Chapter 38




Summary: Will the proud music teacher eventually find love with the beautiful kindergarten teacher or will he forever come second to the football coach? Rated M. COMPLETE.

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Kurt Hummel Puckerman watched his daughter stride across the stage, her huge smile in place as she shook the Principal's hand and received her diploma with the other. She turned to the crowd of onlookers and waved, her eyes going to her parents as she laughed in triumph. Then she turned around and skipped off the stage to join the other little graduates from Kindergarten to 'big' school.

Noah watched the look of pride on his husband's face and then slid his hand over Kurt's. Leaning in a bit, he whispered teasingly, "I don't know why little kids have to go through graduation ceremonies!"

Kurt flicked a little annoyed look at him and huffed before hissing, "It makes them feel proud, Noah. Now, shush, we're disturbing people!"

Noah settled back in his seat, chuckling softly as he eyed Kurt's beautiful face. His husband was probably the best thing to happen to him in a long while, he had to admit. The way Kurt embraced both him and Judith was epic and he would never change any part of his life at all.

Judith spun around in her seat to wave at her dads, her face bright and shining with happiness.

After the graduation they were going to her birthday party and today just had to be the best day ever invented. When Kurt threw her a kiss she grinned and turned back around to look down the row for her best friend Briony. She and her parents were going to be at her party which was at a special place, her daddy Kurt said.

She had stopped actually calling him 'Daddy' Kurt because she had decided he would be daddy and her first daddy would be her Poppa. She also had a Grandpa Burt, too, and a Grandma Carole and along with Aunt Sarah, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Finn she had more than enough family to be the happiest little girl in Lima.

She swung her legs as the various teachers and some of the parents got up on the stage and said a bunch of stuff. She knew she had to be polite and sit through the ceremony but really, she just wanted cake and ice-cream. She giggled in happy anticipation, wondering what wonderful creation her daddy had made for her. Sighing in contentment, she watched the parade of grownups and then applauded when everyone else did.

Finally, the function drew to a close and the teachers for each class led the children out of their section to be greeted, hugged, petted and kissed. It was a noisy clamor but she didn't care as she leapt into her Poppa's muscular arms.

Noah swung his little girl around, nuzzling his nose into her neck and listening to her squeal that he was tickling her! He laughed and then held her firmly on his hip as he leaned over to drop a quick kiss on Kurt's nose. Judith laughed as her daddy scrunched up his nose but then he smiled and leaned up to give her a kiss, too.

She got hugs and kisses from her aunts and uncle and she made sure to pat Aunt Rachel's tummy to ensure that she would have a girl. She had overheard her aunties talking, saying that the world needed more girls and she agreed. She needed a girl cousin to play with but if she got a boy, she just didn't know what she would do.

They turned as a group when Miss Marcy came over to them and minutes later, with Briony's family in tow, they all left for the restaurant where the party was to be held.

Kurt felt as if his heart was full as he buckled Judith into her seat and Briony's mom buckled her into her car seat beside Judith. The girls were even more inseparable if that were possible and Briony's parents, Dave and Ashley seemed quite fine with the arrangement. In fact, because of the girls' constant desire to sleep over at either girl's home, the grownups came to their own arrangement. They would have date nights on those occasions when their daughters were together. It worked wonderfully and those nights when Judith was at Briony's they made sure to get in as much grownup fun as possible. They always turned in before midnight and spent hours sating themselves on each other's body.

Kurt sometimes flushed when Judith would come home the next day and either Ashley or Dave would look at them knowingly with a little smirk. Noah simply grinned with an air or repletion that left no doubt in any adult's mind how he and Kurt had spent Judith's sleepover. Kurt would sometimes shake his head at him but Noah simply ignored him.

Now everyone was assembling outside the restaurant he had found and as he waited for Finn and Rachel to find parking, he smiled at all the folks waiting there. Judith and Briony had their heads together as usual and he smiled as he watched them. He hoped their friendship would last for as long as they needed it to, he thought, as he felt Noah's arm go around his waist.

That was another thing he had had to get used to: public displays of affection between them. Noah was surprisingly demonstrative and Kurt absolutely loved it, even though it took him a while to get used to it. They had been married five months now and some things still took him by surprise. One was that Noah never argued with him; oh, they had disagreements, of course, but there were never any fights. Noah almost always deferred to him and one night, feeling a little out of sorts, Kurt had confronted him about it.

