She sunk to her knees on the green grass upon seeing a pink ribbon there. Varen had this ribbon! It was the ribbon from her pink dress she wore. They were dancing…and he took it with him. This dread filled her that Varen was gone. She could literally not go on without him – a life like that was just bleak. Isobel could not go back to the way she was, now after meeting Varen – she was too different, Varen was too special to her.

Isobel grasped the pink ribbon in her palm and straightened up. She saw Reynolds standing there.

"He has a beautiful soul, Varen does." Isobel said to him.

"All the same, you should never see him again."

"I cannot do that." Isobel said pointedly. "Meeting him changed me, I cannot go back to before."

"He is staying where he is, but there is no need for you to be there as well. You did not cause the mess he did."

"I would rather stay there with him, then be here without him." Isobel responded, absolute.