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Elliot sat on his bed looking at the Halloween costume hanging from the door. It was a suit with fangs. He was supposed to play the guy from True Bloods. He had fangs with it. Heck of a costume. "She's not going to notice me in this." Elliot said.

He was voted to be Roman. Olivia was voted to be this blond chick from the show but told her to not wear a wig. If she wore blond hair it would ruin it for him. He already divorced one blond lady. He didn't want to start hitting on Olivia while she was a blond.

Elliot sighed and put on his "monkey suit". He put the fangs in place. He looked in the mirror. For someone who didn't know who the hell he was supposed to be, he looked pretty damn good doing it.

At 7:45 he got into his car and went to pick up Olivia for the party at Amanda Rollins's new apartment. He parked out front and went up to her floor. He knocked once. He heard on muffled "Hold on.".

A minute later, Olivia came out in a black coat that went just above her knee. She had sexy red heels on and her hair laid out just like she has it at work. It was Elliot's favorite look. "Wow!"

Olivia smiled. "Wow what, El? It's a coat, not my costume. You have to wait like everybody else." She locked her door and went down to the lobby with Elliot.

Once outside, Elliot opened the door for her. "Thank you." Olivia said getting in. "No problem." Elliot said before closing the door. The car ride was silent. When they reached Fin's apartment and were greeted, Olivia took of her coat to give to Fin. Elliot seriously thought he came right then and there.

Olivia was wearing a short red dress with a seam up the front. It had a see through black fabric over it showing off every curve in her figure. Olivia smirked at him as other guys looked at her and stared.

"Aren't you glad you waited now?" Olivia asked. Elliot didn't trust his mouth so he just nodded and let his mouth hang open. Once he got the courage to actually say something that didn't sound like a garbling dying man, Casey and Alex came over.

"Nice costume, Liv." Casey said. "Yeah, I love it. Now I kind of wished I was voted for her character." Alex whined. Olivia laughed. "Too bad. I get to be the slutty vampire girl tonight. I actually have no idea what she's like. I've never watched the show. I just found a dress similar to this one that she wore on the show."

"You nailed it don't worry." Casey said smiling and dragging her to other areas of the apartment. Elliot felt something hit his shoulder; he didn't care. He wanted to watch Olivia all night. "Dude, eyes off her ass." Fin said hitting him upside the head.

"Ow, what was that for?" Elliot asked rubbing his head. "You have it bad for Benson. Just go ask her out. You two have been fighting feelings since the day you met." Fin said. "Don't have to tell me. It's been 14 flipping years and I don't have the courage to ask her out. I met Kathy in high school. I asked her out like maybe 5 hours after we met just so I could finally have a girlfriend."

"Well, now's your chance with Benson. I'd hurry 'cause half the guys in this place are wondering who's going to take her home." Fin smirked. "Hell, I'd take her home if she didn't have the hots for you."

"Are you trying to die there Tutola?" Elliot laughed. "I'm proving my point that's all." Fin said walking away. Elliot turned to look at Olivia again and his blood boil. A guy was standing next to her. Flirting with her.

She laughed at something he said and touched his arm. That snapped something in Elliot. He walked up to them and put his arm around Olivia's waist. "Hey El." She greeted. "This is Greg, he works down in homicide."

"Elliot Stabler, I'm Olivia's partner." Elliot said shaking Greg's hand so tightly that he felt the bones move in his hand. Greg took his hand into the other one and rubbed it. "Nice to meet you." He said.

"Hey Liv, would you like to dance." Elliot asked hearing a slow song play through the stereo. "Uh, sure. Let's go." Olivia said. Elliot took Olivia's hand and brought her to him.

"You didn't have to do that." Olivia said. "Do what?" Elliot asked. "Try to crush his hand, El. He's a perfectly nice guy." Olivia sighed. "You could do so much more better than him, Liv." Elliot said.

"El, you always say that. Look we're both getting older. You have kids. You can't understand. I want kids and the man that I want doesn't even notice me." Olivia said. "What guy Liv? Tell me what guy. I will beat their ass into a pulp until they want you." Elliot said.

"That's the thing El. You shouldn't have to help me get the guy I want. It should just happen. I know you're trying to help, just don't. When you butt in, you just seem to mess it up." Olivia huffed. "Well, maybe that was my point." Elliot said.

"What?" Olivia asked confused. "I may be wrong but, Liv, I notice you. Heck, I dream of you. If you want me to, I'll give you everything. You being happy is the most important thing to me. It's just that much more better when I'm the one that puts that smile on your face." Elliot said.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Olivia asked, her heart pounding in her chest. She was sure China could hear it. "What do you think?" Elliot asked nervously. Olivia opened her mouth to speak but closed it.

Instead, she brushed her lips against his. Then she went full force, Elliot kissed her back knowing there was no going back after this. The best part was, he didn't care.

When they parted for breath, they realized everyone was clapping, whooping, and cheering. They heard a couple of GO STABLERS! and some IT'S ABOUT TIMES!

As everyone cheered, Olivia hid her face in Elliot's chest while Elliot laughed at everyone. "You want to give them something to cheer for?" Elliot asked. "Why not?" Olivia laughed.

Elliot lifted Olivia a foot off the ground and kissed her. The cheering got louder. One of the neighbors called threatening to call the cops. Yeah, send a bunch of cops to tell detectives to quiet down.

Elliot and Olivia were holding hands while walking down the hallway to her apartment. "What a night?" Olivia chuckled. "Yeah, best night ever." Elliot smiled. "Well, are you going to come in or not? Olivia asked.

"Of course I am. I practically live here now." Elliot winked at her. "Oh really, do you think I'm that kind of girl Stabler. Let you "stay" here without a proper first date." Olivia smirked. "Oh I just-" Elliot started but was shushed by Olivia's finger.

"Don't worry El." Olivia chuckled. "You've stayed here before, the only difference is that you won't have to sleep on the couch. So, yes. You practically live here now. Especially since, we have the next two days off and no where to go."

Elliot's eyes widened. "Open the door!" He whined in excitement. "You are too easy Stabler." Olivia smirked. "At this point, I don't really care. You've been killing me in that dress all night." Elliot said. "That was the point." She laughed as he slammed the door shut and dragged her to her room.