The results are in! I will be doing a sequel after At-Em-Oh Millennium World called At-Em-Oh: Inherited Memories, based on the storyline of Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist of the Roses. I was watching a Let's Play YouTube video of Ka6Scope playing Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist of the Roses. I was afraid at first, because it seemed like one of those Yu-Gi-Oh games where you just duel people, like the ones my friends play (I'd rather that I play it than watch someone else), though this one seemed different and had a storyline to it. I thought that storyline would fit perfectly after this story, because I think it'd be cool if Atem went back in time during the middle ages. Whom will he fight for? The Yorkists or the Lancastrians? If you played the game and have been paying attention, you'd know if Atem is gonna trust a cloaked "who the heck is that guy" or Seto Kaiba. Review please!

Atem Moto was a normal teenage boy until he solved the millennium puzzle and now shares a body with an annoying spirit and gained its dark powers. Along the way, he's gained friends: Hanaski, Tea, Seto, Marik, Ishizu, Mokuba, and many more. Atem participated in Duelist Kingdom to rescue his grandfather's soul, while protecting Kaiba Corp. He gained information about the millennium items and their dark powers. Since Pegasus' death, Yako and Gekko Tenma gained control of Industrial Illusions, including the wicked gods. Yako had been possessed by the wicked gods and devised a plan to bring back Pegasus using Atem, manager of Kaiba Corp, but was stopped by his friends, brother, and Atem's friends and family. Yugi played a Shadow Game against Yako and destroyed the wicked god cards, so now Kaiba Corporation and Industrial Illusions have made a contract for Yako and Gekko to sell products made from Kaiba Corporation. Atem also participated in Battle City, coe-hosting with Seto Kaiba, to win the three Egyptian God cards. He won and now holds them, which are the keys to unlocking Yugi's memories.

Atem Moto: For eight years, Atem had been trying to solve the millennium puzzle. He finished it and now has gained its dark powers and a spirit to share a body with. He now has a sense of understanding with the people around him. He's learn to show affection through words, action, and physical contact. He's also learned that the words he speaks can affect the people around him and now does not use as much negative language, unless he's really really angry or thinks the person deserves it.

As a young boy, Atem shared a romantic childhood love with Serenity Wheeler, Joey's sister. Due to her parents' divorce, she had to leave him at age 10. They never saw each other again until six years later and are now currently dating. Atem will sometimes ask Serenity for curtain favors that include using her millennium necklace, like looking out for house breakers robbing the Game Shop. Atem and Serenity share a dream of being married, having kids, and growing up together until death.

After the divorce of Joey's parents, Joey and Atem were not only molested by Joey's drunkard dad, but the boys also hung out with the wrong crowd. They joined the Ritama gang at age 13 that sold drugs and alcohol, though weren't aware that this gang raped women. When discovering this, they left the gang at age 15. Joey and Atem never joined that gang ever again, except by force.

Atem and Tea were long-time enemies until Yugi became involved in Atem's life. Now, Atem is close friends with her and Hanaski, though are closer with Yugi than Atem. Atem still thinks Tea can be a pain from time to time, but still hold a close friendship. Hanaski and Atem are just close friends.

Atem also met Seto Kaiba, who refused to make any friends due to it interfering with his business work. Though, Seto has learned that making friends has its advantages and makes him stronger instead of weaker. They were known to play games at school or home. They sometimes get on each others' nerves, but share a deep bond. Seto considers Atem one of his best employers, since he's the manager of Kaiba Corp. in Domino City, Japan.

Mokuba considers Atem like a second older brother, since he had taken care of the kid while Seto was comatose. Mokuba and Seto Kaiba consider Atem family.

Atem also happened to meet Ryan Bakura, who shares an ancient spirit and holds a millennium item, the millennium ring. Though, Ryou's situation is different, because inside him lies an evil spirit, who once turned Atem and his friends into avatar dolls in a Shadow Game of an RPG game called Monster World. He struck again in Battle City, controlling Ryou and threatening Atem to hurt Ryan until Ryou fought back. It is uncurtain when this evil spirit will strike again. Ryan is considered one of Atem's close friends and the only one, who can relate to living with a childish spirit inside him.

