Chapter One: The calm before the storm

"Are you excited?" Alice giggled for the fourth time that day. I rolled my eyes at her, a smile tugging at the corner of my lips. "If I say yes will you stop?" I raised my eyebrows at her, grinning. This time she was the one to roll her eyes. "Well, Bella." She began, swinging around in her chair to face me. "It's not every day you turn seventeen!" She spoke through a toothy grin. True; it was my seventeenth tomorrow. But I swear she was more excited about it then I was. "And I already have an amazing gift for you!" Alice sang-spoke, her icy blues dancing with excitement. "And will I also be defining it as amazing?" I half-joked. Alice just giggled, running a hand through her ebony locks. "I can feel it, Bella. Tomorrow will be spectacular." Her orbs widened and a grin broke out across her face. "Well, then I will take your word for it." I smirked, just as the bell signaling the end of school rang.

I scooped my English books up into my arms, following a giddy Alice out of the classroom. "Wanna' go to the mall?" I asked Alice once we were walking at the same pace. "I can't." She sighed out. "I have to work on your spectacular birthday present." She smirked, nudging me slightly with her hip. I giggled with her this time as we rounded the corner to an emptied hallway… or so we thought. "Wait." I whispered as my arm shot out to pull her back. "Look." I gestured with my head towards the middle of the hallway.

Jessica Stanley, a girl in my biology class, was standing in the middle of the empty corridor. Her eyes were puffy and her cheeks wet. "Who is… that?" Alice asked hesitantly; standing next to Jessica, one hand on her shoulder, was a man neither one of us had seen before. He was tall and broody, and held a sense of authority. His skin was so pale it looked as though he was sick. His black hair was pulled back into a low ponytail, falling to the middle of his back. "Maybe he's Jessica's uncle?" I asked. Jessica and I had never been friends, but at this point I worried for her. Alice shook her head next to me. "Her parents are only children." My breath caught in my throat as this mysterious stranger suddenly glanced up at us. I heard Alice gasp beside me, her hand clenching around my forearm. His eyes were red. Blood red. And they were staring right through me. As though he knew something about me that I didn't.

"Come on." I said quietly. I tugged Alice away from the two figures before us, going back the way we came. We walked in eerily silence for several moments. "That was… weird." Alice broke the spell of silence as we strode down the hallway. I nodded in agreement. I couldn't speak. I felt Alice's tiny fingers suddenly grip onto my jacket, pulling me to a stop. I peered down at my best friend. She looked livid. "He was looking at you, Bella." I bit my lip as worry clouded my thoughts. "And… I got this feeling. That he has something to do with you." I watched as her blues flickered with uneasiness.

I shook my head in denial. "Let's just forget it, ok?" My voice was an octave higher then I intended; A dead giveaway that I was scared. Alice nodded her agreement. "Right, it's in the past. After all; Tomorrow is your sexy-seventeenth!" She smirked, looking more at ease. I nodded in agreement and smiled comfortingly. "Oh Bella." Alice chuckled, linking her arm with mine and pulling me towards the exit. "Tomorrow will be amazing. I can vouch for that." She said confidently. I laughed with her as we walked out the double doors of Forks High. Alice pulled her arm from mine, walking towards her 1980's yellow Porsche. "Have fun with your few remaining hours as a sixteen year old!" She called out, sliding into the front seat of her car. I smiled a toothy grin, waving back as her car peeled out of the car park.

I unlocked the doors to my Volvo, about to get in when I felt it. Tingles of uneasiness erupt over the back of my neck. Someone was watching me. I slowly craned my head to the right, fighting the instinct to run. My eyes narrowed as I saw a silhouette of a person across the street. The usual fog of Forks was thick, but I could just make out the bronze coloured hair. I shrugged it off, hopping into my car and driving towards home.
Alice was right; tomorrow was going to be amazing. I seriously hope I didn't just jinx that…