"Kurt, stop," Noah had said in the sharpest tone Kurt had ever heard him use to him. He had stared at Noah with wide eyes, waiting for him to continue. With a sigh, Noah had pulled him towards him, settling him down against his chest and stroked his hand up and down Kurt's back.

"Babe, why are you going to be upset because we don't fight? Isn't that kind of ass backward? It's good that we get along so great!" Noah dropped a kiss on Kurt's tousled hair and waited for his husband to speak.

Kurt sighed and then leaned up to rest a hand and then his chin on Noah's chest. He pouted a bit before meeting his eyes and then explained. "I'm afraid that things are going too good, sweetie. It's not normal that we should see eye-to-eye on everything!"

Noah held back a snort but he did roll his eyes. "Kurt, believe me, we won't see eye-to-eye on everything forever. We're still in the honeymoon phase, babe! I tell you, the first time you want to dress me in pink, it's on!"

Kurt stared at him in shock and then burst out laughing; real, from the bottom of his belly laughter that soon had Noah cracking up, too. When they'd finally caught their breath and Kurt was shaking his head ruefully, Noah tugged him close again.

"Don't worry, babe, things won't get dull for us, I promise. It's just that I think we're really compatible in every way."

He realized what he'd said when he saw Kurt's brilliant blues darken to that hue that said he was becoming aroused and he caught his breath. When Kurt bit down onto his plump bottom lip and then dropped his eyes, Noah felt his boxers tighten as his body reacted. The nonverbal cues to their arousal were becoming quite familiar and now, as he watched faint color come up Kurt's face, he hauled him upwards and took his mouth in a deep kiss.

Kurt had straddled him, his mouth opening to Noah's tongue and the silly, insecure thoughts had been burned away in the inferno of their lovemaking. Sometimes they went at each other as if they hadn't seen each other in a while and, at other times, the lovemaking seemed to stretch out for hours. They never tired of the feel of the other beneath their hands or mouths and, on more than one occasion, they'd had to excuse themselves when in public to go and take care of business.

It was the honeymoon phase, indeed.

Now as they waited for everyone to arrive beneath the awning of Ariel's Dream, the bakery and restaurant that Kurt had discovered a month before, Kurt's eyes shone as he looked at all the friends and family gathered there.

He and Noah had booked the restaurant for that evening and with the help of their friends, Marcy foremost, had decorated the place to look like something out of a children's storybook. Kurt couldn't wait for the children and their grownups to see the place and happiness fizzed in his blood like champagne.

He called everyone's attention to him, some of whom were trying to peer through the tinted glass of the doors to see the interior.

"Ahem, everyone, thank you for coming to the graduation ceremony and, of course, to Judith's birthday celebration." He grinned around at all the faces turned towards him. "And now, without any further delay… let's go in!"

He threw the doors open and stepped aside to let Judith, Briony and her parents enter first, waiting to see their reactions.

Judith stopped in the foyer and stared around with her mouth and eyes wide, Briony just as awed beside her.


Kurt couldn't help bursting out into laughter and he grabbed Noah's hand as everyone filed past them into the beautiful space.

They had all outdone themselves, transforming the place with balloons, streamers, cut-outs of popular and favorite fictional characters. The chairs were elegant and sturdy, covered in gauzy fabric tied with pink satin ribbons. Judith's favorite color featured prominently and little fuchsia hearts decorated the table tops.

The grownups were just as fascinated with the décor, some even commenting on how much it reminded them of their childhood. Everyone milled about and eventually some found seating they liked and then Kurt looked around for Judith.

"Ooomph, oh my goodness!" Kurt laughed as Judith slammed into him, wrapping her little arms tightly around his waist. He hoisted her up for a hug and she nuzzled her nose against his neck as she liked to do, whispering tearily, "Thank you, daddy, it's beautiful!"

Kurt felt his eyes pricking but he smiled as he whispered back, "Not as beautiful as you, sweetheart. Happy birthday!"

She stayed in his arms for several seconds before leaning back and planting a whopping kiss on his cheek. Kurt laughed and hugged her to him before allowing her to slide down and dash over to where Noah was talking with Finn and a couple of other people. Kurt smiled softly as she watched father and daughter hugging tightly and then she was off to find Briony.

He caught Noah's eyes and smiled, knowing that within seconds his husband would excuse himself to come over and join him. When Noah was beside him, Kurt turned once again to the crowd and announced that he knew everyone was hungry so they would just jump right into the most important thing… the food.

