This is an idea that I got after reading femslash fanfics. I was kinda upset that there weren't many for AJxKaitlyn, so I wrote this on a spur of the moment thing. Author's Note: The Alex you see in the story is not Alex Riley. Alex is my own OC. I do not own the WWE or its Superstars or Divas, but if I did, AJ would still show off her geeky side on TV & the Chickbusters would still be a tag team.

SmackDown went the same way it did every week. The Divas match was already recorded so Kaitlyn and her BFFs AJ & Alex were spending time backstage doing what three geeky best friends do best-get into arguments with some of the other Superstars about which video games and superheroes were more superior. However Kaitlyn seemed to be out of it on her side of the argument where she, AJ, and Alex would usually defend Batman as a superior hero.

The reason why is because, no one knew it (except Alex), but Kaitlyn had a huge crush on AJ. There was something about the brunette that would always leave Kaitlyn grabbing at straws for something to say. The only reason why Alex knew was because one night she heard Kaitlyn moaning AJ's name in her sleep over and over again. So after finally talking it out, Kaitlyn spilled that she had a major crush on AJ. After a few seconds, Alex just hugged Kaitlyn and told her that in time she'd be able tell AJ how she felt. Since that night, Alex has kept the secret. However, Kaitlyn couldn't help but feel that someone else knew.

After several minutes of Kaitlyn's internal frustrations, Alex and AJ decide to end it by doing things the ChickBusters way-by playing video games. Since no one had their consoles at the arena or in their hotel rooms, they all decided to go to an arcade the next day. Later that night while AJ was still getting ready for bed, Alex took this time to talk to Kaitlyn about how she was dealing.

"You feeling okay Katie?"

"Yeah Alex. Things are going so fuckin well considering the fact that I'm rooming the person that I have had the world's largest crush on since our first day on NXT together."

"Would it make you feel any better if I told you if I've been in the same situation you find yourself in right now?"

"Really Alex? You? I know you're bi, but that can't mean that you've ever crushed on any of your co-workers before."

This caused Alex to look over and nervously scratch her head while she said, "Weeellllll…,"

"OMG! You totally have, haven't you?" Kaitlyn said wide-eyed and curious. "You so have to tell me now."

Alex looked a bit hesitant to, but after some silent pleading, she finally decided to admit it to Kaitlyn. "Okay, okay, okay. If you really must know, I used to have a hardcore crush on Candice Michelle." Alex finished with a slight blush to her cheeks.

All Kaitlyn could do was sit and look at Alex with a look of amusement before she started to laugh. "No way! You seriously used to have a crush on Candice?"

"Yes I did. And I would appreciate it if you'd keep it a secret. But we must now get back to the matter at hand: you secretly crushing on Ms. Lee." Alex finished with a slight smirk.

At the mention of AJ, Kaitlyn's face flushed. She looked as if she had seen a ghost.

"Kaitlyn, are you okay?" Alex asked her pale friend.

It took Kaitlyn a while to snap out of her own thoughts that involved her making love to AJ to the sound of Alex's voice.

"Hmm? Oh yeah. I'm fine." Kaitlyn said with a nervous chuckle.

"If you say so." Alex replied.

At that moment, both of them jumped at the sound of the bathroom door opening and AJ coming into the room in her Pokemon pajamas. This was a sight that made Kaitlyn forget to breathe for a few seconds. AJ then proceeded to join her BFFs on their beds.

"Ok guys. What should we watch before we go to sleep for the night?"

"I vote that we watch The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. I haven't seen and I've heard it's awesome." Alex replied enthusiastically.

As AJ and Alex began to chatter excitedly about watching the film, all poor Kaitlyn could do was think about how it would feel to finally get some real personal alone time with her secret crush.