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They had no idea who he was, what he was capable of. Jasper had made sure of that when he left.

The idea had been simple, a hundred year vacation from his family. It had been relatively easy for him to set everything up.

The fact that there was a war on the horizon had helped a lot.

One hundred years as a mortal, as Jasper Whitlock, had been the plan. Not even his mortal body being turned into a vampire had derailed his plans. He admitted he was surprised that of all his godly powers, it was his empathy that carried over into his vampire body. He thought he'd have to return to normal before regaining anything other than his combat and tactical skills.

The vampire wars had been fun. His nickname had been amusing, especially consider he actually was the God of War, albeit no one else realized it. But he had gotten bored of the same war, so when Peter and his mate Charlotte came to "rescue" him from maria's army, he had went, fully intending to spend the rest of his hundred years killing and drinking blood, which appealed to his violent nature.

But then he met her.

Alice had changed everything for him. He had no idea how he fell in love with the small vampire, but for her he abandoned everything. To him, she was more beautiful than Aphrodite (which was saying something). She made him want to be a better man than he was.

And when his hundred years ended, he hadn't returned to Olympus. He knew that eventually Zeus would send out searchers to look for him, but he would worry about that when it happened. He had covered his tracks pretty well, and he was positive he could convince those he believed capable of finding him to leave him alone.

Alice loved the Cullens, and though he could take her with him if he returned to Olympus, she would be devastated to leave the rest of her adopted family behind. He could never intentionally hurt her, physically or emotionally, so he did everything he did to hide his godly nature from his fellow gods and goddesses. He would kill for Alice, even if she wouldn't approve. For her, he would go to war against the gods themselves.

For Alice, Ares the God of War...no, Jasper Whitlock would surrender his immortality and fade into oblivion.

Just to see her smile.


Hope you enjoyed. This idea stemmed from another, and of course the various fics where Jasper is referred to as the God of War. I thought it would be amusing if he actually was the God of War and no one knew.

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