Atem participated in Duelist Kingdom to rescue his grandfather's soul and win the prize money for Serenity's operation, while protecting Kaiba Corp. when it was near bankruptcy. After defeating Pegasus, he revealed some information about the millennium items. Though, Atem seems to have found a distrust to the Tenma brothers, being that they are Pegasus' adopted sons and now run Industrial Illusions. Yako kidnapping, drugging him, and using his body to resurrect his step father only made Atem distrust the twins even more. Despite this, he does not hold them responsible for what happened to his grandfather and does believe that Yako and Gekko were not aware that Pegasus stole Atem's grandpa's soul in order to gain control of Kaiba Corporation and resurrect his wife.

Atem now has all four millennium items and three god cards: Obelisk, Slifer, and Ra. Each millennium item was given to an individual Atem trusts to prevent easy thievery. Atem keeps the puzzle, Ryan has the ring, Serenity has the necklace, and Seto has the rod. The three others are with Shadi, who has the scale and key, though the eye is currently missing after Pegasus' death. Atem suspects that Ryan might have it unknowingly. All seven millennium items and god cards are to be used to unlock Yugi's memories, though Atem is hesitant to do so due to returning Yugi to the Underworld and never seeing him again.

Atem has a spiritual connection with Dark Magician Girl, whom he calls "Mana." It is possible that she might be the past life of Serenity Wheeler, due to the fact they look alike, but it is not curtain.

Currently, Atem is the manager of Kaiba Corp. in Domino City and has changed his outlooks. He now has a medium-sized cut and dyes his hair black to cover the gold bangs. He also has changed his attitude and look on life. Due to his high salaries, his family is now of a higher middle class and will sometimes ride a limo from time to time.

Atem works hard with hardly any breaks from Seto Kaiba or time to spend with his friends. He tries to make time, but that doesn't always work and will be found sleeping during his off hours or days.

Yugi: A 3000 year old spirit who lives inside Atem, whom he loves to cuddle or share physical affection with and a brotherly bond. It is mentioned that Yugi has known Atem longer than he's known Yugi, due to spending eight years of seeing Atem without touching or communicating with him. Yugi wishes to stay with Atem forever, but wants to rejoin his family in the Underworld and discover his past, since he has no memory of it.

Hanaski is Yugi's best, closest, and first friend he made, since being freed from the puzzle. They're often found holding hands while running down the hallways of Domino High. Tristan and Joey found this weird until they discovered Yugi's existence. Yugi came to know and befriend Tristan and Joey, while still being closer friends with Hanaski.

Yugi shares romantic feelings for Tea Garner, much to Atem's annoyance. Though, after a while, Atem has begun to understand Yugi wanting Tea, sharing romantic feelings for Serenity. Both Yugi and Atem agree on taking turns sharing their romantic times with their girlfriends, not caring about anybody rumoring about Atem having two girlfriends. Tea and Serenity seem to be fine with this. It is not mentioned when or how Yugi and Tea started becoming a couple.

Yugi shares a spiritual connection Dark Magician, whom he calls "Mahad." He seems to be connected somewhat to Yugi's past.

Yugi's discovered that the three Egyptian god cards and all seven millennium items will unlock his hidden memories. For now, he only knows he was once an Egyptian Pharaoh 3000 years ago, who sealed himself inside the millennium puzzle (including his name), and Seto is the reincarnate of his ancient cousin. There is still more for Yugi to learn about his ancient past, but he's reluctant to leave his brother and closest friend. The question is if Yugi will be prepared to leave Atem or not.

Joey Wheeler: Atem's childhood best and closest friend. At one point, Joey and Atem did everything together, until Atem solved the puzzle. Joey noticed a change in Atem when he started acting childish and hanging around with Hanaski and Tea too much. He began questioning Atem, until he discovered the magic of the puzzle and Yugi's existence. Now, Joey and Yugi are close friends.

Joey illegally joined Duelist Kingdom to help Atem win the prize money for his sister's operation. He was disqualified after dueling Bandit Keith. Despite this, Joey's strength increased in his dueling skills and participated in Battle City, thanks to Atem making sure his dueling level was fair. Joey dueled Melvin and collapsed during Battle City, due to third degree burns. He's strong and filled with more hope than ever before.

