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Chapter Eleven: Blackmailed to heaven

My eyes widened as he made no move to release my fist. His darkened orbs pierced right through me, and I could feel anger radiating from his marble like body.
I hesitantly pulled my fist back, and to my surprise it slipped from between his talon like fingers. Relief washed through me, but diminished as he quickly snaked an arm around my waist, slamming my small body into his. His face reminded me of a demon from a nightmare; his eyes had darkened considerably, piercing through me. I looked away in fear.
"Isabella." His tone was mocking. "Not so brave now, are we?" He said it humorously, but I could hear the edge to his voice. I kept my gaze locked on the smooth marble flooring as he spoke.
I refused to look at him as his fingers curled underneath my chin, forcing my head up. A sinister smirk was etched on his face as he took in my scared state.
"We'll have so much fun with you." He murmured more to himself.

I wrapped my arms around my too-small frame as I observed the crazed look in his eyes. Fear bubbled in the pit of stomach as a haze of worry settles over me like fog. Was he going to hit me? I bit my lip as I felt tears prickle behind my eyes.
Edward firmly grabbed my right elbow, though not enough to hurt me, and began pulling me out of the bathroom. Once we were back in my bedroom, he pushed against my shoulders with both hands so that fell –surprised and startled- against the duvet-stripped bed. I blinked up at him with wide and fearful eyes. I watched perplexed at the smirk that stretched across his face. His eyes grew dark as they roamed over my body. My eyes widened drastically when he kneeled on the edge of the bed by my feet.
He winked at me as he suddenly hoisted his black shirt over his head, leaving a very shirtless and very handsome vampire at my feet. I scrambled backwards as he began crawling up my body. My heart was beating dangerously fast as I scrutinized his every move.

I pressed myself further against the headboard when I felt his sweet breathe hitting my face. I stared unblinking into his fiery red eyes, which were clouded with lust and anger. I bit my lip as he braced his hands either side of my head on the headboard, caging me in. I felt fear consume me as he leaned down to nuzzle my neck, his cool breathe raising Goosebumps on my exposed skin.

I opened my mouth to say no, but found myself biting back a moan as his tongue came into contact with my neck. Edward was placing open mouthed kisses along the length of my neck, his cool tongue dancing against my heated flesh. I closed my eyes at this feeling euphoric feeling engulfed me.
My logical side began screaming at me to push him away; to yell and scream and claw my way to victory. But I was too far gone.
I moaned quietly when I felt his lips nibbling on the lobe of my ear. His hands were slowly trailing down the length of my body, stopping just above my bent knees. They ghosted over my flesh.

Slowly, he began to push my legs apart, distracting me with his talented tongue against my neck and across my collarbone. I could feel a wetness pooling between my legs. His right hand slowly slid down my thigh, stopping just before my heated core.
I sucked in a gasp of air as I felt his long piano finger pressing against my slit through wet fabric. He smiled against my collarbone as he dragged his finger up the length of my slit, my back arching involuntarily. My hands reached up to fist at his hair when I felt him gently pushing at my clit through my drenched panties. I bit back yet another moan as he kissed his way up the length of my neck.

I felt a warm tingling in the base of my stomach as his finger circled around my button, my panties getting in the way of his talented fingers.
I felt his cool breathe at the shell of my ear as he pressed his finger harder. I moaned this time. Loudly.
"Isabella." He breathed. I nodded at him as my nipples hardened through the thin silk fabric.
He added another finger and more pressure to my sensitive clit. I gasped at the feeling.
"I own you." He whispered across the shell of my air. His free hand had moved across my body to my chest, and he was rubbing at my hardened nipple through the nightie. My back arched, pushing my breasts further against his hand. He began stroking my clit with more force. I felt the feeling in my stomach grow warmer as it went straight to my core. He twisted my hardened nipples through the fabric of my nightie, a gasp leaving my lips.

"You are mine." He spoke quietly again. I nodded as my hands grabbed at his hair and tugged. I almost cried when I felt him push my panties aside, his cool flesh stroking my clit. I began grinding my hips against his hand.
"Say it." He whispered against my jawline. I cried out in ecstasy when I felt him pinch at my clit before he resumed his stroking. A strangled moan left my lips as I felt his fingers so close to my aching core. I could feel and hear how wet I was down there. His teeth grazed my ear lobe as his fingers continued to pet and stroke my sensitive bud.
"I'm yours." I whispered as I felt my climax nearing.

And then just like that it was gone.

I was pulled out of my lust-filled haze, my eyes snapping open. Edward was no longer positioned over my body, bust instead he was sitting at the foot of the bed, a smug expression accompanied by another smirk. I furrowed my eyebrows at him. He just winked at me, watching me with amusement as I came down from my high.
"What the hell was that?" I spat at him. I felt embarrassment flood my body as I was left with an aching feeling in between my legs.
"That, Isabella, was you admitting who you belong to." Edward spoke confidently and smugly. He raised his eyebrows at me when I began shaking my head frantically.
"No, I don't belong to you! And you had no right to touch me like that!" I folded my arms over my chest at a pathetic attempt to cover my still-hardened nipples. I resisted the urge to rub my legs together. Edward chuckled darkly as he rose from the bed like a dark angel. I pushed myself up off the bed, my legs weak from my almost orgasm.

"I didn't exactly hear you saying no." Edward teased as he loomed over me. I opened my mouth to retaliate, but couldn't form a coherent sentence. Instead I snapped it shut again. Edward smirked.
"You blackmailed me." I spat. He raised his eyebrows in obvious amusement.
"I didn't blackmail you, love." He grinned. "I was just letting you know who owned you." He spoke with complete seriousness.
"And besides," he began, walking across the room to the large double doors. He turned around to look at me as he opened them. "That was just a preview." He winked at me before sliding through the doors and slamming them shut.

I stood there, sexually frustrated and angry. This is never a good combination. I growled as I collapsed back onto the bed, resisting the urge to scream into a pillow when I heard Edward's deep laugh from outside the doors.
Tomorrow, I will plan my escape. I will get out of here, or I'll die trying.

I just hope it's not the latter…

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