A tall man stood in the middle of a dark room. More accurately, he was floating. He stood out in the darkness due to the full white suit he wore. His white cape flowed behind him like there was a breeze when there wasn't one. A close up of his face showed his vampire like features including his fanged teeth and red eyes. His hair was styled like a crescent moon and black with a single gray stripe in the middle. He had a goatee as well.

"Status report." He said to the empty room, his tone impatient. He wanted a half ghost son and he was willing to go to any length to get one.

"Yes, darling." A hologram image of his one sided love, Maddie replied in a monotone, smiling sweetly.

"Subject D-259." He started to list off, floating past containment pods. In each one was a clone.

"Subject is unstable, dearest." The hologram replied. "Composition is unable to stay solid."

"Flush it." He ordered.

"Yes, honey bunch. Flushing." Within the tube, gas started to fill the chamber. Soon the clone was dissolving into green goo. The only sound was its muffled scream as it was reduced to nothing.

"Next!" he continued to float by the pods, not looking at any of them.

"Subject D-261 is a failure, cookie." It replied, turning the pod. "Subject is unable to stay whole outside containment."

"Flush it." Immediately, another muffled scream resounded. Over the next half hour, over a dozen clones would be 'flushed'. A few times, along with the screams, one could hear the clones banging on the glass cover, fighting for freedom. Vlad paid them no mid as he continued. "Next."

"Subject D-805, Stable, dear heart."

Vlad Plasmius turned to the hologram in slight surprise. "Stable? Explain." He demanded, moving closer. Within the pod, laid a small female, looking to be about twelve. Her hair was white and her clothes were a female version of Danny Phantoms. She slept, looking like a young sleeping princess, waiting to be awakened.

"It would seem that the subject is not only stable but also has brain activity, Love." The hologram replied sweetly. "They're might be a small problem with energy consumption but the subject is relatively stable.

Vlad stood back, staring at the girl within the pod, with his hand on his chin. "Hm. I'm glad that a clone finally came out well but I don't want nor do I need a daughter. Especially one that thinks on her own." He said, turning away.

"Shall I flush the subject as well?" The hologram asked, gas already filling the chamber.

Vlad lifted a hand to stop it. The flow stopped. "No, don't flush her." He said, turning to the pod. He laid a hand on it. "She could prove to be useful. Awaken her."

"Yes, sweet heart. Awakening subject." Slowly, the chamber's glass top opened, releasing green gas that was trapped inside. Once fully open, Vlad came closer and stared at his creation. Amazing, he thought, admiring his work. Never would he have assumed that trying for a female would work so well. Too bad he didn't need a girl or else she would be substitution.

Slowly, green eyes open and blink as their introduced to the new world. The first thing the girls sees is Vlad. Squinting, she tentively reached out a hand to Vlad, the way a child would toward their parent. Her first words sealed it.

"D-daddy?" She whispered her voice soft. Vlad almost let out a laugh but held it in.

"Yes, darling?" Vlad replied sweetly, though his smile was as evil and cruel as his intentions for the clone. "How is my little Danielle doing today?"