After a fight with Atem, Joey and his friends went to Kaiba Corp. to rescue their friend, who was kidnapped by Yako and used to bring back Pegasus from the dead. Joey was critical of Atem for not spending time with his friends anymore, due to his work. Though, after seeing Atem's scheduled meetings and a talk with Gekko, Joey's come to realize that Atem works harder than average kids his age. Joey now holds more respect for Atem than he's ever had before. He has also discovered that his negative language can give him a bad reputation.

Joey has a spiritual connection with Red-Eyes Black Dragon, whom he calls "Damon." It's said that Damon was Joey's ancient older brother from the past. Right before Battle City, Rare Hunters had stolen the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, only to be recovered by Atem. Joey promises Yugi for them to duel for the card and let him to keep the card until then. The duel for the Red-Eyes Black Dragon has already been done, but it is unknown who the winner is. It is assumed to be Yugi, but gives Joey his Red-Eyes Black Dragon anyways.

Hanaski Tomoya: A shy and timid boy, who loves Zombire and a big time fanatic of the comic. He used to bring Zombire comics everyday, but seems to have grown out of it. Now, he only brings his Duel Monsters deck to play Duel Monsters with his friends. It's possibly his new obsession, but that's very unlikely. It is not known what his duel level is, but it's assumed to be average or higher, seeing that he was able to beat a pro duelist. Hanaski carries a HERO deck, which involves using fusion monsters as his strategy.

At one point, Hanaski was bullied by Atem and Joey. Now, they're close friends, but his best friend is Yugi, a spirit who lives inside Atem. Hanaski has known about Yugi, since watching him play a Shadow Game with Trudge. Hanaski and Yugi do almost everything together. Seeing that he never had friends before meeting Yugi, Hanaski considers him his first best friend. Tea was Hanaski's childhood friend, but only went as far as close friends, not best friends.

Hanaski's father would come and visit, bringing Zombire comics and stuff. He, at one point, tried to make Hanaski feel stronger by paying thugs to pretend to be criminals and beaten up by him. Though, Hanaski's father came to realize that his son was already strong by having friends always with him. Hanaski still doesn't feel he's as strong or stronger than Yugi or Atem, because he's always weak and afraid. Atem and Yugi think differently and believe that Hanaski is stronger and braver than the thinks, since he's willing to fight for his friends no matter how high the stakes are. Hanaski feels a little more confident, but still doesn't have as much faith in himself as he should.

Tea Garner: Her and Atem were long-time enemies, but now are close friends. Though, their relationship grew overtime, they still have their disagreements and still like to mess around with each other. Their relationship could be compared to in-laws, which is no surprise seeing that Tea is currently dating Yugi, who has a close brotherly relationship with Atem.

Tea's father thinks Tea is dating Atem, mistaking him for Yugi. Her friends tease her about the mix up, including Atem, who was once embarrassed by this, if Yugi started dating Tea. She continues to convince her father that she's not dating Atem, though he does not believe this, seeing that Yugi texts Tea on Atem's cell phone more often than anyone else. Tea decides to deal with the situation, seeing that Atem is willing to put up the trash talk rumors about having two girlfriends.

Tea and Yugi are officially dating and have been for over a year. It is not mentioned when they came to grips with their feelings or when they started dating. Tea came to know Yugi through a shadow game against a guy on death row holding her at gunpoint. Through Yugi, Tea has become close friends with all of Yugi's other friends Joey, Tristan, Ryan, and Marik. Though, Tea and Seto still don't get along.

Serenity is currently Tea's closest girlfriend. Though, it isn't shown of them hanging out together or how they became close. It's probably estimated that this close relationship is due to having their boyfriends share a body and being involved in sharing their man. Seeing that they have no trouble with taking turns, it can be said that Serenity and Tea are very VERY close.

Serenity Wheeler: Atem's childhood lover and current girlfriend. She dealt with bad eyesight most of her life and was hospitalized for it. Now that she's recovered, she's allowed to go anywhere with perfect eyesight. It is mentioned that Serenity has Panic Anxiety due to being molested by her father at a young age. She was given the millennium necklace to help her and now is brave enough to fight back if she ever needs to.

Serenity shows innocent features, much like Yugi, though she also has a brave nature to her. She's willing to protect her boyfriend with her life and dreams of being married to him one day and having kids. Atem shares this dream with Serenity. It seems that their love is very strong and connected. She's admitted that there was no other guy that she could possibly have loved as much as she's loved Atem and he feels the same. In other words, they have probably crushed or dated other people, but neither of them have ever been their perfect lover.