When everyone cheered loudly he laughed and with a nod to the restaurant's proprietor, he stood back and watched as the staff started bringing out carts laden with scrumptious party food.

The noise level rose tremendously but Kurt and Noah stood in a little pocket of quiet with their arms around each other, watching their family, friends and guests. Only when Kurt's tummy growled did they make their way over to one of the gaily decorated tables and take their seats. The food was waiting on them and they dug in, laughing and chatting as they filled themselves.

Finally, when Judith had had enough of eating, she came and whispered to her dads that she was ready for her gifts. Kurt turned to her with eyes wide and one hand over his mouth. He turned to wink at Noah and then looked back at Judith apologetically.

"Oh, sweetie, you wanted presents, too?!" His eyes were sparkling as, for a brief moment, Judith's big brown eyes widened in dismay… and then she narrowed them in suspicion at her dad.

"Daddy, stop teasing! I know you have presents for me; I heard you and Poppa talking!"

Kurt and Noah burst into chuckles and then Kurt excused himself. Standing near the front of the room, Kurt made a surreptitious signal to one of the wait staff and when the young man disappeared Kurt turned to everyone.

"Well, now that we have enjoyed this delicious food prepared by Ariel – everyone give her a hand," and he applauded loudly along with everyone else, Ariel smiling and giving a little wave, "it's time for the most important part of the evening, as Judith would have us believe."

Everyone chuckled and looked at the little girl who was beaming and bouncing in her seat. She leaned over to whisper something to Briony and when she straightened up, Kurt continued.

"Will Ms. Judith Hummel Puckerman please come forward?" He grinned when his daughter's eyes widened and she hopped down to skip over to him, curiosity all over her little face.

He took her hand in his and said softly but clearly enough for everyone to hear. "Sweetheart, you are six years old today and even though I didn't know you for much of the first five, you will always be in my heart."

She nodded eagerly and piped up, "Me, too, daddy!"

Everyone laughed for they knew what she meant. Kurt looked out at all the well-wishers gathered there and when Noah came up to join them he continued. "This is from your Poppa and me, sweetheart. Enjoy!"

Judith stared up at her parents, puzzled as they handed her a large pink envelope. She took it, murmuring her thanks because she was a very well-brought up little girl but stared at it. Kurt leaned down slightly and said, "Well, open it, sweetie!"

The little girl looked at him and then at the envelope, still puzzled and then she slid her little index finger beneath the shiny pink seal holding it closed. As she did, the envelope fell open to reveal…


The place erupted in applause as Judith's shriek echoed around the room, laughter and chatter taking over as she threw herself at her dads. They hugged her and laughed and Kurt quickly pointed to the second ticket. Judith's eyes widened even further and she gasped:

"I'm going to Disney World… with Briony? Yay!"

She spun around to grab Briony and the two little girls hopped around in ecstasy, laughing at their good fortune. Kurt smiled, his eyes watering as he watched the glow surrounding the girls. If only everyone could be that happy all the time, he sighed and then looked up at Noah who was watching the children.

I could be this happy all the time, Kurt mused as Noah turned to smile at him, love and affection in equal portions in the dark eyes as they looked back at him. With no regard for anyone watching, Kurt lifted his chin and Noah took the invitation though he managed to keep the kiss fairly PG.

Kurt smiled happily as he leaned against his husband and then he realized that Judith had forgotten entirely about the rest of her gifts. As he watched her tugging Briony hither and yon and showing off their Disney tickets, he chuckled. When the first flush of euphoria wore off, he bet she would remember the rest of her birthday presents.

He and Noah went back to their seats but first Kurt let Ariel know she could bring in the dessert. As he watched the wait staff clearing and setting up for the dessert course and the birthday cake, he realized he could see himself doing this sort of thing for a long time. Maybe over the summer break he could properly consider making a career switch but he knew it would take some serious thinking and planning.

He hadn't told Noah as yet that Ariel was looking for a partner as she was getting a bit up in age and wanted to take things easy, spend more time with family, that sort of thing. Finding this place had been a stroke of luck, he thought now as he watched the staff scurrying about. They were good folk and Kurt had enjoyed working with them to set up this party for his daughter.

