I know others have tempted a similar story but i just had the urge to bust this out. This won' be exactly like Clockwork Angel, there will be new stuff but the bigger plot lines will remain. So yeah..Enjoy!

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Tessa headed towards the designated "Classics" section part of the library. Weaving the heavy cart full of books, she noticed how isolated it was today. Normally students crowded the shelves searching for a book that they rather borrow than buy because they only need it for that single assignment. No appreciation at all, Tessa thought. Picking up a rather thick book from the cart, she glanced at the title and smiled. Don Quijote was one of her all time favorites. Tessa read it when she was in a particularly sour mood and needed to get out of that funk. Don Quijote and Sancho's adventures never failed to make her laugh. She opened to the book to a random page and began reading.

A faint noise caught Tessa's attention. Looking up from the book and turning to all directions, she found nothing. A feeling of uneasy began to crawl through her. This had not been the first time she felt as if she was being watched. It all began when she moved to London six weeks ago to stay with her brother. But Nate never showed up to pick her up at the airport. Instead Tessa had been confronted by two women confirming that he was away at a business trip and would be staying them with as long as necessary. She imagined living with the Dark Sisters paralleled to living in a prison. They took away all her personal items including her passport and money. They enrolled her in home schooling and scheduled volunteer hours at the library where they were employed. Tessa was not allowed to wonder about till Nate came back. There was also the strangest rule about not talking to anyone. The sisters had even emphasized punishment on that rule. Why had Nate left her with such strict controlling people? It wasn't so much that she was a social butterfly desperately trying to spread her wings but this was London! There was so much history and she had not seen any of it. Surely thoughts of running away had crossed her mind a time or two but without any money, how far could she get? So Tessa stayed and impatiently waited for her brother to get back.

Lost in thought, she almost missed the shadow that slid behind one of the bookcases. Unsure if this was some sort of practical joke or not, this was beginning to scare her. Gripping the weighty book to be used as a weapon if it need it be and asking Don Quijote for courage, she turned the corner to the bookcase where the shadow fled.

There was no one. Tessa heard a small breathe behind her which was clearly not hers because she was holding in hers. She could feel it now. There was someone right behind her. Before she could succumb into her fear, in one quick fluid motion she turned and swung the book. Tessa noticed he was a boy not much older than her at the moment the book made contact with his cheek.

"Ow! You hit me," he said with a slight hint of amusement.

Tessa was too distracted by his looks to answer back. He was beautiful. Not just beautiful but heartbreakingly so. He was very tall with a lean but with a much defined body, had a head full of black hair that appeared as if he ran his hands through it several times a day and it was perfect. He had a set of full lips, his eyes were a distinct blue, high cheekbones, and very long eyelashes. She knew she was staring but she couldn't help it. Was he real?

"I could seriously be suffering a concussion you know," he went on. Tessa picked up on his accent, so very British.

"Why were you sneaking up on me?!"

He cocked his head to the side and narrowed his blue eyes at her. "You're in danger and you need to come with me."

Okay this has to be a joke, she thought. "I dunno why you think this is funny but-"

"We don't have much time," he said annoyed. "Well we might have if you hadn't attacked me with Don Quijote of all books."

A ringing sound began to play and the boy brought out his phone from his jean pocket. Tessa noticed it was a very advanced smart-phone, one she had never seen.

"Damn! The sisters spotted Henry. Let's go"

"Why the would I go anywhere with you? I don't even know your name," she demanded.

He let out an exasperated breath and regarded her with so much attention Tessa's face felt hot. "My name is William Herondale but everyone calls me Will. The Dark sisters have been lying to you about your brother being away. He has been missing weeks. We're not sure why they have been holding you hostage but that must mean something. Do you anything about the Magister? Don't answer that right now. There now can we go now Miss…" He looked at her expectantly.

"Miss Gray," She whispered. "Miss Theresa Gray"

Tessa's head was spinning trying to register all of Will had said. She knew it all had felt wrong but this wasn't supposed to happen. She had so many questions she could not pick one.

Her thoughts must have been visible across her face because Will said, "I know you don't have a reason to trust me but what is your gut telling you right now?"

He stood very close to her which was not helping Tessa's thought process. "You will help me find my brother?"

Will leaned down to level his face with hers. "Yes I will help you," he said. Can we go now?"

From a distant part of the library Tessa heard her name being yelled. She felt her skin crawl.

"What is the quickest way outside?" Will demanded.

Tessa ran through the bookcases like she had a map through a maze, with Will only a step behind her. She didn't trust Will but someone confirming that the Dark Sisters had not been what they appeared made her feel less crazy. She was scared but knowing that her brother was in danger gave a strength she didn't know she had.

Finally reaching an emergency exit that Tessa knew didn't work, she pushed the doors open. It was night and the streets were oddly quiet.

Will grinned. "Come on. My bike is around the corner."

"Bike?" she repeated.

Will chose not to answer until they arrived at a sleek black motorcycle. Tessa gulped, Okay. I can do this. Don't be a coward. This is for Nate.

"Yes bike," he said almost teasingly. "Sorry no helmets either."

Placing himself on the bike, he started it up. This was Tessa's chance to run. To run from the Dark sisters. To run from Will. But her gut told her that Will wasn't one of the bad guys. She walked next to the bike and swung her leg over. Nervously she placed her arms around Will's waist and held on tight.

"Hold on Gray," he warned right before he sped into the night.

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