During Battle City, Atem told Serenity about Yugi. Serenity accepts Yugi and sees him as a little brother. She finds his hyperactivity very humorous and cute. There's not much said about Serenity's relationship with Yugi, besides that she loves him like a brother.

Serenity is the possessor of the millennium necklace. Atem will ask Serenity for help from time to time to keep watch and make sure no gangs or thugs try to break in his home. Serenity often helps Atem through curtain situations at work whenever he needs a fortuneteller. Though, the millennium necklace is very limited, seeing that Serenity can't see the future when someone else holds one of the millennium items or holds the same amount of dark powers. This weakness could trigger Serenity's Panic Anxiety, but it seems that it's not as bad as before, so it's possible that Serenity's Panic Anxiety is getting better.

Tristan Taylor: A close friend of Atem's and Joey's since middle school. After Atem solved the puzzle, Tristan discovered his change of personality, but never bothered with it. Tristan was continually unaware of the dark magic Atem possessed until he was told while driving his friends from Kaiba Land to the hospital. It took some convincing, but he now believes and accepts Yugi as a close friend.

It's mentioned that Tristan was raised in a bad environment and has an older sister and her son named Jouji. Tristan occasionally will sometimes be babysitting Jouji. He had only appeared one time during Death T and has shown to not get along with Atem very well. He also knows about Yugi and the dark magic Atem possesses.

Tristan also had a slight crush on Serenity Wheeler, not knowing that she was dating Atem at the current moment. After discovering Serenity was dating Atem, Tristan stood out of the way and waited to see if the relationship would work out or not. Then, Tristan saw Serenity talking to Atem about their future: being married someday and having kids. Tristan now no longer wishes to hook up with Serenity, because she can never be given the love she needs by Tristan. It can be assumed that when Tristan crushed on Serenity, he probably was thinking more about getting the girl laid instead of having a life with her. So far, there hasn't been any mention or sign that Tristan still is crushing on Serenity.

Seto Kaiba: The president of Kaiba Corp. He and Mokuba were adopted by Gozoburro Kaiba as orphans. He gained control of the company after his father committed suicide. He once believed that friendship interfered with his job, but realized that it made him stronger and not weaker. He's made Atem the manager of his company in Japan, being that he's the only one Seto trusts and one of his best employers.

Seto met Atem at his grandfather's game shop, where the Blue-Eyes White Dragon was held. After losing to Atem in a game of Duel Monsters, him and Seto developed a close relationship. They would be found at school playing a variety of games like Chess, UNO, Spades, Battleship, etc. Seto took this as weakness and tried to destroy his close relationship he had with Atem only to end up with a Penalty Game, which included Atem's and Mokuba's name on each hand and being comatose for half a year. Mokuba's name disappeared during Duelist Kingdom and Atem's name disappeared during Battle City. Seto is now willing to admit that he does deeply care about Atem and anyone who messes with him only makes Seto stronger.

Seto does not like Atem's other friends and finds both Hanaski and Yugi annoying, though Yugi shows some interest. Seto does hold respect for Joey as a duelist and respects Serenity as Atem's girlfriend. Despite this relationship, Seto does hint to care about Atem's friends. Seto is shown to be close to Uka like the mother he never had. This had been growing through time since Seto and Atem became friends, but this was not official until the incident when Atem was kidnapped and used to resurrect Pegasus by Yako Tenma.

Seto holds a spiritual connection with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, whom he calls "Kisara." He's also discovered that he's the reincarnate of Yugi's ancient cousin 3000 years ago from a vision he and Atem saw during their duel at Battle City. He's currently the holder of the millennium rod, due to his lack of trust for himself and those around him.

Currently, Seto is living in America temporarily. He's also prepared to give Atem a week off for when he and Yugi are ready to retrieve his memories. Seto is willing to help Atem gain Yugi's memories, especially since he's protecting the rod for Atem.

Mokuba Kaiba: Vice President of Kaiba Corp. and younger brother of Seto Kaiba. When Seto and Atem began developing a close relationship, Mokuba took this as weakness and challenged Atem in a game of Capsule Monsters, but cheating. Atem won and now Mokuba is close to him and sees him as a second older brother.