Finally, when there was a slight lull in activity and Judith was once again seated, the lights dimmed and everyone held their breath. From an alcove a young server came out pushing a trolley with a huge sheet birthday cake on it. At a glance, in the dimness, the cake seemed fairly ordinary. The server positioned the trolley next to Judith's table, however, and the little girl gasped at the sight of her special birthday cake.

Kurt had outdone himself, of course, for his daughter's sixth birthday party. The cake was amazing and just the sight of Judith's shining eyes made all the sweat and work worthwhile.

The cake was actually in two square layers and up close you could see that it included a stylized sandcastle with starfish and seaweeds made of gelatin set on a sandy beach. There were tiny sea creatures made of fondant and spun sugar dotted all over but most important of all was the figure of Ariel, the Disney version, of course.

"Oh, daddy, it's beautiful," Judith's hushed voice wafted to him and Kurt grinned as he stood to help her with its cutting.

"Baby, you need to do the honors, remember?" Noah's amused voice brought Judith out of her little daze and she grinned broadly at everyone before grabbing Briony. Kurt didn't know how that little girl stood to be dragged everywhere by Judith but she never, ever complained.

The two little girls positioned themselves at either end of the beautiful cake and watched as two elegant cake knives were positioned for the cutting. First, though, came the blowing out of the large, pale pink and white No. 6 candle that stood dead center of the top layer of the sandcastle.

Judith closed her eyes to make her wish and then, as everyone waited, she leaned forward and blew out her candle. At the sound of the applause that erupted, she beamed and clapped her hands before leaning forward to grasp the handle of her cake knife.

"On the count of three, ladies… and," Kurt began, stifling a giggle at how solemn Judith now looked as she waited to do her part. "One… two… three!"

Everyone cheered as the little girls did an excellent job of slicing into the huge cake. The knives were taken from them and Kurt ushered them to their tables, Noah bringing the cake plates with the first two slices for them.

Judith gasped when she looked at her slice and glanced over at Briony's plate. Yes, she wasn't imagining it; her cake was a rainbow cake! She spun around to look up at her daddy standing there and she grinned widely at him. Kurt ruffled her hair, leaned downed to kiss her cheek and whispered, "Enjoy!"

The girls dug into their slices of rainbow cake, their legs swinging in greedy enjoyment and managed to smile at each other at the same time.

Kurt moved away to join Noah at their table with their cake waiting and suddenly he realized that everything that had led to this moment was special. As he slid into his seat, he grasped Noah's hand and looked at him solemnly. Noah raised an eyebrow and leaned closer to his husband, wondering what was going on in Kurt's overactive brain.

"What is it, babe, what's wrong?"

Kurt jerked slightly and realized he'd given Noah the wrong impression. He smiled softly and bumped his shoulder against Noah's before whispering, "Nothing's wrong, sweetie; that's just it. Everything that brought us to this point, I never realized before – they had to happen just like this, you know?"

Noah narrowed his eyes at Kurt and tilted his head before replying, "You mean even my being a jerk to you when we were kids? That was meant to happen?"

Kurt pouted at him and then smiled finally, nodding. "Yeah; maybe even you being a jerk and me not giving you the time of day. Think about it, sweetie; would you have done anything differently, knowing we might not have had Judith?"

Noah thought about all the things he'd done and regretted and been happy for. He thought even of Donna and realized he bore her no hard feelings anymore because he was so happy. Finding Kurt again, even if he had simply remained Judith's teacher was one of the positives. The fact that he was a lucky sod who ended up marrying his former schoolmate, working at a job he hadn't realized he would love and being allowed to be a father to another child… Yes, he knew what Kurt meant.

Forgetting the cake in front of him, he slid an arm around Kurt's waist and hugged him, his eyes meeting Judith's as she smiled over at him. He blew her a kiss and when she giggled and drew Briony's attention to him, he turned so that they could see him kiss her dad.

Kurt, blushing slightly, relaxed into the relatively chaste kiss. If they couldn't show their love and affection in front of family and friends at their daughter's birthday party, then all this wasn't worth it. But it was all good and those of the guests who witnessed them kissing simply smiled and turned back to the important matter of their delicious cake. After all, that's why they were there and not a speck of that cake was going to go to waste.

Noah chuckled as he leaned back and, taking up his fork, sliced off a bit of cake and held it towards Kurt. Kurt smiled, batted his lashes at his romantic husband and allowed him to slip the cake into his mouth.

As he chewed, though, he couldn't hold back a chuckle as, a table away he could hear two bright little voices yelling in stereo: