Chapter Two

My name is Alix. Not Alex, not Alice, but sort of a cross between the two. I hate teachers because they are always getting it wrong. After that first day when they get it wrong, they would really have to work hard to get on my good side, but they don't even bother. Instead they just choose to continue to see me as a slacker, the guy in the back of class that slouches in his seat and doodles in his notebooks and on his jeans. Even though I get straight A's, I have not had a single teacher that's willing to look past the bad things and see the good things. It probably has something to do with my appearance.

See, I kind of look like your stereotypical emo child, even though I don't give a damn about my appearance. Sure, I do wear black skinny jeans and hoodies every single day of my life, but that's because I am too lazy to ever buy anything else. Most people think that I use hair dye, but I don't. I came out of the womb with pitch black, spiky hair. Most people also think I wear makeup, but I just have naturally pale skin, red lips, and purplish eyelids. Somehow, without even trying, I come off as an evil rebellious teenager that will eat your babies, and apparently teachers don't like that. Even though they are supposed to be all high and mighty and above any feelings of disgust, I can see right through them. They hate me. And I am perfectly fine with that.

I pull myself out of my brain and focus on walking home from school. It is raining and I have my head down, so I don't even notice the person walking right towards me until we crash into each other and fall on our butts.

I stare in shock at the beautiful girl in front of me, who is wearing a similar expression of complete surprise. She has amazing eyes and amazing lips, and I totally love what she is wearing. I think the confused silence must have lasted at least a minute, and then I start to apologize profusely, how could I have stumbled so disrespectfully into this goddess, I deserve to be struck by lightning and die for such an offense. I help her up and then make to leave, not feeling worthy of being in her presence. Just as I am turning away, she grabs my hand and then jumps into the ditch on the side of the road, pulling me with her.