During Duelist Kingdom, Atem took care of Mokuba while he was working on keeping Kaiba Corp. running and dealing with nightmares, with his brother comatose. Mokuba considers Atem close family and still sees him as an older brother despite Seto not being in his coma state.

Mokuba currently lives in America with his brother and running a Kaiba Corp. building in California.

Duke Devilin: The son of the store owner of the Black Clown game shop. He also is the inventor of the game Dungeon Dice Monsters. The Black Clown game shop is also a rival against Solomon's Game Shop, though Atem and Duke are still good friends despite that. They also made a deal to sell the Dungeon Dice Monsters game at Solomon's game shop, so Solomon could have more costumers.

Despite having great relations with Atem, his father has it the opposite with Solomon Moto. His father once played a Shadow Game against Solomon, meant to gamble the player's youth, for the millennium puzzle. Because he lost, Duke's father now looks older than his actual age and covers it with the mascot costume of his own game shop.

Duke was forced by his father to play against Atem for the millennium puzzle to be the new possessor. From the start, Duke never wanted to be Atem's enemy or the millennium puzzle possessor, but to be Atem's friend. After Atem won, Duke's father tried to be the new possessor himself, but ended up getting a penalty game and set the whole game shop on fire. He's now in jail for attempted murder for several years. It can be assumed that Duke now runs the game shop due to his father's probation.

Duke was with Atem and his friends during Battle City. He's a supportive friend, but has a jerkish side to him. It makes a great compliment to his personality and the more reason for Atem wanting to be friends with him. He's also considered one of Atem's first friends who knew about Yugi before meeting Atem face to face.

Duke had helped rescue Atem, who was kidnapped and drugged by Yako to raise Pegasus from the dead. Though, he never did much, he did speak his mind and told the facts. Duke seems to be taken to be straight forward and is not afraid to speak his mind.

Ryan Bakura: The holder of the millennium ring, who holds an ancient spirit inside him, like Atem. He shares the same relationship with Ryou as Atem does with Yugi. It's revealed that because Ryan and Atem have alot in common with their relationship toward their spirit brothers, they reveal alot more to each other than with anyone else.

Ryan is the bad boy of the school. He was once a con artist working at a casino in England. When him and Ryou met, Ryou gave Ryan a reason to show love. Though, this was before he realized Ryou carried an evil spirit inside him that would possess him without warning.

Ryan discovered the evil spirit when he bought the game Monster World. The evil spirit took control of Ryou and turned his and Ryan's friends into avatar dolls. They continually moved from one place to another until they met Atem and his friends in Domino City and Yami Ryou challenged them to a Shadow Game. Yugi defeated Yami Ryou and Ryan kept the millennium ring off until Duelist Kingdom, when Yugi needed help to defeating Pegasus.

Yami Ryou took control of Ryou again during Battle City, seemingly working with Marik temporarily. Ryan still has the millennium ring to stay close to Ryou, but the evil spirit could strike at anytime.

Ryan is shown to have a curiousity over the millennium items. He knows now they hold a dark power, probably explaining why Ryou keeps becoming possessed by the evil spirit. Ryan also suspects it maybe the reason to Pegasus' sudden death.

Ryou: The spirit of the millennium ring, who lives inside Ryan. Ryou has no memories exceeding 10 years old, due to being possessed by some sort of darkness from the millennium items. It's said that this same darkness that possessed Ryou in the ancient past might be the same one who's possessing him now.

Just like Yugi, Ryou loves cuddling, feeling physical affection, and has a close brotherly bond with Ryan. Because of this, Ryan and Atem understand the bond they share with their spirit brothers and can be more open to each other on this aspect.

After defeating the evil spirit, who sealed his friend's souls in avatar dolls, Ryan kept the ring off, preventing Ryou from spending any time with his other friends. He envied Yugi, because he could spend time with his friends whenever he wanted. Though, Ryan wears the ring again, so Ryou now can spend time with his friends, but with a heavy risk.

Yami Ryou had possessed Ryou during Battle City, seemingly siding with Marik temporarily. Atem had played a Shadow Game against Yami Ryou and defeated him. Ryan still has the millennium ring, so Yami Ryou can still possess Ryou again, though nobody knows why he sided with Marik to begin with.

