There sat close by three gentlemen and drinking. One of them was really tall and had little hair that was blond. His eyes were blue. The other two, one had curly brown hair and brown eyes and the other also had brown hair that was down to his shoulders and blue eyes. D'artagnan approached them. "Gentlemen, may I speak to you?"

The three men looked at him.

"I would like to join you."

"Of course, have a seat." The one with the brown hair down to his shoulders said. His name was Athos.

"I would like to join your cause." D'artagnan clarified.

"We are done with that." Athos said with an expressionless face.

"You are legends. How can you forget that? How can you just leave that behind? It is who you are! You can't walk away from who you are." D'artagnan said with fire in his heart.

"Athos, we have been pleading with you for years. Get back into it. What happened isn't worth giving up the good that we did. We saved lives. We brought some good to this world. That is not something to take lightly. We showed there is still hope in this world. We can't stop doing that. How many people do you think suffers now because we are not bringing justice to those who deserve it? How much longer do they have to suffer?" The tall one, Porthos, said meaningfully to his friend.

Athos's eyes suddenly shone with an old sadness.

"What happened?" D'artagnan asked.

"A woman betrayed him." Aramis said.


"Why don't you sit down?" Porthos asked D'artagnan.

D'artagnan sat down on an empty barrel. Athos was looking at him.

"We were on a mission to retrieve something from a royal man of England. Everything went successfully until she turned on us at the last moment when we had the object. The royal man, she had worked with him and not us anymore – she always flocked to where she could get the most out of. That's when I stopped doing that line of work. My two friends here did as well. They'd rather plead with me to get back into it than to go do it without me." Athos told D'artagnan.

D'artagnan was then handed a goblet by Porthos and the three men recounted tales of the past.