lived there with my parents and my two younger brothers. When the Quarter Quell happened, we got all types of reports from my Uncle Reynold about what was happening in his District. I saw you on television a lot, which is why I recognized you a little while ago. I know you are Katniss Everdeen's cousin, right?" Wrong. "But why I stopped you is because I know something you might want to." Her last sentence comes out as a very rushed jumble of words.

"Oh, okay. What's up?" I ask, intrigued.

"Well, it's kind of a long story but I just recognized you and I didn't know if I would have a chance to ever tell you! So I'm sorry in advance that I'll be talking forever and ever but it's important." I nod. "So, Madge and I used to write each other letters and her father would play the role of messenger because he visited here quite often. The last few I got from her before the war mentioned your name and she was always speaking really highly of you. I don't really know what was going on, but I know she really cared about you from those letters."

Totally not what I was expecting, not going to lie. I honestly don't know what I was expecting, but this seems pretty random and not something worth stopping someone for.


"No, I'm not finished. I stopped getting letters from her about a week before the report came in that District Twelve had been bombed and destroyed. My dad found out from his connections in the Capitol that anyone who had survived the bombing was being held in District Thirteen as temporary citizens or something. After my dad told me about Thirteen, I begged him to let me go but he refused. He did place some calls, though and he found out that my aunt and uncle hadn't survived, but Madge was in District Thirteen. One day he called to check if my aunt and uncle had been found or had survived somehow, and when he asked, they told him that Madge was assigned to a group of soldiers responsible for finding Peeta Mellark from the Capitol and bringing him and some of the other captives back to District Thirteen safely. We knew all about the torturing and such because the Capitol loves to brag and kept playing the footage on our televisions. But anyway, we never heard about what had happened until a few months ago."

"What did you hear?" I ask. I wonder if anyone told her about her cousin's death, or if they lied. A loud crack of thunder interrupts my thoughts, and clearly startles Jackie.

"Um, if you have time, can we go grab some shelter somewhere? The sky isn't looking too promising." She points up at the sky, which has become practically black with thick rain clouds. I hadn't even noticed. I nod, and she points to a large building not too far from the other side of the tracks.

"There's a coffee shop inside that strip, I think. That okay?" she asks. I nod. A cup of coffee sounds amazing right now, not going to lie. She nods, and we cross the now empty tracks. She even walks like Madge.

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