It is suspected that Yami Ryou murdered Pegasus and stole the millennium eye, though Ryou is unaware of this. Ryou is hoping that Yugi can help defeat the darkness possessing him when he strikes again.

Marik Ishtar: Former holder of the millennium rod and a tombkeeper, bound to protect the millennium items, or two of them. He was introduced when he entered Battle City to avenge his father's death, thought to be murdered by Yugi. He's now realized that his father's death was caused by his second personality he created out of his grief, anger, and extreme abuse.

When entering Battle City, Marik came under the name Namu. He befriended Atem and controlled him with the millennium rod, unaware that he was the possessor of the millennium puzzle. When Marik discovered Atem was the possessor of the puzzle, he took this as an advantage to trap Yugi's and Atem's friends and make Yugi suffer for murdering his father.

Marik's second personality Melvin took over when Odion was put in a coma. Marik realized that Melvin was the true cause of his father's death and possessed Atem to play a Shadow Game against Melvin. Ryou, of course, took Atem's place to duel for Marik. Unfortunately, Marik lost and this sent Ryou and Ryan to the Shadow Realm, only for Marik to be trapped inside Atem's body for the time being. By fighting back during Melvin's duel with Yugi, Marik was finally able to gain control over his body again and have Melvin be the one sent to the Shadow Realm.

Marik and Atem are still friends to this day and Marik now realizes that Yugi is a good person. He also is taking medication for his disorder.

Ishizu Ishtar: Marik's older sister. Ishizu knows alot about Ancient Egyptian history due to being a tombkeeper and the former possessor of the millennium necklace. She gave Seto and Atem information about the Rare Hunters before Battle City and informed Yugi about his ancient past. She was never seen again until the finals of Battle City when she dueled against Seto.

Ishizu participated in Battle City to save her brother from his second personality Melvin. She only watched the duels after losing to Seto Kaiba. It's told that Ishizu was once like Serenity and developed a similar disorder due to abuse by her father or possibly intermarriages that run in the family. Seeing that Serenity had no future after the final eight, Ishizu gave her the millennium necklace to help Serenity with her Panic Anxiety. Because of the necklace, Serenity knows what will happen in the future before it happens, curing the Panic Anxiety.

Though Ishizu protects Yugi's tomb and memories, she also does not believe in hiding underground and decides for her and Marik to live in the real world. She believes that she can help Marik with his disorder and putting him on medication. The last that was seen of Ishizu and Marik was them leaving back for Egypt, leaving the two millennium items to Atem.

Yako Tenma: Coe President of Industrial Illusions after the death of Maxamillion Pegasus. After his death, Yako and Gekko went through a depression. Though, they are unaware that the evil spirit inside Ryan murdered Pegasus. Yako does not know who murdered his adopted father.

While cleaning up Pegasus' old bedroom, Yako opened his father's safe and took a hold of the wicked gods, who possessed him. Yako began conjuring up a plan to use Atem's body to resurrect Maxamillion Pegasus. After the Shadow Game against Yugi, Yako is no longer possessed by the wicked gods cards and they are now destroyed.

Yako was unaware of Pegasus' actions of capturing Atem's grandpa's soul in order to gain control of Kaiba Corp. to resurrect his wife. Despite this, Yako shares the same feelings of wanting Pegasus back, but not willing to risk the life of someone else unless possessed to do so.

Yako and his brother have made a contract with Kaiba Corp. to sell their products.

Gekko Tenma: Identical twin of Yako Tenma and coe President of Industrial Illusions. After Pegasus' death, Gekko also went through a depression, but believed that Pegasus would want him and Yako to live their lives without him. Gekko is not willing to risk someone else's life and if someone does, he will not hesitate to stop him or her.

Yako had removed Gekko from his job when trying to stop him from using Atem's body to resurrect Pegasus. Desperate he went to Atem's friends to help him stop Yako from making the biggest mistake of his life that could lead to imprisonment. They were willing to help and agreed to not let the police know that Yako was the main cause of Atem's capture and almost murder.

Gekko is blunt, but also has a sympathetic side to him. He always stays by Yako's side and agrees with almost everything Yako says, unless he's doing something that threatens someone else's life or is not acting like himself. Because of this, Gekko is very supportive of his brother and closer to him more than anyone else.

Gekko seems to have respect for Atem, despite them having some tension, due to distrust. After discovering what Pegasus did in Duelist Kingdom, he is hoping that by helping Kaiba Corp. sell their products, he could mend that tension and makeup for Pegasus' and Yako's mistakes.

Gekko is unaware that Yami Ryou or Ryan was the true murderer of Maxamillion Pegasus.

Solomon Moto: Atem's current guardian and grandfather. Solomon is the founder of the millennium puzzle, buried inside the tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh. His grandson solved the puzzle and was granted dark powers and a spirit, who now rests inside him. Solomon believes Atem was destined to solved the puzzle and tries to help him any way he can, even while his soul was trapped inside Atem's iPhone during Duelist Kingdom.

Though, it's unclear if Solomon knows about Yugi's history or not. It's also never mentioned if he was ever told about Battle City and the Shadow Games that were played.

Uka Moto: Atem's current guardian and mother. For a time, she was unaware of Yugi's existence until Atem played a Shadow Game against Pegasus on web cam. Uka accepts Yugi and loves him like her own son, though still continually worries for Atem and carries alot of weight and grief on her shoulders.

Ever since Atem joined a gang that sold drugs and alcohol at age 13, Uka fears of losing her son. She feels pity that Atem works harder than the average teen at his age. Some of the times, Uka wishes she could've kept her son from suffering as much as he did. Though, Uka is proud of Atem for taking responsibility for his own actions and acting more grown up.

It's shown that Uka loves Seto like her own son. This is probably due to the visitations before Death T. Seto will drop by for a visit, whenever he comes to Domino City, to play a game with Atem. Uka admires and respects Seto as one of Atem's good and loyal friends.

Yami Ryou: An evil spirit who takes over Ryou's mind from time to time. He is said to come from the darkness of the millennium items, but this is not specific. He took control of Ryou at ten years old, which is why he doesn't remember any of his childhood over ten.

Yami Ryou appeared when Ryan bought the game Monster World and played a Shadow Game against Ryan's and Ryou's friends to seal their souls in avatar dolls. This kept going until Yami Ryou played against Yugi and his friends and lost. Yami Ryou was weakened for the time being, but struck again when he murdered Pegasus. It's also hinted that he took the millennium eye as well.

The evil spirit struck another time when Ryan entered Battle City and made a deal with Marik. He joined Marik to gain some information about the inscriptions on his back. It is unknown what Yami Ryou's true intentions were, but it's curtain that he was not planning on winning against Atem during Battle City.

Yami Ryou was never seen from again after Battle City, but is bound to strike at anytime.

Priest Seto: Yugi's ancient cousin from 3000 years ago. According to the vision Atem, Yugi, and Seto were given during Battle City, Priest Seto was possessed by some sort of evil that's destroying Egypt. There is not much said about Priest Seto other than being the past life of Seto Kaiba and possibly having a close and loyal relationship with Yugi. It's also mentioned that Priest Seth was Pharaoh after Yugi's death.

Damon: The human form of Red-Eyes Black Dragon. It's said that he's the older brother of Joey's past life. Because Joey is so much like Joseph, Damon's little brother, Damon treats Joey like his little brother and usually gives advice or support. It's also said that he was the former possessor of the millennium rod and priest under Pharaoh Seth.

Kisara: The human form of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. There is not much to say about her, except that she's Seto Kaiba's soul card.

Mana: Is Dark Magician Girl and Atem's soul card. She looks like a spitting image of Serenity, probably hinting that she is possibly her past life. It's also hinted that she's connected to Yugi's ancient past.

Mahad: Is Dark Magician and Yugi's soul card. Mahad is one of Yugi's most loyal monsters and protector. It's hinted that he's connected to Yugi's past, but it's uncertain how.

Shadi: The last Shadi was seen was challenging Yugi to a Shadow Game a year ago when trying to judge Professor Hawkins for trespassing to the Valley of the Kings. Yugi stopped Shadi due to Professor Hawkins not knowing about the laws of the dead and nobody believing in Ancient Egyptian mythology around the modern times.

Shadi tested Yugi in a Shadow Game and had lost. He disappeared, never to be seen again. He possesses the millennium key and millennium scale. His picture was also seen in Pegasus' mansion.